Cubikon update - No more leechers!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Cubikons spawned many years ago, old players like me still remember how hard it was to pop them, good group and good ammo were a must.

    Things are different now, ships can hit over 200k, a cubikon can be killed from 1 player only, we don't need a group anymore so this is my idea:

    BP should make cubikons like all other aliens, the player who shot it first, owns it and gets the reward, it can be shared with group members only, all others players would not get any reward from its kill, like any ordinary npc.

    This would definitely stop the leeching problem. If you agree with me, +1 this post and may this idea be the next update!
  2. No. Cubes are for everyone, darkorbit should make aliens harder to kill, and increase the rewards since everyone is hitting so high now, people being over powered is what killed the game in the first place, the aliens need to be made stronger to last longer against the higher damage players are doing, cubes need to be at least 2-3 times strong such as crazy cubes.
  3. how about u stop bin greedy and leaching is not a problem
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    DO want the cubes to be a shared NPC, hence why the rewards are shared.
    If they were going to change the cubes they would change it so that it is much harder to kill and no longer something people could solo for a profit ...

    If you want solo uri do the LoW gate.
  5. shhh okapi dont tell everyone about lowgate they will remove the pve map lol
  6. I just pop the leechers simple :/
  7. in my server if anyone leechs he gets popped and his clan gets redtag...
  8. fragrances

    fragrances User

    so don't leech, all the players who replied are right , Cubikons is for everybody and a shared NPC , and will still a Shared NPC
  9. SauronL

    SauronL User

    like it , + 1
  10. Shared reward YOU greedy - pig! Or is that wording best belong to BigPoint - hehe :p
  11. we cant be greedy all the time, i mean I shoot cubes and if someone else shoots it, i dont mind, but to be honest, a player should contribute a certain amount of damage before they can be awarded anything. If a player just shoots a few times and gets creds then not cool, I think a player needs to contribute a certain percentage of damage if they want to get creds off of a cube
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  12. I totally agree if they're barely hitting anything then I understand, but if we're talking about people who are at least basic fe's, then that means the person is being extremely greedy.
  13. look up 'leechers' - there is no such thing - Oh, my gosh. You go into invasion gate you're a Company killer :eek:
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  14. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Don't play darkorbit if you don't what to play with people.
  15. The players with negative votes are noobers, simple.. Just Ask them to come face to face with you, they'll stick to their rat house.. just ignore the leechers....
  16. Without my angry ranting essay's that get's to the point.

    Damn hogs take some advise.

    Why in the hell did this thread even get reopened, the idea is terrible, just plain terrible, close this thread please, leeching? Maybe just maybe it exists to delusional hogs but Cubikons are aliens that were meant to give shared rewards, they shouldn't change and I doubt they will.

    A fair idea that probably would be most players happy about the supposed issue's with Cubikons.

    Awful idea lol.

    Some my posts from the last thread of this nature:

    Darkorbit has changed into an anti-social game for disgusting bullies, this is a stupid and terrible idea, cube's aren't your's if you shoot them, get it through your thick skull you chumps.

    You fools really think this is a good idea, it would be another nail in the coffin for this game, noobs have it hard enough especially when there own company pops them for something as frivolous as aliens because they can't share, those noobs quit and the game dies little by little everyday.

    Cube hogs are anti-social because all they want is to farm alone, firstly on a multi-player game but on top of that they farm group Npc's and they expect this not to happen, the rewards are shared for a reason, Cube at a different time or play a game with your lonely self.
  17. This is a good example of how leechers whine:)

  18. Just like the last thread, you think my opinion is invalid because I'm a noob or leecher, I don't shoot cube's unless it's Crazy cube's and even if I was a noob that doesn't invalidate my opinion, grow up or shut up unless you have something more then a half ass reply, whining, maybe you consider it that since you disagree with sharing and not hogging things, if you think telling the reality of what would happen to the game if this was implemented is whining then you really want the game dead or your just being stupid.
  19. Three words= K.I.D
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