Defend against the Mimesis Mutiny - Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. Planearium

    Planearium User

    I've seen the guy Rossi is talking about and was really perplexed how's he such high rank for only a year of gameplay (this was in January), but then I did some math and figured out "he/she" "plays" for over 16, if not more hours per day :) and now he/she won the event? ********!

    Also he's playing for 455 days, not 311, it's April, time to wake up from winter sleep :p
  2. Yes the higher ups got the rewards (obviously stronger so they deal more damage and was also able to farm keys easily) but even if you did not get rewards you still were able to make a nice amount of uri each run, and you only really get popped by having the mimesis get ticked off at you and the radiation (in the gate)
  3. Rossi

    Rossi User

    "playing" :D
    Those 311 days are converted game hours to days. Not days since registration.
  4. Smoog_

    Smoog_ User

    Here is some feedback from a newbie with less than 300 hours on the game.

    Overall it was a good event (and better after the few adjustments that were made). Escorts were fun to do, and with the AA lasers, any player could get a decent reward from them. It took me 3 or 4 days (and a lot of ammo) to get all 48 lasers, and 2 more days to finish the Battlepass missions.
    Even with my small account I could get at least 20k uri per escort (up to 40k), while getting back most of my ammo from the NPCs.

    My main problem with the event was the lag on the escort map. For me it was still playable, but quite frustrating. Once I finished the 30 escorts for the Battlepass I just stopped doing them. Even for the amount of uridium I could get, it was neither worth it nor fun anymore.

    Two other (minor) issues that have already been pointed out :
    - Reflector Mimesi5 were a bit annoying, and not really worth killing in my opinion. It didn't bother me that much, but they were probably too aggressive and/or strong for a map where there are many small/new players (who may not even care about the event).
    - A little more variety in the Mimesis designs would have helped differentiating the AI NPCs.
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  5. Planearium

    Planearium User

    Reflector is the worst idea ever lol. Who goes like "let's make a NPC that deals 180k dps over 10 seconds and then repeats it the same second it stops and make it hit for 100k+"? Someone's been bullied badly, I can tell you that Kappa
    Going face to face with one is suicide, even if you have over 500k hp and a million shields.
  6. Smoog_

    Smoog_ User

    Well, I don't mind having a NPC that tough (they can be killed easily with a group), but the reward is too low for the effort and the amount of ammo it takes to kill one.
    For me it would need a bigger reward, only a couple of them per map and maybe even an indicator on the minimap (at least for lower maps so that newbies can avoid them).
  7. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Closing as feedback from the Mimesis Mutiny Event feedback has been sent up. Thank you to all who provided feedback!
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