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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Greetings Space Pilots^^

    We have a new Dev blog for you today, and we would love to hear your feedback

    Thank you :)

    Reminder: please keep the flaming and insults out of the feedback. Truly we would like to leave your posts intact for support, but we need your help to do that. So please, lets keep within the rules and to the subject matter
  2. Thank you DO for developing more this game, I really appreciate all the team and the effort you are doing! Good job guys, keep it up. :)

    And I have to say, that I am REALLY into seeing this game develop more. All of what you have written in the blog, especially the thing that you have listened the players about the LoW gate is amazing! I can't wait to see the new gate you will put on the maps and also that Loyalty changes. I can't ignore the graphics update too :p

    All in all, you just said some great words on the post, and now you made me wait unpatient for those big changes! :D (just don't let us wait too much :p)

    PS. Just wanted to add some notes about the graphic updates. Most of the players I am sure play on some outdated graphic cards, or even on integrated graphic cards (playing on lap top, like me). What I wanted to say about this is that sometimes we have to lower the graphics (remove background, lower explosions and stuff) in game to have some smooth experience (having playable game) without having much lag, like Ice meteoroid event or even in Gates where too many NPC spawn. I don't want to sound wrong by all of this and I know you have thought about this problem too many times, I just wanted to point it out. :)

    Have a great holidays!
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  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Hyped about the month TA seasons :D
    However!! There is a issue. Even without the seasons in place there is a issue with TA pushing. >>This<< player is first on GE1 TA ranking with 950 points, 300 more points than 2nd place. He purposely doesn't buy drones and under-equips his ship so that he can get easier opponents. This will really screw with the seasons if this type of player is allowed to compete.
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  4. I wanna see the new updates and I hope that they will change the battle stations but they have to fix the clan because in the server that I play europe global 7 until 1 weak 2 months all top 200 were in 1 clan with 2 little clans and they had nap and aliance with almost all clans and you cant destroy the baces and even if you destroy them the build them again they stay like 3 citadels 2-3 spearheads and 3-4 goliats and if you manage to destory some bases and even 1 bace is left most of the players in the server come to their bace and its like 100 ships vs max 10 ships you just cant see the base and its not a bad idea if you make it if a player gets kicked from clan or leaves the clan so he cant join the clan because some players just join the clan for 1 day do their gates with 50% exp and honnor and leave it

    p.s. sorry for my bad english I'm bulgarian and I'm a kid :D
  5. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    So these are the news for the ,, strange 3D mode " . We'll see .
    I also want to see how Loyalty it will work because it sounds like something which could unbalance more FE from UFE , so we need a good , careful implementation to be accepted by all players .
    That ,,secret maps" sound well to and then of course the improvements for TA , CBS , LOW and BATTLERAY are important .
    2015 must come faster :) !
  6. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I really hope you guys do go through with the uber battleray idea so that there will be a stronger NPC than a cube.
  7. Dear DEV,

    I have spoken to clan members and friends in the game and we all agree, dec 11th was awesome. The gate was great! Best birthday gate yet. it was the most interesting and fun out of all the birthday gates. The cool boxes and a chance to catch up on event quests for players like me. What a grand day! Thank you so much for all the attention and time you guys put into dec 11th. keep up the good work and i look really forward to seeing whats next.

  8. Lucci[AZ3]

    Lucci[AZ3] User

    They didn´t mention the Battleray changes , but I hope they won´t destroy the Battleray and change it to some [removed] what nobody wants to kill.
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  9. chixonator

    chixonator User

    This sounds REALLY AWESOME I CANT WAIT!!! cant wait for the new gates, maps, loyalty bonus and everything else!! :D
  10. `Luke

    `Luke User

    The group battle ray I am talking about is from this link
    I hope they did not just write that great idea to only entertain the forum readers, I truly hope they go along and make a uber-battleray. Those who agree, please show support in this thread. I think we all want a stronger NPC and more reward than a cube.

  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

    very interesting, i wanna see how will this game grow up in next year, and maybe it will bring some players , who knows ? :)
  12. Chevy1982

    Chevy1982 User

    I think this is great! Keep up the fantastic work DO!

