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  1. NOTE: The video series mentioned here has been discontinued. Please refer to the new thread for better information, and kept highly organized.

    Everything You Need to Know About Darkorbit

    The spoiler below contains videos for my first guide for Darkorbit
    Note: Some of the information covered is outdated. The new guide will be kept up to date.

    Darkorbit | Beginner's Guide to Full Elite
    *Don't forget to watch this thread for notifications!

    *This series, as of now, is complete. I encourage you to proceed onto TerrorTheLegend's guide as he offers a much better mid- to late-game guide, content, and experience, following the end of this guide. I hope you enjoy!

    Hello new players! This is currently a work in progress from Step 1 all the way through to get to Full Elite. I am an experienced player, so you'll be getting some of the best tips on how to get to FE (Full Elite)! After the completion of this guide, attaining Full Elite, I will move on to my main and discuss what to do to get the rest of the way, paid or unpaid. Once you hit FE, that's the optimal time to buy Uridium.

    Everyone else, please chime in all tips you got! Preferably from personal experiences ;)

    Episode 1

    (Click the following text itself to access the video)

    Episode 2 Building Up
    Episode 3 Quests
    Episode 3.5 (Filler; using booty keys on LF4 Day)
    Episode 4 To Uppers!
    Episode 5 Pilot Points
    Episode 6 First & Second Iris
    Episode 7 PET Assembly
    Episode 8 All About The PET
    Episode 9 Main Account
    *May or may not continue making videos further on Darkorbit, depending on content

    Other in-depth guides for Darkorbit:
    TerrorTheLegend: Project Zero Playlist (YouTube) *Covers further stages of the game + PvP
    YoungBlood (Alex): Let's Play Playlist (YouTube) *Covers PvP
    Razor: Dark Orbit's Beginner's Guide (Text on GuideScroll) *Old guide, but majority is still accurate and relevant
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  2. Good stuff man! As a headphones user it was a bit deafening to have the music overpowering the video itself but I like where you're going with this, it's good for the newer and less experienced users to learn and have some good ideas of what to do in game. I hope to see more from you, keep up the good work
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  3. Yea, I'll be careful next time xD
    But I am busy with school work now, so I don't know when I'll be able to make another video.
  4. No worries at all, the real world comes first which is totally understandable :p
  5. relax

    relax User

    Pretty nice man, your idea is good and you are doing a good job, keep it up with this series and maybe you'll make some people start playin' this game
  6. jackknife

    jackknife User

    Plus one from me, hope it keeps new players around longer
  7. +1 really good especially for those ppl who are really love to play games like this.
  8. I did say something in fourms a while back about a video FAQ but nout bin done and now i can see a player that likes the game that much to help the noobs out using his own spare time well done man keep it up but just remember there is a lot to the game
  9. Good job mate. I think that this should make other people start creating videos about this game, really. What I can see lately is that biggest MMO games currently have a large group of steamers on YouTube/Twitch. That will make new people interested about this game, and also will make more enjoyable when you watch how someone else progresses in this game and maybe gives some advices that may help you for sure, especially if you are new player, or working your way towards FE/UFE.

    +1, keep doing!
  10. Finally, getting back to this after quite a lot of delay. I got the video recorded, and it's currently rendering, so be on the look out for it later today or tomorrow!

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  12. jackknife

    jackknife User

    good job, but i only watched about half and you seemed to cover the basics it took me a while to understand.
  13. Nice job. I like it a lot, very helpful. Just some thoughts though if you can add that, until you reach 500k honor you cannot sell resources (excluding palladium) for their maximum worth, and that another easy way to earn credits is bidding on slot cpus, long as its under their sell price (375,000, 750,000, 1,250,000) and the jump chip cpu (178,500) and the precision targeter xenomit cpu, which sells for 500,000
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  14. Great, glad to see that people find it helpful :D
    Yea, I was going to include honor and EXP tables in the next episode xD
    Good idea on the auction-profit. When I was building my main to get FE, I knew about that, but I was just "too lazy" to do it like that xD
    Also, on West, people do bid quite a lot on those CPUs, so sometimes, it's just not worth it. But hey, I'll include that, thank you :D
  15. Ahh okay, figured you would add it eventually lol. And yeah people are crazy sometimes on auction lol, saw a 33 mil on slot 4 cpu once.... Jeez.
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  16. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Some people are desperate to get stuff.
  17. There's desperation and then there's just.... Yeah.
  18. You could use these figures for bids as they are usually higher than most want to bid but again there are those who REALLY want the item.
    Slot 4 CPU 2,000,000
    Auto Rocket 100,000
    Radar 200,000
    Ammunition Buy CPU 200,000 recommend 2 of these 1 each config 2 different types of ammo
    Rep-4 Repair Bot 100,000
    Advanced Jump Chip 1,000,000
    Rocket Buy CPU 100,000 Recommend 2 like Ammunition
    Rocket Launcher CPU 1,000,000
    Rocket Turbo 200,000
    Auto Repair CPU 100,000
    Cargo Bay Expansion 200,000
    HS-2 Rocket Launcher 1,500,000

    I have been 95% successful with these bids but I have gotten items much cheaper when wanting to make extra credits by selling them (you get 2.5 times Uridium price in credits Exception is SLOT CPU's there is an additional amount from them e.g. Slot 4 CPU 250,000 Uri pays 1,250,000 credits), but this also depends on time you are bidding the more players the greater chance of being outbid.

    I plan on having 8 Hangars so I have all the Extras needed for each ship already waiting for the Hangars and actually have 4 of 8 ships wanted Phoenix when feeling like a NUT, Leonov for fun, Vengeance (have one want 2 so I can be Lightning or Pussat just by warping), Goliath for ship designs, Spearhead, Aegis and Citadel. I also have a Piranha as it was given to me with first quest done on this server sold Liberator when I won Leonov in AUCTION before realizing I was getting new set of quests when I switched from East 2 server.
  19. Problems with episode 2:
    Leo has Hull doubled not shields and it is in HOME maps x-1 to x-4. Enemy can shoot you but you have HP boost that allows you to escape till level 10. You do not have to have quest open for it to count but it does apply to the open quest first. That last quest is the FINAL for the LEVEL also marked as LOCKED in my POST.
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