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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by KilerStreak, Jan 12, 2015.

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  1. Since those values you have posted are server dependent, I will not be suggesting prices. Best thing to do is look at the history section, and see the previous bids, but thank you for your help :>

    And in imo, that quest post you are making is kinda pointless; I mean, we already get access to see those same quests in-game, no offense
    Nope, I am right.
    What ever shield generators you have ONLY in SHIP are doubled.
    Here are pics; I have 2 B02s & 4 of those 128k cred ones, so the total amount of shields I should have is 40,000. 2 B02s is 20,000 & 4 of the others add to 20,000, so totaling 40,000.
    But as you see in game, it is doubled. The same applies to the laser cannons.
  2. I do know that the HP is also doubled, jump into 1-4 and then back to 3-4 and watch your HP regen just from jumping.

    The reason for the FAQ is so you do not have to sit in the MAPS to see them. If you look at the FAQS section you will find the OLD Quests are still listed there and I am trying to get this replaced with the current since we do not get the OLD anymore.
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  3. Episode 3 is here!

  4. Just got a filler episode in, me going at it with 4 booty keys on LF4 day; when to use booty keys & best way to earn them for free.
  5. Episode 4 is here!

  6. hello your videas seem really good i have a almost ufe account on gb2 but looking to sart a new and was wandering if i could join you and maybe your clan on your server ? :)
  7. Sorry man, I'm a solo guy xD
  8. Dr.Led[GR]

    Dr.Led[GR] User

    I got a question:

    should i keep my credits and spend them on irises and after i buy them all then start on shields, or should i get shields first? (currently i have 6 flaxes 1 iris 1 apis all with BO2, plus 4 BO2 in the ship in the defense config)

    lf3 are expensive so i will just stay with the 17 i have and try to get lf4's
  9. Keep your credits, and work towards getting all Irises first. After that, get all your speed generators, followed by your B02s (20 is a good amount).

    And I'd say to go ahead and get all your LF3s. There's nothing else to really go for.
  10. Dr.Led[GR]

    Dr.Led[GR] User

    What's your opinion about the cargo trader for pet? I am thinking about getting a level 2 trader (not too expensive, but gives a realtively profitable bonus), mainly for the gates..
  11. Dont waste uri on 1-2 lvl stuff buy only lvl 3
  12. Dr.Led[GR]

    Dr.Led[GR] User

    but its like 20.000 more uridium, and it only gives a little bigger bonus.. remember that all the uridium i earn comes from a zeta gate i do every 7-10 days.. (around 40.000 uridium to be accurate)
  13. Yea but where is point of buying 1-2 lvl u waste uri everybody will tell u that
  14. if you ask me you should buy lvl 3 in case you find youself still neading credits for auction and you sell skylab , or only lvl 1 if you want it just as tool (i need to buy one too , using it when hunting cubes and looting cargo , but i still have some quest drones and i will wait to waste all of those)
  15. Level 3 and only level three gear cx
    And another tip; do not level your pet up all the way; just until level 8 so you can have highest tech (level three), and lower fuel consumption cx
  16. I reaaly like this bro, keep up the good work :)
  17. Episode 5 Released
  18. Episode 6 for those that haven't seen it lately :D


    Lol, sorry guys, just got back from vacation and I'll be making more very soon once my new laptop's situated :D
  19. Episode 7 is finally here!
    Sorry for the delay, I was just working on my main :p
  20. Episode 8 has been released.

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