DarkOrbit's 17th Birthday Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Dec 6, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the DarkOrbit's 17th Birthday activities. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Thank you,
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  2. birthday gate? 2023 at least do something meaningful and worthwhile for your players.
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  3. test020

    test020 User

    i just looked at the winter quests in a wikia and the missions are basically kill icy and damage metereoid which gives very low rewards, stuff like 1 accelerator/diametrion and stuff like 1000 uri, why do you hate your players so much?

    but that would mean benefits for the people that use programs
    won't somebody please think of the robots?

    also if the winter calendar rewards are anything to go by, they really don't want to do anything meaningful to their players, this is making me miss skoll gate.
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  4. Please bring back birthday gates, Its been 10 years since last one and I dont count Skoll gate as one.
    About the event: It is pretty much the same as last year, boxes are pretty good as they drop ice rockets, emps and even 1x I-oil
  5. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    These missions are lame. Doesn't feel anything special compared to every other generic event mission.
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  6. test020

    test020 User

    i-oil is kinda rare to trop though, rocket launcher bdr as well but not the 1211 bdr's though, emp's are useless outside uba if that galatic strife event is anything to measure by :rolleyes:

    they don't even trigger battle pass or that frozen labyrinth that i read about on wikia, it's just some dumb missions with ice metereoids and that's it.

    it's like darkorbit anniversary is not a important date anymore :D
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  7. That's it? No Gate? No Maze? And no doubt connection issues all thru.

    I mean, China is a large place, but you can't find the individual who's attacking the Game the past several months.

    This event should be better.
  8. AVIT

    AVIT User

    this event looks rubbish .. no actuall event really ,,ruined xmas
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  9. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I think frozen labyrinth will get announced in a week or two. If not, it'll be whatever battlepass.
  10. here you have birthday code DOBIRTHLORD premium,nova&some othere things
  11. compie

    compie User

    i did winter quests on 7th december, but since then no more quests available. where they 1 time and not every day?
  12. No birthday gate, "better" event quests with mediocre rewards (seriously, what benefit is 1 Diametrion), no special Frost designs available, no new ammos or rockets, birthday boxes that are barely better than bonus boxes.

    Sorry, y'all flopped harder than The Game Awards this year. See y'all on Elite Dangerous.
  13. The DO Birthday so far be like:

    "Happy Birt..."
    "Happy Bir..."
    "Happy Birthday Dar..."
    "Happy Birthday DarkOr..."
    "Happy Birthday DarkOrbit!"
    *You were banned from the system: Spam*

    PS: Why do I want EMP's from birthday boxes on the PVE server when they trigger PVP when I don't intend to play for PVP... #DarkOrbitLogic
  14. lots of lag like cant play lol
  15. 1taffy1

    1taffy1 User

    In the past, there was awesome loot in the booty boxes, like jump credits and loads of pet fuel. There was a birthday gate, better quests, birthday rockets for the actually birthday, not reused ones from 2012.
    Now the birthday celebration is boring. Just another day.Either someone is getting cheap or lazy, or both.
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  16. Did the event quests. Looked for birthday gate or skoll....

    Guess no one who did the event plays the game and knows the costs of materials to be useful.
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  17. test020

    test020 User

    day 11 there was literally nothing besides agatus announcement, whoever is administrating dark orbit clearly doesn't play it and should be replaced by someone that does.

    underwhelming as heck and i'll have to quote a wise saying
    no game award was ever good though, it's only purpose is new games adverts and you only have yourself to blame for expecting anything else, even the way games are nominated is a huge red flag to show you that it's a trashy thing.

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