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Dear forum reader,

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    Since forum says discord may be shared.
    Who here uses it? I'm on there and would love to see some familiar names in there. Especially any NFG, LNF. All is welcome Especially if you from 2008-9 / 2014 Era.
    Looking to reconnect. You can find me recently chating in Dark Orbits Discord English chat room. Send a add, send a hey etc.
  2. me since they banned me for complaining about trains being a problem and they laughed and said to avoid them .lol
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  3. Create a discord server i will join you ! Got banned both in discord as well as do chat
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  4. All this is the reason when my premium runs out I will not be around anymore (player since 2012)just can't understand the attitude of the programmers anymore. On one hand they say it's not ok to use a bot on the other hand they laugh as they know very well their whole player base all bot and are starting to build trains.
    All I see are accounts running themselves and nobody actually play the game doesn't sound like fun to me and I would never use a bot just to login every now and then to see how it's doing.
    Also support in this game has also become a big joke, my suggestion would be hook up with the old players and find another game to play one that has support and one that doesn't play their customers. Cheers
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    Add me ill put u in OGSicNFG#5952

    Yes agree however it's about the Nostalgia an giving a last call run regardless of the bots an lack of support. An yes reconnecting is ideal. The game obviously will never be the same as its golden Era but I still gotta get my last call run. An this will be the easiest way to reconnect n then find maybe something new. Have a long history in this game ( 2008 ) an we lost many ppl since then. As you know already.. if u got discord OGSicNFG#5952

    If u can add me ill put u in my server 60+ ppl and growing OGSicNFG#5952
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