Defend against the Mimesis Mutiny - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. The glaring item, like many of the events, is that being in a game where there are 3 companies at war and some non-company threats via the events, is that the companies don't really seem to back the pilots much at all.
    Far too much expense for the pilots with regards to any resources used and extremely little rewards in comparison.
  2. Hey WHO are you? and why you are playing with Zeeq name?
  3. It's called using your time efficiently. You don't need to bot to get good.
  4. Ya the gate is a ammo sink but it gives nice uri
  5. After playing the event during the constricted time frame I have:

    Great job on the event! Got 12 AAP lasers for the PET, and 35/36 AA lasers so far! Fairly simple to do, although it is very tedious and ammo consuming in the process. But the return on investment was very much worth it! With a solid outfit, you can expect to receive anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 Uridium per Escort Gate, and I personally was able to gain at the very least 2,500 Byte Remnants (4,000 at one point) per match! Makes attaining the new lasers fairly straightforward, and anyone should be able to within the event's time frame.

    Great event to combat the botting players as well, as they do not last a second inside the Gate (thankfully also the only place where you can get event points)! I'm not sure how the weaker/newcomers fare towards these AI NPCs. I know the event is meant for stronger players, but the clutter of them in X-4 maps does not seem nice at all. I know most of them are passive by default (Cloning, Raging and Terror), but the same cannot be said for the Kamikaze and Reflector. Seen a few unfortunate newbies get wiped out in seconds by Kamikaze AIs that other players did not clean up after their Terror AI, as well as a few not paying attention get killed by the Reflector's "Singularity" ability.

    Outside of those problematic situations, the event overall was a good one. Looking forward to future events related to the AI NPCs. Perhaps a new Galaxy Gate in the works? :rolleyes:
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  6. I agree with the reflector ones, and not being ultra strong might not get much of the byte stuff but the uri is nice (even with doing only 5 gates)
  7. omegalul

    omegalul User

    I know lol. What I was saying is, that very often the repair to spot bugs and it will not repair you, so you get kicked out because you must refresh the game to repair and then only option is to base
  8. Make the Tyranos Spectrum and G-Champion able to get through gameplay too, not just payment. Pay this, pay that, godaam Bigpoint, you´re already very lucky we pay for the "musts" like premium!
  9. I can't even see those 2 in the shop on ge3 (and no i did not buy them)
  10. KILABOT™

    KILABOT™ User

    Great event so far, just little bit adjustment on the last 20 minutes of the game when the number of npcs re spawns simultaneously. Lag on game starts to build. By the way please increase the ammunition rewards on battlepass for us freeplayers so we can cope-up the 200k uri spent :)
  11. DarkMarsGR

    DarkMarsGR User

    Can you use the red lasers for other npcs such us uber kristallons? Same damage? 250
  12. no its only for event npcs, AI, the memesis NPCs
  13. tibstar

    tibstar User

    are the AA Lasers better then Prometheus against Mimeses NPCs
  14. Planearium

    Planearium User

    Event started off badly, but the DO team fixed it, and now it's one of the best events I got to play. Once I crafted the event lasers I started getting a lot more Uri than before. The Battle Pass wasn't particularly hard to finish, but rather time consuming. However, with a 2 week event there's no way you don't finish the objectives. There's a lot of different modules, a bunch of ABR and I-Oil given out as battle pass rewards as well which make the battle pass worth buying, in my opinion.

    More events like this, please!
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  15. tibstar

    tibstar User


    agree great event but i just hope i can use the new lasers again
  16. ANZ1996

    ANZ1996 User

    The lag was [REMOVED], but now it's waaaay too much.
    I suddenly lost connection inside the gate, couldn't access the game for over an hour, and now it seems all other ships work fine but my cyborg died inside the gate and now is stuck there and can't be activated.

    Everything in the event is great except this damn lag.
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  17. Most people got problems with the reflectors but that is just due to there painful singularity thing they got, with new people in the gate along as the new person got a solace friend healing them and helping them break down the aliens they can do the gate, somewhat (did that on my first run, they did not get killed at all :))
    Instead of the bots you got to worry about getting the progression points it's the ufes getting the points (people on the do discord said they had points around 400k (some people before there points were reset for some reason had ~800k)
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  18. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Did the gate like 33 times. I knew I would not win it, because some bot would, and I was right. He won by 1.1 mil from 2nd place! :D
    I exactly know who that player is (cos I see him 24/7 on 4-5), but I won't name him, because they would ban me here. Just for your information some info from his profile:
    MEMBER SINCE:02-01-2019
    PLAYING TIME:7,459 hours
    So he has been playing almost 311 days since 2019! You know exactly what kind of player he is. Feel sorry for those, who played fairly...
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  19. Hi,
    Well you gotta give Dark Orbit credit for this event.
    Okay, it did burn through a hefty amount of resources and the waiting time (sporne of Freighter) was too long. However, this event was the best thought out EVER! Player's have been moaning for years about bullies/Mcc's ruining the events, well this one nailed it! No, Mcc's, no attack zone, company only, and three separate maps in each company! I liked the idea of protecting the Freighter instead of attacking it....This event was user friendly and stress free....Thanks Dark Orbit!! Lastly, the bullies lost this one!
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  20. tibstar

    tibstar User

    Top 100 all good but i want to know what rank i finished 101-20000? still like to know
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