Dark Orbit - finally a "real world" application for math

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by El_Burro, May 19, 2014.

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  1. •Jinx™

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    All this math is making me dizzy.
  2. thx a lot!
  3. Øмєga

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    well guess what . alfa beta open 70 parts for gamma . 90 k uridium and no parts . nada , nothing .wth ... again with premium and rebate ... ugh this is getting annoying
  4. El_Burro

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    Am I getting you correctly that you had Alpha and Beta gate completed and still used the GGG to complete your Gamma gate instead of putting Alpha and Beta on the map?
  5. Øмєga

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    first time yes .second time no .. so this time I had alfa beta gate completed but on the map . and still got nothing .last time I had them completed but not on the map and it took about the same amount . I usually do a b and gamma gate every 2 days or every day ,depends on how much I play..and this is getting annoying ..
  6. El_Burro

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    Well first of all: it is not my fault. I didnt make the rules, I just try to explain them.;)

    Then as we could see a few posts back, it is a really bad idea to operate the GGG with one or more gates completed. There is really no point in complaining about bad luck when you are flushing money down the toilet anyway.

    Finally, I hardly believe that you got really nothing with Alpha and Beta gates empty and Gamma gate missing 12 parts. You must have received parts for Alpha and Beta gates.

    Two pages earlier I posted a figure with the amount of turns necessary for the last 6 missing Gamma gate parts using optimal stategy, showing that what you describe is well possible. Did you use the optimal strategy?
  7. Øмєga

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    lol I know its not ur fault never said that , and i said that this is getting annoying by which I meant that the it takes way 2 much uri to open the gates ... and after 150 k uri I got 4 more gamma parts and yes i did get a and b parts , but last time when i didn't have them on the map I used every multiplier and got nothing ,and usually got 6 to 10 multipliers per 100 spins... and flushing money down the toilet ,I used to do that when i spent money on this game now only rebate and premium . and rarely for uridium
  8. I have a question regarding GU's. El_Burro you mentioned that per GU you need in the optimal case 438 Turns. Since alpha is equivalent 1 GU, beta 2 GU and gamma 3 GU, how much average turns are necessary to place and play a gate regardless if you play a,b or g? Are this 876? When e.g. your plan is to play each day one GG you need at average to collect additional 8104 Uridium (30% discount) or equivalent EE's to finance this?
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  9. El_Burro

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    Excellent Question.
    We first need to find out the interval between any of the tree gates. This can be done with the help of the average number of turns for each gate. Lets call them I_A, I_B and I_C for Alpha, Beta and Gamma respectively. The values can be found in 1.2: I_A=1594; I_B=2261; I_C=3880

    The formula to find the average interval between any of 2 events is
    I_AB = (I_A x I_B) / (I_A + I_B)

    From this the formula for the average Interval between any of 3 events can be derived:
    I_ABC = (I_AB x I_C) / (I_AB + I_BC)

    With the values above the average interval between any of the 3 gates using optimal strategy is
    753 turns.

    Now we have to find out how much Uridium we need to perform these 753 turns. With a discount of 30%, they cost us 52736 Uridium. But from the table in 1.3 we see that on average, we get back 45767 Uridium from 753 turns. All that is left to pay is
    6969 Uridium.
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  10. thx a lot

    I try to explain this with my own simple words, if I get it right. This is the case because alpha gates occurs a little bit more than 3 times often per one gamma gate. Therefore you do not need to complete and pay for 2 full GU's at average per day. (If you want to play each day one a,b or g gate).

    thx a lot again for the exact figures.
  11. whoeva

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    Excellent question > Excellent answer.
    Really, thanks again for this thread and all the work you have put into it. I'm sure it's helped a lot of people. Good job :)
  12. El_Burro

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    Great job with the new forum.
    All the links are broken and I have to log in to an english server first to be logged in here.

    Edit: Changed lots of "de" to "en"
    Now the links should work again. If you spot one that still doesnt work just let me know.
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  13. El_Burro

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    Seems like I finally found a way to reduce the cost for Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates.
    The reduction is rather small but i find it is worth the additional effort of a slightly more complicated strategy.
    I will let you know how it works as soon as I have all the simulation results.

    Finished the simulations and added the results here.
    The benefit from the new strategy is less than I initially expected and one might argue that it is purely academic, but it is there.
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  14. so your saying that while single results may show proof of "a pattern" which i confess think i have seen on occasion, not taking that as conclusive proof though; are simply random effects of changing the pattern you use whichever one you do use
  15. El_Burro

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    I dont get your question. Would you like to rephrase it?
  16. im not sure i can right now,:{(
  17. TheShadows

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    So, I followed your posts with some interest El Burro, however I have a question. Is saving up uridium for keys better than building epsilon/kappa? We don't know for sure that the chance of getting an lf4 from booty is 1%.
  18. El_Burro

    El_Burro User

    I assume you are referring to the cheapest way to get LF4. You are right, we dont know for sure if the chance for LF4 from booty boxes is exactly 1% on a LF4 day. But all investigations I and others made so far point to a value very close to 1%. So this is our best guess.

    The average cost for a LF4 from different sources can be calculated quite easily (values here with 30% discount):
    • Hades gate: 84'940 Uridium/LF4
    • Green booty boxes on a LF4 day: 105'000 Uridium/LF4
    • Epsilon gate: 287'300 Uridium/LF4
    • Kappa gate: 378'436 Uridium/LF4
    So yes, LF4 are definitely cheaper from booty boxes than from Epsilon and Kappa Gates.
  19. TheShadows

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    Cool, thanks El_Burro.

  20. El_Burro where did you get the numbers?