☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] Passed away

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  1. yamama

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    Huge respect for cloem. Rest in peace mate.
  2. R.I.P. Cloem sorry to hear such sad news :(

    We never got to talk much but from what I have seen over the past few years, Cloem was a much-loved member of the GB1 community.

    I have posted on TEAM clan news about the flyby and I'll try my best to get home on time for it.
  3. -HarleyD-

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    RIP ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]

    Deepest condolences on behalf of the whole English Language DO team.

    I will take part in the flyby (in my player ship) as GB1 is my original server and I have flown with and been popped by him on many occasions in the past. Respect where its due.

    Regards Harley
  4. so sad, my thoughts go out to his family and friends. RIP buddy
  5. R.I.P.:(
  6. R.I.P. Mate sadly i wont make it to the flyby but you will be missed.
  7. Sadly missed CLOEM, by all of your friends from VRU and your fellow RSA members :(
    Love you bud -ScottyBoy345-
  8. This is such a sad day for GB1 with yet another good player stolen from us too soon.
    Condolences to all of ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]'s family and friends.
    A lovely guy and good player who won't be forgotten.

    R.I.P ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA]

    Gonna miss u mate.

    Marmite01. :(
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  9. sorry two hear the sad news about cloem my thoughts go out two his family very sad from SG Brian [​IMG]
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  10. FLYBY:
    Due to circumstances we are changing date of flyby to 7th June 2014

    ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] is now at peace. He was taken from us all to soon, He will never be forgotten from many players as well his family. It such a sad thing for him to leave his children so soon, but his soul will always be with his children.
    ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] will never ever be forgotten from DarkOrbit, as he was one of the best players on GB1

    R.I.P ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] my dear friend
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  11. It is with sadness I am moved to write... to humbly say how sorry I am to learn of this loss. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] was a true gentleman, always helpful and cheery. Heartfelt thoughts go out to his friends, his family especially, and all who knew and respected him.
    •─Q─• [TЄĄM]
  12. Such a great player it was a shock to hear this news, easy to say he won't be forgotten.

    Rest in Peace

  13. I knew pete well and spent many hours chatting to him in ts and other voice servers, we met in game but over time we became good friends. My thoughts and prayers and hugs go to his lovely family, I know it will be hard but remember he now is without pain and is always by your side, watching and keeping you safe.

    Knowing him was an honour and Ill remember him forever.

    Rest my friend and know we will always remember you with great fondness and memories and smiles :)

    love always

    Shelley (Dm,Gypsy,Angel and so on)
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  14. jackknife

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  15. #Respect! #RIP #ForeverRememberd #YouWillBeMiseed. #ThanksForGivingUsTheChanceToKnowYou.
  16. my condolences to cloems family i wish i could be there for the flyby but i will pop on as soon as im home and hopefully catch the end of it he was a lovely guy and great player always up for a chat and to listen when someone had a problem was such a strong character as well he will be deeply missed.
  17. was going through forum today and ran across this post , i am a west coast server player known as chiefdagger , i just want to express my sorrow for the loss of a fellow player , even though we all fight and hunt each other we r a family in a sort of way and a respected player is lost in real life we all just lost a fellow commerade just because we play a game this loss will affect some of those that knew cloem, prayers and remorse go to the family love lost is never a easy thing , but the time spent with that love is never forgetible and always charished . god speed Cloem
  18. ☠[CζøΞM]☠™[RŠA] wife will being joing us at some time at 6-7 pm today. She wants to take part in the flyby with us.

    So guys please please show some respect in the flyby. It start at 7pm UK TIME today in LOWERS HOME MAP.

    Cleom wife Send me this message:

    Thank you everyone for joining the flyby today.

    And most thankful for ~†ĦΣ~MÏĞĦ†¥~ŖAÏÐΣŖ~ that he lead the flyby

    Also please please add any link for the record of the flyby if any of you recored.

    And thank you everyone :)
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  19. LordOfFire

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    RIP Cloem matey
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