☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] Passed away

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  1. GB1 Server

    For those of you know ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]. It a sad news that he has asked me to share with everyone on Darkorbit. 12 months ago, he was given a sad news by his doctor that he will die with asbestosis in his lungs in 12 months time. He can not be treated for it as he losing weight. It a very sad news I know. But my heart goes to his families. But what amaze me is, he one hell a strong guy, he will not give up as yet. He told me no one is going to take him from this world, he not as yet ready. He is one hell of a strong guy. I will keep praying for him and his families.

    I would like to say that he one of the best friend that i have ever met on DarKorbit, the laughs that we have on the game. We have hunted a few times together as that was fun.

    So please do share some of your thoughts about him, I will keep him updated, also I will get him to keep checking this thread just so he knows everyone is thinking of him and his family.
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  2. OMG, cloem is one of the nicest people on this game, always took time out to help me if i needed it, my thoughts are with you and your family Cloem.
  3. Has always been an awesome friend on DarkOrbit, and my time in RSA with him was always good.

    Be sad when it happens, but like you say, he's a strong guy, and will keep going as long as he can.

    Much respect,

  4. Damm, very very sad news Cloem always been a gd laugh in game & always had time to help out,

    Keep fighting Mate.


  5. Always hate reading sad things about players you know cloem your a strong character and always been a decent player to talk to etc keep your chin up buddy you are not alone we are all behind you and thinking of you.
  6. Haven't spoke to him on chat before but I respect him for being strong and a good guy :) Keep on fighting bud,

  7. pip..

    pip.. User

    Respect from H.A and more personally me and baron. Weve lost many friends relatives etc and cloem. Cloem may not have a cure but we do know he can fight ^_^ and if his fighting is as good as his hunting heel be around more than 12 months. Keep on fightin. you got the backing of us all. And also. I know people who have been diagnosed with uncurable things before and given times like 6 months. and they have fought for several years. And still going some of them. Cloem is strong. so look at that disease and say "This is MY **** Body YOU GO BY MY RULES. **** YOU, I SAY WHAT HAPPENS YOU DONT SCARE ME." And onece again. Keep on fightin!
  8. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA],
    I have played alongside you many times on game & in general and in RSA*, you are without doubt a sound guy who does not deserve what is happening to you right now !. Believe in one thing I have learnt in life friend, your body is capable of a lot more than you think it is Dont give up stay strong ! we in the DO community are backing you 110% make every minute on this planet count m8 all the best GΞNΩHĂŦCĦ™[ĐŇМΞ]
  9. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]
    stay strong, my prayers will go out for you and your family
  10. Best wishes for you and the family Cloem. You are one of the most decent guys I've had the pleasure of talking to over the years I've spent on here.
  11. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] has said thank you to everyone.

    He has quoted me that.
  12. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] has said thank you to everyone and those that have replied. He is trying to keep himself busy, he would love to be back on darkorbit. But like he said, family comes 1st.
  13. Cloem is one of the best people i have met on game. Always helpful. Keep fighting mate. You will always be with us, whether you are on game or not.
  14. greedings from greece mate to you & your family
    hope your health gets better even if doctors say other thinks
    i send you also my respect
    carpe diem for you and for all of us
    life is so sort

    thanks also to MЯ-ĢØŁÐ-My§ŧęЯiØU§ that gave us the oportunity to send greedings to our brother.
    please inform us what was his job ? was something like mines ?
  15. He used to work doing building work and painting and that
  16. It a very sad news
    I have been told that ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] has past away today UK time: 9:36am 3rd June 2014.
    He became really bad and sadly past away with his wife by his side today.
  17. I wanted to express my sorrow at the sad news at the death of ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]. He was a special person that no words are really adequate. Although I did not know him well, I always enjoyed talking to him . He brought pleasure to everyone that knew him, and he will be sadly missed.

    he is one of the nicest people i've talked to.....
    my heart goes to his family

    Golden.Darkness[MaRm] < old name
    Ayano < current name
  18. gold thanks for sharing this with us we can only have cloem in our thoughts and our prayers now its so sad to hear that a great man and a great player has passed on.
    LOVE TO YOU ALL and take care of yourselves!!!! we have one life guyS cherish it <3 R.I.P ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]
  19. I hope today at 8pm that everyone will join in the flyby at 8pm uk time in respect for