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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Mar 5, 2021.

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  1. So is anybody actually going to check this players logs and work out why he has 323 billion honour but no experience? The month is almost over and that ship needs taking out of the ranks before the rewards are given out.
  2. So i just checked the rankings again and the ship in question has had half of that honour removed

    1. NumbiGeneral 161,404,534
    2. ᴋʟᴀx. 120,415,878
    3. Wolf-Gang 106,107,108
    4. ĶΛŁΛƧҢҢ[ЯΞKT] 92,467,693
    5. ::/carny/:: 57,686,306

    This is not good enough and still does not explain how it has no experience points, even at 161 billion that is still impossible to do in 1 day! Account needs removing completely as it is still at top of ranking!
  3. They would have to be working on the game for that and not payment related so good luck with that.
  4. stop caring about the game for god sake, china doesn't care.
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  5. Lol That guy in 1st place with 1.5 Trillion hahaha what on earth is going on in this game!
  6. Also what exactly is this bug and how is it being abused? i have a feeling that that are many others abusing it but not in such a way that it would cause them to stand out as much as these guys in 1st place.
    Some investigating needs to be done and then a script run to find everyone who has abused this bug and remove ALL of their honour.
  7. You do know they already have done that, see what i am saying players who abuse the game just don't care as they know so does DO.
  8. EvilHotDog

    EvilHotDog User


    This issue should have been resolved.

    Are you still having these issues?


  9. Why do these boosters run down when we are offline? If we buy 5 days worth which is 120 hours any normal legit player will probably get around 10 hours a day max on average which gives 50 hours of playtime with these boosters, however..the botters are getting the FULL 120 hours of use!!!!
    This is completely and utterly unfair gameplay and once again is giving botters even more of an unfair advantage.
    Sort it out please.
  10. This has only been going on for years now just what is the difference at this point?
    You are still competing for rank against a bot are you?
    I myself if i was still even playing wouldn't care about 1 rank point when there is so many unfair advantages playing vs a bot, and when i say bot i mean 80% of the servers.
    Oh!!! I told the truth again wait for it, this post will be deleted as some mod can't handle a legit player telling the truth.
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  11. I'm talking about the fact that those boosters have to be paid for with real money but honest players are only getting around 50 hours for their money whilst cheats are getting 120 hours for their money.
    Never mentioned anything to do with rank points.
  12. What would you want those boosters for if not for rank then?
    Also like i said those bot's have been getting away with things like that for years now
    obviously there is a reason BP won't ban them so tell me how would they make it fair to you?
    maybe force the bot's to not be able to be on 24/7, but if that were possible then they would be able to tell who's account was a bot and who's wasn't.
    If they could do that though then they would have no excuse not to perma ban them.
    So just like my post's they will do nothing and will just go with all the other post's about bot's into the unexplained post's that BP doesn't figure they need to explain to anyone cause it's their game and obviously they can do whatever they want.
    For this reason I Quit, I choose not to support a game that ban's legit players from speaking out about abuse in the game and themselves being punished for it.
    And yes i know DO isn't the only game that has a problem with bot's but what i see is they are the only game that doesn't ban them permanently when they abuse a bug and it's always the same account's same players
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  13. no one forces you to buy them
    these are not the only boosters working in REAL time
  14. you lot are all a bit dumb with regards to this topic.
    trying to point out that these boosters shouldn't run down in real time given we pay real money for them but are losing out on the "offer" as we can only use 10 maybe 12 hours of that 24 hours but the bot can use the full 24 hours! So something which i paid for is running down whilst i sleep or I'm at work yet the botters are making use of full 24 hours of it.
    I suggest they change it so it does not run down in real time.
  15. then they will be less profitable for BP and they will not do it
  16. Oddessey

    Това проучване вече е приключено, но бихме искали да благодарим на всички, че отделиха време да го попълнят. Над 1600 бяха попълнени доста кратко време и обратната връзка е високо качество и много полезна за нас. Продължаваме да работим по тази тема в екипа и да поставяме някои планове.
    2017, 2017, 2017

    Това проучване вече е завършено, но бихме искали да благодарим на всички, че отделиха време да го завършат. Над 1600 бяха попълнени в много кратък период от време, а обратната връзка е с високо качество и много полезна за нас. Продължаваме да работим по тази тема в екипа и да правим някои планове. 2017 г., 2017 г., 2017

    За 4 години какво се промени,какво подобрихте?Спряхте играчите които ползват забранен софтуер или разрешихте на всички да ползват ''забранен софтуер''? Играта постоянно крашва и още не сте оправили старите бъгове а пускате нови-какво променихте -може би парите на програмистите са малко ?Къде е справведливостта в играта -захвърлена е в някоя сива гънка на нечий мозък без сила и безмълвна скимти като пребито куче. Играта е огледало на истинският свят а този свят някой много упорито се опива да го унищожи и това се отразява и на играта... Тези проучвания ви помагат да правите играта по - лоша а не по-добра .Бъдете ЩАСТЛИВИ-затворихте българският форум защото има малко посещения,като гледам скоро ще остане само английския форум... Бог да ви пази от гнева на честните играчи... Бъдете щастливи хора обичащи пари получени по нечестен начин.Няма съд на планетата който да ви оправдае БИГ ПОИНТ !!!

    В 4 години, какво се е променило, какво сте подобрили, спряха играчи, които използват забранен софтуер или позволи на всички да използват "забранен софтуер"? Играта постоянно се срива и все още не сте оправили старите бъгове и пускате нови - какво сте променили - може би програмистите имат малко пари? Къде е справедливостта в играта - хвърлена в някаква сива гънка на нечий мозък без сила и мълчаливо хленчене като битово куче. Играта е огледало на реалния свят и този свят някой се опитва много трудно да го унищожи и това се отразява на играта ... Тези проучвания ви помагат да направите играта по-лоша - не по-добре. БЪДЕТЕ ЩАСТЛИВИ - затворихте българския форум, защото има няколко посещения, като гледам скоро само английският форум ще остане ... Бог ви пази от гнева на честните играчи ... Бъдете щастливи хора, които обичат парите, получени по нечестен начин. Няма съд на планетата, за да оправдае вас BIG POINT !!!
  17. AVIT

    AVIT User

    Really funny the forum moderater closed it ... it not a rant ,you closed it as you have no answer and people will just carry on complaining until you ban botters and cheats .. you let it happen so people will complain .way of life !!
  18. since DO applied their 'honor points exploit' ban wave the ultra powerful/auto locking orcas are conspicuous by their absence :)
  19. Right in the beginning of my second BL EG the system starts making all kinds of noises , not unlike the modems of old , everything locks up and I have to force log out my PC.
    I tried to give this game a chance , but it just keeps getting worse and worse.
    I AM DONE!
    I'll be checking the forum from time to time to see when this game is moved to a different format but for now it is simply unplayable .Good luck to you all who decide to keep on playing this piece of crap.
  20. Please create a forum thread feedback , not everyone use this sh17y discord .

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