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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Dec 12, 2014.

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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Asking for Ideas Hmmmmm" Well, New Ships would be a nice start, different designs Also New Drone Formations would be grate for this game... All 24 hour events for the all night players.

    Give better chances to get LF 4s It has been more than a year since I got an LF 4 on this game that is just bad most would just give up game since LF 4s are so damn hard to get. I don't paly this game much anymore for these reasons.. I just log on every 3 days to put seprom on ship... And hoping that this game will one day change for the better it is the same ol' thing day in and day out.
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  2. Kal

    Kal User

    Some criticisms...

    1) Booty box odds: I understand that the odds are supposed to be low, but perhaps they need a little bit of tweaking. The developers say there's a 3 (I think?) times higher chance of getting an LF-4 on LF-4 day. I actually get fewer LF-4's on LF-4 day than on any other day of the month. Something's wrong there.... Same with ship designs. Again, I understand that the odds are supposed to be low, but there should be a minimum chance to receive an item from the booty boxes. 1 in 100 for LF-4's? 1 in 200 for ship designs? I think that's a reasonable request. Not 0.01% or 0.005%, but if you open 100 or 200 boxes, you're guaranteed to get at least one of these items...

    2) Same thing with the gate odds: It doesn't make sense to do 16 Kappas and not get a Hercules. Or to do 10 Zetas and not get a Havoc. Perhaps those could be reworked behind the scenes? I reeeeally like the 'Minimum rewards' idea.

    3) Battlerays: A hot topic. The battleray, as it stands, is currently only accessible to about 15 players on any given server, unless one feels like starting a clan war over it, and is completely inaccessible to 'noobs.' Some basic FE can come up to the battleray and find it taken 20+ hours per day by semi-afk players, and as soon as he/she shoots on the ray, he finds him/herself getting shot off, sometimes by members of his/her own company. Can we make an instance time limit for these npc's? As in... you only have a set amount to shoot the ray per day? (perhaps an hour or so... You can kill 10 rays in an hour, which is enough for every quest except one, I believe?)

    4) Multicompany clans: There are a lot of people that abuse that system. I'm not sure what the original intent was, but the way people use it in-game is nauseating. For example: A multicompany clan owns a CBS in 1-6 map, and uses it to their advantage to kill cubes. No problem. Makes sense. But any time an MMO comes to kill cubes, they simply log into another ship that's also in their clan, but happens to be EIC, and proceeds to kill that MMO until they give up. And then switches back to their MMO ship and continues to cube. A gross abuse of the system, that makes it impossible for any non-UFE MMO to cube.

    5) Premium: Premium is awesome. Definitely worth paying for. But... some of us are too broke to afford (or too stubborn to buy) premium. And I'm hearing Premium might be a reward from the TA (which is an interesting little thing in and of itself). But perhaps there should be an in-game exchange system? For example... exchange 100k uridium for a week of premium, or 350k uridium for a month of premium? Or something like that. It would INSANELY helpful.

    6) Perhaps a non-PvP map. A radical idea, yes... But one small map dedicated to... I dunno... some new game mechanic you guys might think up... would change in-game mechanics drastically. For one, it would highlight the difference between PvP and Non-PvP areas. There are always so many complaints from people getting killed that it's unfair that they're shot upon. And perhaps it would give new players a chance to fully experience the game before they step into an x-4 map on a quest and get destroyed by a UFE with 3000 hours under his/her belt. Yes, PvP is part of the game... but it doesn't make too much sense for a liberator with no drones to be destroyed by a 10-droner 5 times in a row.

    Just a few ideas.

    And I have to say, I love the sound of the things you guys are cooking up. Keep at it! On the whole, great work so far. :)

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    No crap, I had 300 blue keys and about 400 red and a bunch of green keys not one LF 4 that is just a waste of cash... I can tell you this much I will never spend my cash that again... When blue and red keys first came out they were some what good... Now they are crapped out.
  4. decker505

    decker505 User

    Hello, i was just giving an idea here, during the course of they daily login bonus, would like it if you could give a bit more Uriduim on the 5 day or maybe 200 each day, bc ive been getting the same login for almost a year to get a vengi and ill have to wait another year if i was going to get a goli, just a thought.

    Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game :)
  5. Kal

    Kal User

    Well, there are other ways to make uri besides logging in....

    Just a thought.

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    wow need more uri maybe bring back the bonus boxes that we use to have long ago and the old setting for skill tree where we were able to pick up more uri with the pilot points

    I think it is time to sum up what we have accomplished this year, and also take a deeper look into the future. I have known of you for a long time now and you of me... Me and you are growing old on this game... Though, I don't play as much as as use to, back when players were not able to get off any gate without getting killed the good old days of Dark Orbit.... I love Dark Orbit but it has grown on me these days same old stuff... DarkOrbit needs new ideas, new games for players to play.... Also new Drone Formations, Ships 24 hour events for the all night long players so thing to do after hours... It has been a while since I have flown my ships they have just been parked and I have all Elite ships.... All my friends have quit the game, not the same players anymore.... I have been on this game now going on 8 years, but bring new ships new things to Dark Orbit I believe will spark a new flame the severs I have been playing have died out no many players anymore so I hope you all do something good for the future of Dark Orbit
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  7. Is this the Device feedback?
    If it is then I can say what I want, right?

    Question:Can the ingame updates (or at least the briefing) be at the begining of the month please? The game seems to have started the new year kind of empty...
    I will eargerly wait in a cloud of anticipation..
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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    New year kind of empty? Glad someone else has noticed the problem lol. Good eyes.

    That is what I have been saying for that last 2 years that game is dying no one listens...

    It is time for Dark Orbit staff to step up to the plate and do some serious marketing, selling New ships, Drone formations, weapons, upgrades something.... What has been done is fine no since talking about it, time to move on and get some new ships, formations, weapons, ammo whatever but don't take a year to do it... The time to act is now
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  9. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I'm not sure we need new things. Maybe the events could do with an overhaul but I think the real issue that needs addressing is the huge gap between fe and ufe. Upgrade costs are ridiculous for the boost you get and I'm sure once new players realise how much money/time they need to invest in the game they just lose interest. There is so much that can be done to improve the game and entice new players to stick around but BP really need to shift to a business model of "milk the many" rather than the few.

    So many good ideas in the idea forum, not going to repeat them all here.
  10. Bring out a new game called Dark Orbit 2. Totally for ufe or certain lvls. New log in page, develop it 'before releasing'. Then this game could be for newbs Keep the leaderboards on original game, but make top ranks unable to shoot at newbs....However, start new ranking on the new game

    I would like to add the good thing about DO2 would be that ammo is credits only and all you have to do is subscribe and be UFE (of course the game will be totally different and awesome)I guess the players will still be able to log back into DO Reloaded from time to time?....It's difficult to develop (similar engine) and crazy idea..but hey, who knows?
  11. Improve the gate rewards system. If it's a 25% chance to get a herc, make it so you are guaranteed 2 or 3 every 10 kappas. I know poor people who have done more than 50 kappas for half hercules. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

    I know what you are doing, you're making it so hard and annoying that people will give up or give you all their money. Please note that the priority should be to make a good, fun game, not just to squeeze every little drop of money from our bank accounts.

    Also, the more things you add, make it an even lengthier journey to become good enough to fight(which is what this game is about). I know people that have quit the game entirely once new things were added instead of fixing the problems.

    I also believe that "fixing" low gate and battleray so players cant make any good uri is making the problem worse. You are closing down all possible paths for struggling players to succeed.

    If you let people get good a little easier, then we would be more willing to part with our cash to get ammo, and really bring the game back to life, because the way I see it at the moment, people get FE, think what's next and then quit because they know that they're gonna have to take out a second mortgage to get havocs, lf4s and hercs. If we were able to get them a little easier, with some sort of security that our money wont be wasted, then a lot more people will stay. This means the game will be more active and popular, on all servers and you will end up getting more money. Which, in the end is all you want as far as I can see.

    Please don't caution me for hating bigpoint or anything, I dont hate them, just I think quite a few unfair things are ruining the security of the future of this game.
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  12. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Well said
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