"Deadly Battleray"

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by K.I.D.S, Feb 13, 2015.

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  1. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Is this a permanent thing or not, and if your in a pvp map will it follow you around like the old one did in 5-3?
  2. Yes, it is permanent, so they can stop the farming exploit.
    Yes, it follows you around like any other NPC (except cube & prots).
  3. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Then isn't this unfair for people who box? Why do they have to suffer
  4. Nope.
    It's an obstacle, we can't have everything going smoothly, now can we?
  5. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    True but how the deadly battleray should have an ish and when you shoot, then the inters come out because it's unfair if that's the way your earn your uri, wouldn't like it if there was a bray in x6 maps
  6. Lol it doesn't hit very hard.
    BRay get in your way? No problem, run to opposite side, and they target someone else :>
  7. SauronL

    SauronL User

    yea perm , just use cloaked in bmap
  8. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Ahh true :p Thank you guys, you can close now
  9. no more doubler....
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