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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by evve1, Jul 6, 2020.

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  1. evve1

    evve1 User

    I wish you made design colors on ships and drones in black and silver. Or purple and black:D
  2. Zecora

    Zecora User

    We generally need more design sets, and not just singular pieces that don't fit with anything else. I mean it's great we get purple Berserker drones. Where are the other Berserker designs? Like PET and Berserker.
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  3. evve1

    evve1 User

    Good point I forgot the pet. Black ship, black drones and a little black pet
  4. pet will get berseker design soon (posted in revelead thread)
    for the black ones we have carbonite design (black and blue/light blue)
    and demon epic (black and red)
    who the hell runs with the drones displayed in 2020????
  5. Designs can be nice and I like many of them. The only problem I have is the price at which they want to sell them for.
    I mean seriously , $49.99 USD for three cosmetic designs ! As we used to say, "You bumped your head" . Which means, you have got to be out of your mind. When I first started playing this game I was guilty of spending real money on some of this stuff , but not anymore.
    I used to buy ships I would never use , just to collect them and have them in the hanger.
    It makes no sense to fly a less capable ship . So I stopped six short of having them all.
    Make designs craft-able ,cheap or place them in auction. It's my opinion that players should boycott all useless designs until they make the prices reasonable.
    And NO I don't care how long it may have taken a developer to design it . The cost of cosmetic designs outweigh the benefits.

    Since we DO see the PET , it might be nice to have some more options .
    However ,IonAdrian is right . No one that I know of shows drones . In a perfect world , with no lag I would love to fly with drones on because I think it looks pretty cool.But until then I'll have to be content just knowing that they're there doing their job.
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  6. evve1

    evve1 User

    I just had a wish that there was a set of black examples, pet, ship, cosmetic drone design. In the same. Not that it should cost outrageously :) Or be able to choose a complete color package.
    Then I agree with you on other things
  7. Trust me , I get it. I currently use the Hecate Carbonite and it would be nice to design a matched set for that ship.
    But , since they do make them over priced for pure cosmetics I probably wouldn't buy it.
  8. dark8blue

    dark8blue User

    I'd like to see new Lightning Vengi designs. I mean why make modules to make it relevant again, but have the same old yellow OG design we've had for 9 years? The Expo one is cool, I like it, but it's becoming more common and less unique now. I haven't forgotten the fire and ice ones, but they just suck. How bout an Argon Vengi? Or a Poison?

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