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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DEXTER-MORGAN, Mar 5, 2021.

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  1. it work ok give ammo and rocket for gates need to pop one it say before it can give , i did Kuiper but it still say pop a gate before use
    at first fix GUI menus then other issues like timers ,resourses cost, rewards, slot costs
    at all everything
    but for bether please remove this shit from game bcz not all the mess but its horrible no feirplay and unbalanced

    timers are total reset if you are goin ofline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Did not see any change to rocket launcher speed or damage.
    There was a slight change to where it showed 6 rockets were launched.
    Testing should have been withheld until the FAQ was available.
  4. speed is applied to the ship and is not fair against ORCOUS, I note that orcus with the possibility of using 3 modules in which there may be a bonus speed, which gives it an unbalanced advantage

    in an escape situation and a good rescue option extra speed is always important
    another META is 25%HP bonus , i'm already have module that give me around 50% HP (2x24%), boosters, skills etc. etc. ! think about HERMES designs in speed configuration with ORCUS
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  5. AVIT

    AVIT User

    so guys im chat banned for saying in global ,******* botter vru general .
    which word am i chat banned for / is it botter? coz bastrd is allowed .!
    or is it the fact that a vru generl is botting and they are not doing anything about it .
    whAT YOU THINK ??

    KILABOT™ User

    all of it except for the "they are not doing anything about it".
  7. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    they tolerate this bunch of cheater mostly in BL map...don`t say chat even whisper..and they will never listen nor help you just banned reward..
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  8. wow to funy maybe we all go for boteing all the game be just bot thay can stop it but thay do not make it more easyer for boters and not the play who sit and play hrs and some money in to the game boters go for 24/7 in a day i play like 5 to 9 hrs maybe every day put money in for gates to lvl up but lvl go down not up or the same and a boter can be general or lvl up fast and all the rewards ? do not know its not right by law of game
  9. o and it is y we have no drones dmg boters drones pop and thay r mad so no dron dmg give back dron dmg u bot u pay for drones to
  10. Sounds in all post's that DO is going to loose a lot more players again, as for years they don't listen to the whole community.
    I think what they need to do is make another server for legit players that only want to play with other legit players and actually run a bot detection system on it and ban all bot's found perm.
    Let the bot's all fight each other if or when they are even on, and all us legit players can actually strive to be a better pilot as we would know if we lost a fight or an event it would be on the person not the program.
    personally don't think i will ever come back as this is just a game and i think if you want to enjoy it you would have to spend to much money on it, one should want to support a game not be forced to in my eyes. Cheers all
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  11. if they could create such a system, it would already work
  12. Question is how player bio works on PvE server versus saturn NPC's?

    what i need Bounty Hunter or Alien Hunter skills?

    as we know they are NPC's but is counted for PvP kills ? ? ?

    or i need bot of these 2 skills ?
  13. week ago game had issues like always had,today enternal gate lost my life on 1st wave due to who game crashing ,was shooting bk earlier in day same appened massive off put to spending on a broken game far to many cheats still reckon dark orbit proper destroyed game pc is brand new and work brilliant onb loads other games ive com to conclusion itsd a rip off over priced for somethink which doenst work right discusted whith the teams effor aftyer ten years of play .i will not recomend any 1 i know to play rubbish ever again
  14. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Strangely my wallet keeps freezing, tried looking into it but could not be bothered to fix it
  15. Been a long time for me the game has had major issues for years and what do we get, more garbage to spend money on.
    problem is nothing works right when you spend money or not who actually knows what they are doing with it all.
    I don't even have the client loaded on my new pc it's just not worth my time, will just leave my account that i spent thousands on and let it collect dust like support does with the game.
    Out of 1-10 10 being the best i rate the game and support staff in the -.
  16. EvilHotDog

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