Dark Orbit Un-hackable Accounts Idea with Finger Print signature

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DJXL.SA.TX, May 18, 2014.

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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    DNA identification system meaning that accounts can not be stolen on resold the DNA system will link the account to you and you only for life or as long as DO last.

    It has been years that players that I hear complaints to DO about having their accounts hacked you can look for yourself on hacked accounts on this game... Many, many Players, I for one among other players have had account hacks... Per-say if you have your email connected to Face Book you may be at risk of being hacked... If a Dark Orbit hacker knows that you are connected your account can be hacked this is nothing new to some players so using Face Book is not a good idea if you do make sure that your account is not on the same email.

    However, Here is what I think and Hackers may Not like the Idea of having Un-hackable accounts on Dark Orbit...

    In order to move your account from your Email you would have to get permissions from Administration By sending in Proof that the account is yours Such as ID and credit card Picture and receipts This can be time consuming but here below is the best idea for DO.

    Moreover, having a finger print Identification system placed in the game DNA system... Hackers will hate this... I believe that the Finger Print signature will put an end to hackers moving accounts. this new ID system will end the coruption on the game and the end of hacks and accounts being sold or stolen
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  2. DJXL.SA.TX OK, but if you follow all safety rules you acc is almost impossible to steal. I don't thing DO need improve acc. safety
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Finger prints linked to accounts? Really?

    Common sense is the best thing to avoid being hacked. It works wonders!
  4. Omega

    Omega User

    some players don't spend anything .so how will the show their credit cards etc .. and finger prints ? r u out of ur mind ?
  5. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Is this your idea of a joke to lighten everyone's mood?
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  6. If my bank can securely keep hold of my money without my fingerprint, then DarkOrbit can securely keep hold of my account without my fingerprint.

    Write down your user ID, use a strong password, don't share your account details, don't lose access to your email, and your account will be fine. You only need to follow these four simple steps.
  7. first off hacking has nothing to do with taking credit card info or accounts for that matter that is called cracking. Also ppls accounts get stolen because the are simply foolish with there account info. There are different ways this is done 1 by phishing for your info. 2 using the same log info as u do ts and other programs. 3 by getting acces to your pc and looking for the info which is stored in browser settings. Which is simple to do( chrome users click 3 tab settings -advance -manage saved pw -show and bam. by clicking links you give your ip and thats all ther need if done right to get into your box.
    But most of the time ppl give out there account info so someone can do there gates or" help" them. and when that friend in a sheeps clothing decides to defriend he takes the account also. So with this said just be smart and keep your info private and play your game yourself!

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    In this time and century almost anything can be hacked... No matter what is said and how people may think, hackers are on the net 24-7 365... The future of gaming is in finger print ID as banks use... That means that your account can not be stolen or re sold it is linked to you and you only.

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Not planning on keeping your account long?
  10. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    : ) account sharing is against regulations. not that people don't flow rules
    whats it cost now a days to have an account hacked 50 bucks or so? This is nothing new.

    with finger Print ID it can not be hacked.

    We all know how it works and so on that is good advice for a noob... Oh and you forgot to add social media sites like Facebook and so on
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  11. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    It dont cost much to have accounts hacked players been flowing safety rules and still get hacked.
  12. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    If you look at it like this some players invest in this game so it is kind of like a bank to some players that pay to play this is what they are investing in. unfortunately not all pay to play. Having Enforce security would make it even better because the account is linked to you and you only can not be sold or stolen
    Common sense you say? tell that to all the players that have got hacked over the years and see what they have to say about it
  13. Yeah, it is easy to get hacked without giving out info.

    Also, don't multi post, just hit reply to all those posts in ONE reply and comment to each of them.

    This idea is a FAIL and is not going to happen. It's pretty much impossible.

    Come up with a better solution.
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  14. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Kinda reminds me of a song Get out of your Mind....

    Well, it looks like you would be on a free ride then enjoy it
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  15. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    This idea is a FAIL and is not going to happen. It's pretty much impossible.

    How is it impossible??? what part of the country do you live in??? see that little box on the left that has the players name and picture on it... you would just put your finger on that and your DNA will be recognized that's how easy it is.

    Today Finger Print ID is everywhere even computers are putting them on so you swipe you finger on the scanner and you pc comes on lol. Sites are using them to ID you and make sure it is you this is the future dude we dont live in 1978 any more
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  16. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    So yeah DNA is the way of the New World

    If I was a Hacker I would be worried that I'am not going to be able to mooch DarkOrbit anymore without having to cut someones finger off to log on to someones account to steel it lol
  17. NO one hacks to steal accounts that is called CRACKING. Man get it right! Your giving people who hack a bad name. Now ther are some hackers that also crack but they are a group of there own and repsected in the hacker community. Also a finger print toold would mean every player would have to buy a touch screen of some nature. Dna would mean ppl would have to buy a fuser. No one wants to waste money on then worthless tools for the use of only playing a game. And as i stated in my last post most of the time accounts are lost due to being foolish and sharing accounts. So be safe fly your own ship dont click on external links and dont share your pc with other users.
    This is DNA
    This is a finger print
    As you can see, these are two separate things.

    It is impossible to draw dna from fingerprint on your screen. xD
    And it would take a one week to confirm your dna in lab, so this is impossible.
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  19. lol @ hacked account most of them are cos people share account some are cos people link there emails to a SN (social network) people give out there info to people claming to be bigpoint and saying they will get free stuff alot sell there account and take them back so the person they sold them 2 loses out if account where hacked cos of bigpoint it would be loads at a time not the odd 1 here and there end of
  20. Everyone get your finger out stick it to the thorn pad bigpoint provides. Dont worry it wont hurt the poke is just a dna spike so we can get your finger print. Whats next the mark of the beast that needs scaned to play. Use your brain pls!
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