Delta Gate: Worst Gate Ever?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. I don't what what Bigpoint was thinking when they released the Delta Gate. For many reasons it's by far the worst gate ever (at least to me). If you dont believe me take a look at its "stats".

    According to, it should cost you 193.3k to build one Delta and according to the Darkorbit wiki it gives you 45k uridium, 45k x4, 8 log disks, 5 repair credits. In total this would add up to 49900 uridium with 45k x4.

    If you would compare this to the Zeta Gate (which costs 167.4k uridium by the way) you would see that it not only costs less but also gives better rewards.

    For the cost of 167.4k uridium the Zeta can give you 35k uridium, 25k x4, 25 booty keys, 50 log disks and a Havoc. If you add all the uridium values of the rewards you will find out that the Zeta Gate actually gives 87500 uridium, 25k x4 and a chance for a Havoc.

    So for the Zeta (which is 25900 uridium cheaper) you will get 42500 more uridium's worth in items but 20k less x4. Although the Delta gate might seem a little better right now don't forget the Zeta is cheaper to make and it can also give you a Havoc. Even if you don't need booty keys or old disks I still strongly suggest that you stay away from Delta Gate because the Lambda, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma gates are even better at giving you uridium and x4.
  2. well Delta was there way before zeta, I still find it pretty good if you want x4 ammo. It depends on what goals you set, for me kappa is the best since i need LF-4's and want hercs over havoc.
  3. wow..
    many problems here..

    first, wiki is inaccurate, it may cost cheaper than 193.3k uri to build delta, the guy was just unlucky I guess.

    second, delta was way before zeta, and other gates as bounty hunter stated. and gave you a cool triangle ring before those gates ever came out.

    Third, delta doesn't also just give those rewards, but it is also necessary to do it because if you want Saturn design or go into kronos, (just like lambda gate) It sucks but, hey if you want Saturn then do it.

    I did delta before, I was fine with getting the ring and pieces. Sometimes you have to look outside the box and not only worry about uridium and x4. There are other factors involved too.

    I hope you see that Delta isn't the worst gate, but lambda is the worst
    <3 spearhead:confused:
  4. No, the guy calculated the average cost of Delta.
  5. For me, the best gate is zeta...
  6. Nope, Lambda is by far the worst. 15k uri and 10k x4 is a pathetic reward for a gate with boss aliens. The only purpose it serves is for getting Kronos parts pretty much.
  7. Yeah but think of how little it costs... derp.
  8. Alpha costs less and it gives more.
  9. I didn't say Lambda was the best. I just said it was better than Delta.
  10. And no, Alpha technically costs more because you get Beta and Gamma parts along with the Alpha parts so only one third of your parts are gonna be Alpha parts.
  11. Meh fair point. Let's put it this way, it ain't a patch on Zeta lol.
  12. Omega

    Omega User

    delta is actually really good .about the same amount of uri trying to open beta .and gives u more reward.. it was actually one of the best gates before
  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Hi sirpwnsalot34 , without going to deeply into gates, delta has its benefits, if you are chasing rank it does have benefits compared to all other gate.

    The easiest gate these days is zeta.

    The code for A,B,Y gates has been changed
    We use to see on average 4 alpha, 2 beta , 1 gamma.
    Noting that the kronos gate requirement would suggest this.

    These days we are more likely to get 1 of each gate and the chance of getting your last alpha part is v low. (

    As it is not acceptable to post relevant code in the forum, all I can do is say as a fact the gate code has been changed.

    Each gate has its pros and cons DO just want everyone to do gates. Gates are the most lucrative part of the DO farming game.

    If you do not do gates as a major part of your time these days, then you will not gain significant rank.

    DO = Farmerama for the noobs that want to spend more to boost their ego ;(

    Hi ═╝ĀTØM╔═ Alpha gate use to cost about 117k on average, but that was when we was more likely to see 4 alpha 2 beta and 1 gamma.
    The code for A,B,Y gate has been changed.

    If you are UFE that I would say A,B.Y. gates are the better gates, but non fe have to do kappa and zeta for drones:(
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  14. But you spin for the Alpha, Beta and Gamma gates at the same time so for every Beta you build you also get 2 Alphas. Now you tell me which one is better, 2 Alphas and a Beta or 1 Delta?
  15. I'll see into Deltas giving the most rank points. And how did you view the game code?

    Quick edit: Kappa gate--which costs about the same as Delta gives more honor but I have yet to take the honor from the aliens into consideration yet. Maybe the aliens of Delta give more rank points than the aliens in Kappa?
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  16. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Unfortunately we are no longer able to post the code, how to find it, or any reference to its location.
    The historic gate code I posted in a recent thread was removed :( even though it is still available on the old forum.
    The code for A,B,Y gates has been changed in the last year or so
    ( I do not know when exactly it was changed)
  17. Omega

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    I said it once was .. now not so much ..I do alfa beta gama to get more ammo delta was good for ammo and rank
  18. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I will post in here in a minute and then will remove the reference just encase it get removed from that post, as some information has been removed from posts in the old forum:rolleyes::(
  19. Ok lol.