Defend against the Mimesis Mutiny - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. =Koichi=

    =Koichi= User

    New Ship Designs: Tyrannos

    There will be 5 new ship designs given out in the event:
    • Tyrannos Solace: Tally your kill count in the Tyrannos Solace design! (Ranking Reward)
    • Tyrannos Sentinel: Intimidate your opponents with your massive kill count in the Tyrannos Sentinel design! (Battle Pass Reward)
    • Tyrannos Disruptor: Keep score on how many enemies you have defeated with the Tyrannos Disruptor design! (Chance to get it from EM Freighter or via Payment
    What are the other 2 designs? I only see 3.
  2. Byte remnant takes forever to gain any descent amount (can't do the gate due to shear lag in the gate) the uri is nice somewhat, until i get one shotted by a reflector mimesis (which how in the world does one kill one and is it worth it other than a objective for some stuff)
    Also there are only 3 designs, one is shear luck or buying it, one is doable and one is for ufes who can easily kill the aliens
  3. bordello13

    bordello13 User

    Some times Map does not load after jumping on Escort Gate. Moreover botters and autolockers gets the lock very fast and you left with shooting NPCs which are already in attack by others which results in no or less URI. Make URI for everyone who shoots NPC not the one who has lock or in outfit.
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  4. D3AD-AH3AD

    D3AD-AH3AD User

    Why do you make it so hard for dead servers. I have only been able to complete escort map a hand full of times. Just too many over powered aliens at the end for dead servers. And now today not even getting ammo back just rockets =(
  5. Join a Group to get full rewards. The NPC already share rewards, but because everyone is in a group you get hardly any reward if you are not in the group too.

    100% Agree to that! The split maps are a nightmare on dead servers....

    You are not entirely wrong about that, but:
    This Event is not 24/7 ist only 14/7.
    All Event-NPC on normal Maps do not give points for the Ranking! Only Event-Gate-NPC give those points!

    That said, its unfortunately true that the Bots were quite quick to gain access into the new Map and therefore the Ranking is ruined already for most people.
    Which sucks really badly... Get rid of them already :(
  6. Ashreyka

    Ashreyka User

    I have literally just started back in the game after a couple of years out. I was looking forward to it as I spent a lot of time in here before my break. I can see there have been lots of changes.

    However, I've not actually tried the event but these Mimisis things .. not being funny but why are they hitting and killing new players who haven't even finished the tutorial yet?? This has happened to me twice - I've still yet to finish the tutorial!

    When they don't kill you, the things follow you everywhere - it's sometimes really difficult to get a lock on the things you're actually trying to target.

    Great way to put off potential new players!!
  7. can we get the ranking system updated for the event?

    theirs alot of botters now botting the map every hour, how can a real player win this event? we cannot, i would like to see the score system working in order for u legit players to see if theirs any goals for us.

    can a admin/mod reply to this and reply why the system dont work?
  8. It's only for short term at the least. The event will be ending this week.
    Event AIs outside of the Escort Gate do not count towards the Event Ranking. Only the AIs killed inside the Escort Gate can be killed for points. As I have personally witnessed, bots do not fare well inside the gate, especially with the restricted amount of play space. For that, I praise BP :rolleyes:
  9. shXen

    shXen User

    i want my uridium back, i bought battle pass and is so hard, that only completed 7 misions, and i am actually an old player, but its imposible kill an alien with millions ph and 150k dmg in one hit, is ridiculous
  10. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Get in line. We were waiting 20+ minutes for the Freighter to re gain consciousness. #BigpointNeverDisappoints
  11. D3AD-AH3AD

    D3AD-AH3AD User

    If you are on escort map and no Aliens are spawning that means one is still alive on the map. Just use enemy locator and fly around and have group help kill it radiation sucks far away from the freighter. If not the time runs out and you get kicked out without rewards. Sorry if you was talking about something else
  12. Could you have taken some time to add some different colors to the mimisis ships in the event? There are the ragincagun, clonedcopy, kamiboomie and the reflecteramundo that all look the same. Because they swirl around you when in map its extremely hard to tell them apart. Worse is who or what is shooting as the reflector or something just starts peeling damage off my ship. Did the gate. Nope if players decide to just sit they just sit and you blow through ammo trying to kill aliens with massive HP.

    Seems like to compensate for the wild damage you gave them high HP and high shields. But you forgot some hit insanely hard. I have hit the reflector and barely gotten into its HP and have to move off. Not feeling the event nor am I shooting for almost an hour to get a few progress boxes
  13. Ashreyka

    Ashreyka User

    Oh good! Thanks for this! :)
  14. shoot terror mimesis for boxes in normal maps ... they are easy to kill and give 900 uri each.
    for the gate ... if they don't shoot and just sit there , they don't earn anything ...
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  15. perhaps try harder ? battlepas is easy to do , all you need is commitment. not all battlepasses should be as easy as they where before . this one finaly needs some skill and commitment.
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  16. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    2011 Account here. Playing about 16 hours a day... 5 fps and 100 users per map about 80 bots and 20 legit... Yep. Try harder... At maths perhaps?
  17. 2009 here
    I barely get an hour a day.
    No more than 5 fps when those NPCs clutter up the map
    I've had to fight against them too, just keep going at it. It's not hard, just a lot to do :rolleyes:
  18. Even with the bots in the event maps other than the first one i did (which was laggy) i been able to get a group and reap the uri in (~16k on average per gate with the group) the byte retirements is a slow possess at earning though (still) the only hard things is the mirror ones (which lags when they all spawn in at once) and the reflector which makes it hard to do anything on the lowers)
  19. If you repair on the spot, you come back with full hp.
  20. 5fps? How old is your computer? Have you tried a real internet connection? My 8 yr old ASUS, non gaming computer doesnt drop below 50fps with a 600mbps internet connection. I have spent maybe 6 hrs on this event done 21/27 objectives. It does use lots of ammo, I've probably crafted 200k or more of the x7 event ammo, not sure how much uri I've made as I have been building gates and upgrading prometheus lasers. The only complaint I would have is that, like all the other events, it uses a lot of ammo/sep. I've done so many gates over the yrs that they bore me, but if I want to have good ammo I must do them.
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