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  1. Over 11 years in this game.
    Dark Orbit has tried to create a pve server, but only half so.
    They introduced a special 'chip' that is on the ships (in that Global server), so by default there is a pve type mode.
    By disabling/removing that chip the pvp mode is available.

    If the chip on the Global server is available there, why not allow the chip to be auto-installed on all ships on all servers?

    Players that still want to do pvp can disable it the same way as per the Global server and the players who would rather have the pve only mode could still enjoy the game.

    There are many who like pvp, so there should not be too much difficulty in maintaining their play style.

    It's just a 'new feature' so there should NOT be the need to reset any current accounts and they can continue.
    Is it really a requirement to build up the pathetic egos of those who enjoy jumping on the smaller ships?
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    I agree with you for this one, there are people like still playing this game for pve and they don't want to start from zero again for this feature, if you open a suggestion for this one you got a at least 1 positive vote.
  3. Best thing to do on top of this is make people who are PVP off not gain honor or rank points for things t hey do.
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  4. Grandpa_II

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    there is a pve server so if you want to pve there ya go start over like i did i lost all my rank i worked for years to get and the thousands i spent for nothing to botters so i just went to pve server and chilled out
  5. In addition to this they have better removed some stuff from the activation list: WIZ, EMP, slow down rockets towards Aliens.
  6. I have a good idea, to help users transition from PvP to PvE outside of the Global Server. Maybe it can be reworked to be a CPU that can be toggled ON and OFF. But first, what would happen if you toggle it on or off?

    • The positives are:
      • Immunity to all kind of PvP damage, including mines, smart bombs and tech items that can deal damage to other players.
      • Ore sell value increased by 250%.
      • Cargo bay tripled on each ship.
      • Damage vs aliens slightly increased. (5% extra damage vs Aliens)
      • Shield penetration vs Aliens outside of Galaxy Gates slightly increased. (10% shield penetration vs non-GG aliens)
      • You gain access to PvE-only quests that appear in the Event Quests tab, that will give you grindy objectives with good rewards, which includes Extra Energy, Log Files, Seprom and many more.
      • Diminishing rewards will not work.
        • If you had Diminishing Rewards before turning on the CPU, turning the CPU on then off will NOT deplete your Diminishing Rewards.
    • The penalties are:
      • -100% damage towards other players, regardless if they have the peace ambassador status or not. You're PvE, not PvP.
      • -95% honor gain from all sources.
      • -50% credit/uridium gain from almost all sources.
        • The exceptions are: Selling ores at base/with P.E.T., rewards from regular and event missions, collecting event boxes (such as gift boxes, birthday boxes).
      • -25% speed.
      • Speed is capped at 550.
        • Abilities that grant speed will NOT go over the limit.
      • You can only get infected from NPCs.
      • You can only stay in the decamouflaging mist from the pirate maps for 5 minutes, or else you'll lose your peace ambassador status thanks to the CPU's sensitivity towards the mist.
    • The changes that aren't positives nor penalties are:
      • Your rank will have a blue outline instead of a black outline.
      • You will have a blue aura, similar to the Frost designs, but darker, so it shows that you're in your Peace Ambassador mode.
      • When selected, you will have a blue target instead of a red target.
      • On the minimap, you'll be blue, regardless of company you're in, and you'll have your username as blue to the enemy companies.
    No benefits nor cons nor anything inbetween whatsoever.

    Once you toggle the CPU, on or off doesn't matter, will make the CPU enter in cooldown for 48 IRL hours, so you don't abuse it in PvP. The CPU cannot be activated nor deactivated if you're in combat or if you're next to an enemy player, outside demilitarized zones.

    The measures from the penalties are here to combat the botting problem that runs rampant that want to use this.
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