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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    Today we have our latest developer's blog and we welcome your feedback to it here.

    &As always, please keep the rules in mind and the flaming to a minimum

    Wishing you all the best in the year ahead:)
  2. Just like old times, eh? I love this.
    I would love to see this come back!

    Sounds like a good idea. Weaker ones can see it as more affordable since they last longer for the same price.

    Does this mean price changes? Could use a little bit more of an explanation.

    A separate game tab doesn't break the game flow that bad. But hey, it is a good idea to have the hangar/equipment/inventory in-game, but most of us would like the hangar to stay on the back page as well :D

    One issue I would like to see checked out is clans.
    Clans are a really good way to help each other improve. But one issue is that there are trigger-happy folks in the company that war people just for easy kills.

    Then there's another issue of multi-company clans that the company members help the enemies shoot their own company.
    Overall, it sounds like a very productive update. I'm mostly looking forward towards how the new upgrading system is going to work, along with the in-game hangar.
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  3. Absolutely amazing. Boosters don't count on the HQ - i was actually going to write this in the idea pool! :)

    Very well done! I love this update and hope it comes out soon.

    P.S.: All we need now is to be able to have 'loadouts' where we save equipment layouts. [OFF-TOPIC]
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  4. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    My main concern with this update is not adding or removing equipment, it is changing hangars. Many of us have ships parked up at the 5-3 base for exchanging palladium and x-1 homebase for accepting quests etc. so at the moment we can log out of the game client at a portal, then change hangar on the backpage, do whatever, then relog back to another hangar. Sadly I was unable to visit the test server but it seems this will no longer be possible? If so, this absolutely needs changing before the update goes live on real servers.

  5. Nice, being able to equip stuff without going to base is perfect change to the plans. And 2h extra boosters? Great :)

    I really hope you will invent a way of being online without loosing booster time! Sometimes I would just like to chat in chat while I have no time to play, but it is impossible since I will lose booster time for nothing which I don't want :( It would be awesome if we could stay in base without boosters burning away. This would be one of the best changes you could do to this game, please, everyone will love it if you manage to implement this and "players online" will skyrocket! I hear so much frustration from players when they cannot be online and they have to log out for every 5 minute break to save boosters :rolleyes:
  6. .
    This sentence has aroused in me so much anger, because I feel cheated! How come now you speak of transparency, system clean, predictable, just about the new upgrading rules? There are so many things that are not transparent, clean and predictable in your game that would not be enough thousand lines of text to describe them!

    Galaxy Gate Generator
    LF4 from green booty boxes
    Reward from galaxy gate
    And so on !

    Why do not you make transparent and more predictable for example the number of jumps to open a galaxy gate? In this case the speech on luck is not equally important?

    Why do not you make more predictable system that assigns rewards in the galaxy gate ? Many people get 10 Hercules in 20 Kappas , other in 40, is this not important?

    Why do some people get 5 LF4 with 20 booty boxes and others only 1 lf4 in 200 ? It is not even this bad luck ?
    These probabilities are not important for the game?

    Why does the system of upgrades should be changed and made more transparent, predictable and clean while these other systems not?
  7. Hi, finally a new dev blog :)
    First of all, I definitely love the new equipement but I got some fear about the 100% instant upgrade. Currently I pay for premium and rebate sometime and I am happy with the current upgrade system cause I can take my time and not lost too much uridium on it. I love the instant upgrade but I wish you guys will put a 50% or 75% at least.

    Secondly, I think its a real good idea to put 20% more on boosters times if the game go for a free to play game.

    To done this i would say thanks to the DO team for the new features it make the game more fresh!
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  8. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    20% extra run time on boosters sounds like a nice juicy bribe to push something the players do not want. There are far to many issues with the new equipment client and not just booster run time issues, if the new feature is added to the game it will be the final breath of DO before it ends up like the dodo extinct.
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Well surely it would be helpful if you actually listed the issues instead of just saying there are some but not mentioning them?

    From the feedback thread the main issues raised were booster time, having to do to base each time to change equipment and upgrades - all of them have been mentioned in the dev blog. Personally I think the solutions for equipment on base and boosters are perfectly fine, the 2 hours additional booster time is also very nice beyond covering the time spend changing equipment.

    The feature itself is much better at moving around items and equipment management than the current system we have, so once the bugs are ironed out I really don't see how this feature will "shut down the game", which is what you are implying x)
  10. What was not mentioned was a fix for moving about the game from hanger to hanger.

    I personally don't care where I equip the ship. The problem with this comes when you can not even get into client. Also, is the auction going to be moved into the client as well. When most people win or purchase an item, it is really easier to go to the hanger "in same tab" and equip it, possibly moving other equipment around at the same time. Also, while I could not tell on the test server, probably due to my frustration over hanger changes... If you are doing a lot in the hanger, is there a possibility to be lagged out?

    The implied mention about upgrades running at 100% in the future does not bother me either, although thank you for skirting around just saying that. :rolleyes: I gave up on the chance factor a long time ago. It would probably be nice if you reduced the upgrade cost some if you are forcing everyone's hand though.

    Booster time, that is important. I won't even lie, when I have boosters, I pay more attention to what I am doing as I want to get as much use out of them as possible. Increasing them, no matter how much will help to negate the hanger time. 2 hours may be much but meh...

