Dark Orbit - finally a "real world" application for math

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by El_Burro, May 19, 2014.

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  1. Be lucky you are not one of the theoretical 3-4% of people who would need MORE than 133k uri for their last 6 parts. ...But I feel ya, gates always feel like they cost too much.
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    well that happened to me before .
  3. A question about Galaxy gates again, If I spin 100, does that means that there's a 13% chance I'll get a gate part from the collective spins, or 13% chance for each individual spin?

    Aka is it even worth spinning 100 if your chance of getting gate pieces is much lower then if you just spin 1 at a time?
  4. El_Burro

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    In principle, there is no difference between single spins and 100 spins. The chances are the same, you have a 13% chance for a gate part for each individual spin.

    The thing is that the cheapest strategy requires using every multiplier instantly, which you cant do when you choose 100 spins.
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  5. [​IMG] -_-
  6. and Who said you couldnt get a Suprize out of a Burro..
    El_Burro is Giving UP some Old School Knowledge..

    I just wonder if any one Else is listening.. :cool:

    Good Job Mate.. HeeHaww.. Yehaaaa ;)
  7. Please do not close this thread EVER
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    Gates are the favorite topic in this thread. Who cares about configs and box chances! Lets do gates!
  9. ive spun 100 individually and 100 at once its been my experience that i tend to get gate parts more often 100 at a time
  10. but i wasnt using the strategy outlined above when i spun individualy
  11. i have a question about the math of this game, how do the percentages add up? For instance say ive got 25%shield bio ,8 drones at lvl 1 iris in this case,5% shield bonus for ship,10 bo2 no upgrades shields,25% shield booster,sep in generator for 40% boost.What is the formula for adding up the percentages
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  12. I don't 'speak' for all here, but your slo-mo in conjunction with a flashy dancey profile doesn't gel with me. Just sip in I, guess.
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    The rule of thumb is that similar bonuses add up and different bonuses multiply.

    For example, a normal booster and a pro-booster both give a 25% bonus to the shield. Because they are of similar kind, the percentages add up:
    bonus = base value x (25% + 25%) = base value x 50%

    An additional bonus of 25% from the pilot bio is a different kind of bonus, so its percentage is multiplied with the bonus from the boosters:
    bonus = base value x (25% x 50%) = base value x 87.5%

    What I find surprizing here is that my statement about the chances for single and multiple spins comes as a surprize. That is one of the things I have been dwelling on since the beginning of this thread.
    But there is a high probability that I just didnt get what you are trying to tell me once more:confused:
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  14. Thanks Burro i appreciate the info, and plz never close this thread.
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    So the bonuses operate off of basic math concepts? Like adding factions, you need the denominator to be the same number, but when multiplying them, you just multiply both numerator and denominator, which doesn't have to be same?
  16. El_Burro

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    Dont worry, I dont have the privileges to close threads ;). Anyway, this is a work in progress since the developers seem to like gambling.

    Not really. Both additive and multiplicative bonuses are widely used in games and can both be tackled with simple math. The only thing with Darkorbit is that they have both kinds at the same time and dont really tell us which bonus is what. But it is rather easy to find out.

    I feel like your confusion arises from calculus with percentages, and I must admit that this can be confusing and the way I wrote it down in my last post may not be correct from a mathematicians point of view. Maybe this is worth an extra post in topic number 2.
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  17. El Buuro you said you built last couple of Kappa's for less than 1500 gg spins. I just
    wanted to ask did you do anything different to get those results?
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    I'm still learning Trig in HS, so any calculus I will not understand.
  19. @El_Burro
    thanks for this excellent topic. I have 2 questions. (I hope i do not have overseen the answers if they are already given in this thread)
    • How will be the costs of the gates influenced if you prevent nano shield as a result of a GGG spin by using eg a phönix to spin the GGG in a 2nd hangar with full nano shield?
    • what is the average costs of an alpha gate if you have already beta and gamma completed?
  20. El_Burro

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    I didnt say that. What I said in a different thread was that 2 of my last 28 Kappa gates (now 2 of my last 32) took less than 1500 spins. This result fits quite well to the predictions I made in 1.2

    I cannot answer the first question conclusively.
    What I can say is that the costs wont be higher using a ship with full nano hull. We just dont know how the 4% chances for nano hull are distributed to the other results of a gg spin. If they were evenly distributed to the other results, the chances for gate parts would be increased to 13.54%, significantly lowering the cost for gates. But it might just be that the 4% nano hull are added to the chances for ammunition instead, keeping the gate cost constant.
    To find out what the developers really did it would take a huge sample size of about 100000 gg spins. I have a sample of 32000 now so I dont want to draw any conclusions from this.

    Concerning your second question, I dont have the exact numbers at hand right now. But the costs will be VERY high.
    I know some people think that leaving 1 or 2 gates completed to get more multipliers for the other gate is a good idea, but it is definitely not. You will get some more multipliers, but you also reduce your chance for gate parts to 8.7% leaving one gate completed and even to 4.3% leaving two gates completed. Ths reduction greatly outweighs the benefit of a few more multipliers.

    Edit: so here are the numbers using optimal strategy


    So playing only Alpha gates while leaving the other gates completed increases the cost per GU to 73331 Uridium. That is a 1710% increase in cost compared to playing all three gates at the same time.
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