Cubing solo?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mocklaceo444, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys,
    Just a little question. This MHH I'll be purchasing an Aegis, the Elite design, and a Zeus, 4 B-02's, as well as the Crab, Diamond, Heart, and Moth. I have the following equipment:
    35 LF-3's
    3 LF-4's
    31 B0-2's
    8 Iris drones
    1 Apis
    Extra's are obvious
    P.E.T 10 with level 3 kamikaze
    My Pilot points are as follows:
    2 Ship Hull I
    1 Engineering
    5 Shield Engineering
    3 Ship Hull II
    1 Heat-Seeking Missiles
    2 Bounty Hunter I
    5 Shield Mechanics
    3 Electro-Optics
    3 Bounty Hunter II

    My question is, would it be possible for me to solo a cube with x1? I'm not really sure I could do it, but I want to know before I throw myself at one suicidally. Thanks~!
  2. Of all the reading and research I have done the easiest way to solo a cube is to use sab until shields are gone then use x2 or higher to finish it off. As a direct answer to your question, I don't think you could do it with x1. I could be wrong in this, but it is an educated guess.
  3. I'm aware I could do it with x2 and SAB, but that's not what I want to do. I want to use x1, because x2 and SAB are good hunting ammo.
  4. Indeed they are. Is it possible? Yes. But that depends on your skill.
  5. Alright. I guess it's time to pull out a calculator and a pen to figure out how much DPS and shields I will need.
  6. I am actually doing that at this very moment. Lol
  7. Alright, great. We can validate each other's numbers.
  8. I found this on DO wiki while researching. Hope it helps!
    If you are an FE player with the Aegis Ship, You can solo the Cubikon with Diamond. Here are the requirements: 1st Configuration: All lazers on drones and shields on Ship. 2nd Configuration All shields on ship and on drones. The way to solo it is to keeps switching back and forth with these configurations when your repairs recharge. When you are on your shield configuration rest on the very tip of the protegite field and keep bouncing back and forth to the Cubikon and back to the edge making sure that the Protegites are only hitting you BELOW 5K. This recharges your shilds and pases time by for the repairs to cooldown. Make sure your using Diamond Drone Formation! It woul be easier to solo if you put Seprom on your Lasers and use full Credit Ammo.
  9. Huh, okay. Thanks for that, I'll be sure to try that out.
  10. Easiest way to solo cubes x1 in the aegis, get the cooldown boosters. They are amazing for the aegis.
  11. You are welcome.
  12. Hello mocklaceo444

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Do you have any further questions?
  13. No, you can close.
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