    I would like to bring attention back to the B-Ray as it is a huge deal in each server. For some more than others, I really like the uber bray ideas, or the multiple brays AS LONG as the number of inters is cut down per bray... My biggest thing is the bray farmers, as long as no one can sit and farm for hours on end the ray would be easier to access. An uber ray would be nice if it was strong enough to kill the 2 farming aegis' but not impossible to solo or multiple rays with less inters to discourage people from farming all day. Just a thought.
  13. `Luke

    `Luke User

    The only issue that was with people farming the battle ray is some people did not give access to noobs to finish their quests. People farm palladium 24/7, cubes 24/7, and boxes 24/7, battle ray is just another form of farming. If they added more rays it would help people with quests. I just place mines under battle ray farmers if I need the battle ray, that is if they don't reply to my whisper.

    The issue is that there is only one battle ray, imagine, if the battle ray actually gave better reward like 1000 uri, that thing would be killed every 5 minutes and people would fight over it.
    I also support increasing the time is spawns, but that is just me.
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  14. Chevy1982

    Chevy1982 User

    I like that ^^ Shoot, if they want to save the time and money on re-making the battleray they could simply make it "unfarmable"... I mean this would solve every bray issue that has ever presented itself, maybe make the inters from the bray impervious to kamis from any pet so no one can farm anymore :)
  15. HarveyDent

    HarveyDent User

    All the new possible features sound so awesome. I like the new of more and new battlerays, so everyone can farm them :D
  16. I know that it's late, but a few words from me...
    As I read the post, I was extremely disappointed that there is no single sentence about the biggest problem of Darkorbit - bots which have dominated 4-x maps (and not only)...
    We have reached a point where the last remaining fair players can't kill the bots because of "pushing"; you can have unbeatable proof but support won't ban a botuser because "they are waiting for a system solution"...
    If the problem will still be ignored, Darkorbit will die sooner than any of the admins/designers/etc. can imagine ... and it's really not hard to avoid - just do something like captcha for boxes collected by pet...
  17. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I would like you redirect you to this thread
    Something is being done. Unfortunately, there are always few who are ahead of the system, I have not seen any bots recently in the game, but I will take your word for it.
  18. That idea about the captcha you are talking about, is out of mind. You can't say to the players something like: when you collect a box, input text here. That's not gonna happen ever. And from the post of `Luke you can see that they ban players all the time. It is theoretically impossible to create a game that won't have cheats.
  19. I see you guys are new to the game..
    Captcha was already in existence some 2 years ago .. the problem was that the bots at that time were able to solve captcha by themselves, so BP finally resigned from this idea. But now bots are different and they are not able to insert captcha, so it would require a human to do it from time to time. This would at least do something with accounts which have been collecting boxes 24/7 for months without breaks (yes, there are many accounts with over 700 hours of play every month in 4-1...).
    Of course this is just one idea, there are surely many other ways to eliminate botusers.
    Regarding Luke's link - 55 botusers is less than the number of botusers in 1 server in 1 battlemap. Multiply it by number of battlemaps and number of servers...
    And yes, it is possible to create a game without bots/cheats. Darkorbit was such a game in the very beginning...
  20. Is it really possible to create game without cheats? Than, go ahead, find one that had 0 cheats or make one, and let me know after.

    I am personally developer and I know that you can't find/create such thing. It's true DO didn't had cheats in the beginning and it is cause of two reasons: game is new and not many people are familiar with that. Second one is, as time passes game gets popular and people around try to find a way to exploit something. It's actually part of the game "life" that everyone have to deal with.

    I believe in DO, and I know they give the best to stop the cheating, but they are not able to stop all of them. It is NOT POSSIBLE. So stop trolling only DO for everything, it's not their fault. They will fix one cheat, another one will come soon.

    And one final thing, you can't just say that all those who box in PvP maps are cheaters. It's not true. I have friends that sit in front of the PC and box for 4 hours straight. Are they cheaters too?
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