Cubikon update - No more leechers!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, May 30, 2014.

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  1. Again with the half ass replies that don't even relate to the topic, this is a bad idea, plain and simple.
  2. So why are you coming back? Oh wait... kids are curious..
  3. I'm curious as to why your posting such ignorant rubbish without even explaining why my opinion is apparently flawed, the half ass replies also make me laugh.
  4. well why not make 6 cubes instead of 4?
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  5. i vote no :p bad idea
  6. More Cube's might just increase lag, increase the rewards and difficulty of the current Cube's perhaps.
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  7. I just cube in enemy maps and pop any scrub who tries me lol. All this would do is cause more wars on noob clans trying to build up, which means they quit and DO loses out.
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  8. LOL Who is the one not answering the other's question? LOL What a fail, I've seen you posting the same posts over and over in many threads cause you can't win, quit it dude, quit it, you don't belong here.
  9. I don't post the same thing on every thread on the forums, I don't know what I'm trying to win, and you haven't asked me any questions.
  10. All I do when someone leaches my cube is stop shooting the cube. If they repeatedly leave the cube and come back, then I log out, so that the cube resets itself, then I shoot it with 1 PLD-8 and let my pet shoot it for a few mins. When the leacher(s) come and try to shoot it with me, they have to leave and go back in and repeat this. This will eventually cause them to give it up.

    UFEs would handle it by just popping them, but I'm not ufe. In this mindset, it teaches the noobs they can't leach without asking. I agree with the people saying that BP needs to increase the value of the cubes and I also agree with the fact that during non-crazy cube events, the cubes should only be able to be leached if people are in group together. This will end leaching all together.

    Ask ourselves, when do people cube together with more than 8 people? Cubes are worthless at this point. Especially when one person is indeed able to solo cubes. Therefore it should be necessary that cubes can't be leached unless one is in outfit with the person shooting the cube first. It will not only end leaching, but it will also prevent many unnecessary company wars.
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  11. Cube's are shared reward NPC's, if the rewards and difficulty was increased then this problem would cease to exist, Cube's aren't owned by the way, you have a good way of deterring someone when your trying to solo a Cube though, rather then popping or warring them like others.
  12. Have 8 cubes...I'm watching my figure. Hourglass ;) formation.
  13. Will you stop spamming this thread? And stop threatening people.. You're really annoying... Just go away... Nobody needs you here...As you're a leecher.. I don't need evidence..
  14. Spamming this thread you say, besides your rants and completely ignorant posts, this thread has made some progress at idea's to better the current situation with Cube's without destroying the game, your the only one spamming, threatening people, you said the same thing on the last thread, I just don't see myself threatening anyone, again you kind of need evidence to slander someone and disregard there opinion unless your completely stupid.

    Like I've said, I only shoot Cube's during the Crazy Cube's event, that can't be considered leeching, even if I was a leecher, does that invalidate my opinion and points on the subject that I've brought up again and again, what you call leechers are just players trying to build up in the game, that progress is hindered by other companies and even there own company to the point where they give up and/or quit.

    Crawl back under your rock and cry unless you can engage in a decent conversation without blatant insults and completely stupid worthless posts, you sir are the only one spamming.
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  15. AHAHHAHA if your so strong you can handle cubes go kill UBK :p um no cubes were always meant to be a group NPC people who shoot it are not LEECHERs
  16. The cube Automaticaly does that damage seperation the more damage you hit the more rewards you get ...
  17. And Boss is not a leacher, lol
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  18. You earn what (how hard) you hit.
  19. lilcriper

    lilcriper User

    put cubes in x-7 map also
  20. Wow! You're so Smart! (Opposite) at saying things.. From now on, I'll call you, "Mr Big Mouth" Nice name, right? You like it? You're so annoying dude.. And rude... Your reasons are meaningless.. Keep it short. Anyway, are you a man or woman, I think you're a woman, Sorry if I'm wrong...
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