    But back to the hanger switching... What are the cost for switching in game? And if you are not at the base, can you even do it. We are able to log out and switch hangers the way it is now but with the new system, that will not be possible and I would like to know if we will be able to in game and if it is going to cost us, and how much. I am betting it is a way to increase jump coupon sales.... :oops:

    Oh, and I hope I am not going to get a response from someone that is not an employee....o_O
  11. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    The fact that you loose your cloak with the new system when you change ship needs to be addressed, The extra cost to players is far to high. The sell button needs to be moved it is to close to the upgrade button and far to small. Possible issues with lag. All of these have been mentioned in the original feedback the fact that only the booster issue seems to have been addressed with a pay off.
  12. It would be nice and better if DO had an mouse-over indicator regarding boosters timelines, instead of going to shop and clicking on boosters in the backpage.
  13. [KeBaB*]®

    [KeBaB*]® User

    This should be only allowed when a ship is stationary (unless it already is) otherwise players could change configs whilst running.

    How and when were these statistics gathered? I don't think it's entirely true - it might be during upgrade hour where most people use 100% efficiency to save time during the hour, but overall it can't be, or if it is the only players who are the ~10% are all on my server.

    Whilst this would be nice, is there any way you would be able to do this without creating a cluttered screen? Not everyone plays with 1080p resolution, with many playing on small screened laptops.
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  14. And one thing to add if this was not in test server, I was not able to test when it was open.

    It should be made so that you can equip everything you want, and then click "apply". Currently when we equip items it starts loading and loading with every single item. It would be so much faster if you could first pick or/and remove the items you want without sending any information to the server, and then click "apply" so you only need one "loading" while equipping and then it would be done.
  15. the problem with this is it could be exploited way too easily by spearhead users. lure in noobs with a 1 laser spear fly away then ulti cloak when out of combat change equipment back to ufe ship and get easy kills. the equipment's fine as it is and its done to prevent this happening
  16. "Secondly, as we have mentioned earlier, we are planning to increase the run time of all the boosters by 20%, without any price change. We feel that this is the cleanest solution, giving everyone additional time to work with the inventory. We also have other ideas on how we potentially could stop booster time in the HQ area, but for now we feel that these may lead to a lot of unexpected problems which would make the overall experience a lot messier. Again, I would really like to know your opinion on this one."

    But does this 20% time increase include also to boosters, what are not available in the item shop (24h xp/hon boosters, bonus box doubler, newbie booster (50% rep booster) and bonus deals for 0,79)? Run time increase will already be awesome, but i really hope that stopping booster time will happen some day in the future!

    "Thirdly, we’ve seen a number of concerns on the new Upgrade system. We think that new upgrading rules are a lot more transparent, make system clean, simple and predictable. And while it is true that some players can be lucky, and make one particular upgrade a lot cheaper, the others could be very unlucky. Our statistics show that over 90% of upgrades are done using the 100% chance, so in most cases no one even tries the luck. Based on this data we feel that upgrades should be simple and straightforward."

    And these 10% are probably players trying to get CBS modules to 16lv with a minimum chance. I'm one of them, because at the moment leveling up CBS modules are ridiculously expensive and it will be more profitable to trying to be lucky. Having 5% chance to get module level up is still enough, when prize will be also really low: i will pay 600 u. with a pleasure to update Deflector module even if i have a really low chance to get modules level up, rather than paying insanely high prize for getting 1 level up to my module(in this case it costs over 20.000 u.).

    It will be a bit sad that players wont be able to "spectate" all kinds of special items after this hangar2gameWindow patch (including football tickets, hitac lottery letters and all item descriptions). I think hangar is just fine how it is right now but I'm also ok with this decision.

    After all these dialogs i haven't heared enough about server merges. I already saw one Turkish video (thx to Darkomaani) but it only showed how poorly bigpoint have thought about merging servers. I understand that it's almost impossible to give ETA (estimated time of arrival) about it. But please, give us some "little snacks", like what and how servers are going to get merged and after that, many of us will be pleased ;).
  17. HAШX

    HAШX User

    The new Equipment tab looks so small on FDH screen.
    And with transparent background its don't look so good.

    This will encourage portal camp in and
  18. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Equipping anywhere on map will be perfect <-- looking forward on that , hovewer base equipment zone will be useless then

    12 h boosters looks very, very , very very cool , anyways it would be better in the future if you would think about makin it as titles - with difference in GGs - as you mentioned there.

    About that upgrade system - please let it be as it is , im one who is trying lucky system sometimes and it was perfect.

    Rest sound very cool , im looking forward for shop in client, also auction in client ? I just hope it wont be laggy as hell, so i will rather prefer doing those things on backpage.
  19. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    Terrible 'solutions'! I can't always go in game to play so i auction on the backpage. I have a citadel in 5-2 just for trading in skylab stuff and now the citadel is useless. I'm a statistician and I do upgrades on probabilities. The people who don't are just too stupid. This game seems to favor stupid people.
  20. If you don't like the game then leave... This game had been around for years and is fine as it is. you have posted in multiple places, along with others trying to mold the game to suit you...
    Just because these new changes don't suit your playing style it doesn't mean that they're "terrible 'solutions'"
    The devs are changing this game to make it better every day; 20% increase on booster timers, equipping from anywhere whilst not in combat (although this would be better if it was in a Demilitarized Zone as people could use this during a Spearhead's Ultimate Cloak ability)
    Even forcing everybody to do upgrades at 100%. At least this way it is impossible to fail an upgrade possibly losing their Uridium for a 95% upgrade - doing 95% upgrades on my Drones, I failed at least 12 separate times though luckily I done them during an Upgrade Hour where I had Rebate and Premium giving a 55% discount.
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