Defend against the Mimesis Mutiny - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. Not going to lie, I absolutely love it! Even newbies can join a basic group to tag enemies, and easily get rewards.
    What would help more is to post about each of the NPCs, and their abilities in the FAQ. Quite confusing at first to figure out how each NPC works, and don't know if I have it fully settled yet. But other than that, a great event! Good Uridium if you blast everything!

    If any changes: The Obscure AIs hit quite hard, especially when their EMP + Singularity abilities are combined.
    Outside of that, it all looks good! Loads of NPCs and fun!
  2. Yes the event itself pays out lots and is very fun, thankfully the objectives are not to hard to do if you just want the pet lasers and modules. For competing though unless you have 12 hours a day for everyday the event runs and have enough resources to craft all the seprom needed to even play for 12 hours and buy the money booster and craft the event booster i think it's not worth any ones time.
  3. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    In the Assembly the SHD-DIM01 upgrade module for the Diminisher says 40% increased shield. However, in my inventory it says 25% and the actual increase seems even less than that. I feel like a victim of false advertising.
  4. omegalul

    omegalul User

    Ridriculous that you cant enter back the map unless you repair spot, its way too 50/50 for the spot repair to actually work! lost countless times already escort reward because this crappy game keeps bugging all the time
  5. to me it was not really clear that the PET lasers, that are doing 500dmg each laser. are for the event NPC's only?...
  6. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    the Anti AI Laser Cannon deals 250 damage to AI Enemies,

    who are AI enemies?
  7. AI = artificial Intelligence. aka the computer.
  8. If you read the FAQ, you will see that the value has been changed to 25%. It was released before the event started, but in-game values haven't been updated.
  9. The AI-Enemies are the Event NPC's and those alone!

    All normal (not Event) NPC's are not affected by the 250 dmg / 500 dmg (for pet version) instead the laser does the 175 on them.
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  10. can we get event ranking to work?
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  11. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    So in pvp maps I will do more dmg? And in gate?
  12. =Koichi=

    =Koichi= User

    Just extra dmg to mimesis npcs
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  13. Only against the event's Mimesis AI enemies. Not on the normal NPCs or against players.
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  14. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    If I buy EXP and HONOR boosters will they affect the missions/quests
    And the rewards from this event?
  15. EXP & Honor boosters affect everything
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  16. i have all the new aa-1 lasers the 250 dmg ones, i barely see a difference in dmg vs the AI's vs prometheus, i think the need be like 300 dmg if its worth anything.
  17. Zecora

    Zecora User

    This new patch effectively ruined the escort gate for every new and mid-tier player, while also making it less worthwhile for higher tier players, and of course way more beneficial for Solaris players.

    I tried it out. So, I roughly got 400 Byte remnants and roughly 5.000 Uridium using my sentinel ship. I roughly got 20.000 uridium and 1.800 byte remnants using the Solaris ship. My small account got not even 300 Byte remnants, and roughly 4.000 uridium. Previously, all 3 got a somewhat consistent 1.000 byte remnants and 10.000 - 20.000 uridium.

    Every time a change to an event is made, it feels like BigPoint is intentionally trying to make new players leave. Because I cannot explain the past event changes any other way. Sorry if that sounds offensive but it's really just the truth.

    Here's my two improvement suggestions:

    1.: Box drops after every milestone the Freighter is reaching
    It's so simple to give everyone participating equal and fair rewards by letting the freighter drop a box for every player after every box it collects/reaches. Which of course contains progress, ammo and byte remnants. Very simple, fair for everyone, and people would actually feel engaged to give it their all for a beefy final reward.

    2.: Give the enemies a greater input-to-reward ratio
    I mean, all jokes aside, for all I know it's easier to kill an Uber Kristallon, and that Uber Kristallon gives me a way greater reward than something like an obscured or reflector mimesis, which both are fairly difficult to kill.
  18. Hasn't really changed for me; I'm still getting 2,500 - 3,000 Byte Remnants per gate, and Uri still the same because we're all in a group. But hell yessss, box drops after each milestone. Like a box to drop based on how far the group managed to get the freighter to.
  19. you are right, nobody can compete with somebody that bots 24/7.
    another event for the cheats, well done dev team,
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  20. Byte remnant is a slow joke. Need 6-12 months to accumulate enough to create anything. (yeah, another - can't keep what you have till next time event). The event map with the tiny exclusion zone for rad dmg and the blob of ai ships too difficult to bother with.
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