Cubikon update - No more leechers!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by °°°)))Basch(((°°°, May 30, 2014.

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  1. I am very intelligent, thanks for noticing, your later attempt at an insult would be better aimed at yourself for even posting such pointless garbage, my reasons are meaningless? What all the good points I've made are completely pointless so this idea should be implemented despite half the people posting on this thread hating it? Rude, yes probably, why would I need to be nice to someone who is to stupid to engage in a proper discussion and insults me for my opinion. The double standards thrive within you. I'm a man by the way. My gender really has nothing to do with the the discussion though, literally the last 5-10 posts you've made on this thread have been meaningless and worthless but my opinion is worthless and this idea is completely perfect and great, myself and others should be ignored when we oppose this idea but when something bad is implemented into the game and players don't like, then me and others should be heard, completely stupid. You've added nothing to this except stupidity, this is a bad idea, get over it, your petty insults won't change anything.
  2. lets EVERYBODY just...calm down...LOL. Adam is on my server and he's not a leacher. I would just ignore the trolls now :)
  3. One of the best posts on this thread so far lol :).
  4. Just kill them, if them 'leeching' you is much of a problem to you.
  5. Then the UFE's cry about losing honor and claim that it's a glitch and then we're back on the same discussion, changing the game for the worse, even the idea or thought of it is bad lol.
  6. If they choose to kill them , then they should not cry about the loss of honor, seeing as it was their own decision to fire on the noob.
  7. Well some are just a bit stupid or they justify shooting them down by calling them leechers and use that as grounds to ask for these idea's to be implemented and for they're lost honor to be returned.
  8. Cubikon is a shared reward NPC you leechers you.
  9. this is why i just don't shoot leachers. 1. you lose honor. 2. you lose ammo (even if people are UFE and have millions of ammo)

    I just let the cube pop them and if they leave the cube and keep coming back I just shoot it with a pld and let my pet shoot it for awhile. that way if they come shoot the cube the cube shoots them and not me. that way I don't lose ammo or honor and I can tell when he's out of the map when I lock him.

    honestly, if we got rid of the cubes completely it would prevent a lot of wars. yes, some say we can't get rid of the leaching effect because that's what cubes were meant to be, but this game has changed since cubes have come out. people are indeed able to solo cubes now and those that can get angry when they get less uri from the cube from which they use good ammo on.

    But then people will come to say, "again, that's your decision to use good ammo on it. " and that's true. so ill say this: those that cube by themselves run the risk of being leached. it comes with the game.
  10. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    look there is a positive criticism and negative, negative involve rude behaviour.
    stop with ur post in almost every thread, you just look an idiot who is not getting paid neither doing a job which benefit anyone.
    And you said critcism is Ok, i am happy with it but learn to respect other opinion and say politely ur own choice. dont be a REMOVED and just yell he is greedy.

    also i was being rude because other people were being rude to the original post while he never said a bad comment in the first place.
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  11. Yes , leechers are soo annoying.

    But Cubies are still and will always for everyone.

  12. Wow, what does this even have to do with the topic at all, stop posting on every thread, I give my opinion and feedback, don't be a what and yell he's greedy, that's kind of the whole point since the idea revolves around greed lol. Don't have a job, think what you like but you must not have one if you take it to that topic in the first few sentence's. Being rude, hell I think it's past that at this point.

    Also I don't want to be that guy but the first part of your post made next to no sense and was poorly typed, try to improve that so your insults make sense. No wonder you don't have a job. Your post is already full of flaws and complete stupidity, I'm the idiot but you can't use proper spelling or grammar. I still don't get what's wrong with making a few posts? Explain please. Obviously a job has to benefit someone or you won't get paid. Your still a hypocrite.
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  13. =ON-FIRE=

    =ON-FIRE= User

    Cubes are Ubers and are shared just like anny other Uber. Including Iceys. Quit crying!
  14. It is called sharing, not leeching, come on! I kill cubes on a daily basis and I dont mind that some users less equiped than me go and shoot the cubikon, at the end they will get what they hit. BAD IDEA!
  15. well i had an interesting experience with a leacher who's name is: MR.LEACH.

    He would come up to my cube and start shooting it. If I stop shooting the cube he would just leave. when i start he'd come back again. An allied clan would pop him for leaching my cube and he'd just come back and it would repeat. Must have been the most persistant leacher I've ever seen. Didn't even seem to care about losing his drones.

    there will always be this problem of people (probably in the enemy companies) creating noob accounts just to leach cubes. Yes, it is a good kind of warfare if you get war from a ufe clan and your clan can't fight them due to not being ufe, but in the long run it will cause more problems. The technique I mentioned earlier does work for people who do give up leaching cubes and don't really understand what leaching means. But the only solution to combat THIS KIND of leacher is to take away leaching completely, or to just not care if he leaches. Which do you prefer?
  16. Full_force

    Full_force User

    You are playing a multiplayer game of course their is going to be other people playing. Don't like it leave.
  17. no no no, i fine with it being multiplayer lol. never said i wasn't.

    what im saying is -- i put myself into the shoes of people who don't speak english well, or whatever language a server is. those people don't really know what leaching is and don't know that people don't like it. but the people who leach just to make people mad -- my question was do most people prefer to take leaching away completely? or to just do the cube anyway not caring.
  18. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    If I could solo cubes, I would just leave noobs shooting my cubes alone. I don't really see that big of a deal if a noob weaker then me gets some free creds and uri to help him/her grow up a bit at a time.
  19. cubes should stay shared rewards -1. Always find it funny someone has to insult someone else because they don't agree on something specially over a vid game.

    Don't care if people shoot any cube I am on specially noobs if they gain something from it good for them.
  20. These type of threads always turn into flame wars for one reason or another.

    The big deal is new players are players? New players must be bad since they're trying to build up and Cube to lol, in actuality it's just because they're greedy and don't want to share.
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