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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    about merging: I think Global Europe 2 doesnt need merging - we have enough people on our server.
  2. Viper2012

    Viper2012 User

    Test server was Bugging and there was problem while geting weapons and shields on ship I think it should be 1 more time tested before it get in game or it will cause alot of issues.
  3. Term2050

    Term2050 User

    Nice to see all this discussion. To bad the CORE issues regarding why the game is dieing is not addressed. One thing i have noticed on the server where the cheats go unpunished. The server usually only last about a year until there is not enough active players to have fun. After creating 4 ufe ships on 4 different servers over 7 years i have seen many good paying customers leave and never come back. As i have promised in my any complaints to "support" big point will not get another penny of my money until i start reading in the media about how they are cleaning there own house of cheaters. The reason i say media is because big points own claims of dealing with cheaters is with out merit. The same old players are running the same old stuff just never to be addressed. This is a great game being run into the ground with very poor management. If darkorbit wants to improve customer count and INCOME they need to create a real customer service system and a real cheat management system with punishments that have teeth. With the current moderator system abuse is rampant. Dont bother saying it is not true. Just like refusing to acknowledge the cheats and bots refusing this just makes it worse. I know not all apple are bad but the barrel still stinks from the bad ones. So how about some discussion on the real issues that are killing the game. because merging is just a band aid on a head shot .
  4. I could not have said it better. They should have made the changes to the game before creating the additional servers as they would have chased the people away that overpopulated the servers and would never have had to create the new servers to just MERGE in the future. I believe they lost direction of where the game was going, starting with the A I change of 2011, and have complicated it even further with the addition of the UFE ships along with the extra G G's allowing those who want to rank up quickly to FARM them instead of working in the maps like we had to do in the beginning. SUPPORT has never been much help even when we could send PROOF of a cheater it was never addressed. NOW it is strictly by the SCRIPT chaser program, but this program is only after the third party cheats but it is rumored BP sales some external programs and these will not be picked up by the BOT system as they sold them.
  5. Personally, I feel there are far more important things "problems" within the game that need the utmost attention.

    If it's not broken, don't fix it.

    Fix what's broken first, then proceed forward.


    The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
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  6. I agree also, it seems every update has its set of bugs/glitches and instead of fixing the problems just keep adding new items which in turn increase the problems that need to be addressed, which in turn never get addressed. They had messed the original game up so badly the had to Re-Load it, now we have 2 different backgrounds we can play (I liked the 3-D till I kept disappearing when I jumped through a portal and having to re-log), when reported I was told the engineers were working on the KNOWN PROBLEM, but since I have never seen anything about it being fixed still play the OLD 2D platform this and I seem to lag less in 2D.

    I think the only way they will fix what is broken is to shut the game down as they have no clue what does need addressed anymore.
  7. Just get rid of Multi-company clans and Wars and you'll greatly improve the game. It's a huge steamy pile of laziness to allow players to just war and pick on noobs instead of flying to enemy maps to fight.
  8. Another dishonest part of the game is the probabilities chart in the Galaxy Gates. You consistently receive more xenomit than the 12% probability and you consistently receive less gate parts than the 13% probability; including doublers. For the last 113 gate spins, I received 6 gate parts and 16 different xenomit rewards. This is not an isolated example, I'm sure many players could share similar results. For a business that accepts cash payment for virtual currency to spend, you need to either remove the probabilites chart, adjust your probabilities chart to reflect accurate returns, or fix your algorithm to return accurate results. Just put the real numbers out there, players will still build gates.
  9. Agreed, pretty sure I'm getting way more xeno than I should be and if anything, the chance for a gate part is lower rather than higher than 13%
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  10. With all CHANCE rewards in D O it is not YOUR CHANCE it is the entire community that is doing the activity at the time. I have had days where I am getting Gate Parts/Multipliers like crazy and then I have also had days like you are mentioning. I have used 1500 spins at one time and having full NanoHull (on a P'nut) did receive the percentages posted in the chart, if counting the multipliers issued also. I do believe IF they removed the assignment of PART NUMBER, and gave PARTS instead of MULTIPLIERS you would see more accurate numbers.
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  11. It could be just my wrong perception of things, but just to clarify - when speaking of receiving parts/multipliers I account for both of them and I'm pretty sure I get less than 13/100 more often than not

  12. I noticed the increase of xenomit in the GG spins right after they remove xenomit from the shop. We use to be able to go via the shop to purchase xenomit, it was removed and the % of xenomit was greater in the GG awards. Something I noticed quite a while ago. Coincidence?

    Just sayin'


    The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe it
  13. Thank you for the clarification, but I still stand on the FACT that the CHANCE is NOT directly associated to the account (like it should be) but is spread out upon ALL players who are doing spins on the server at that time. This is also why Booty Keys and Chance Rewards from Galaxy Gates do not hit every account as often as another.

    IF D O cared about the statistics they post, they would make it happen per account not the server. This would also make it to where more people might buy the BK-100's when they sold them if you knew you would get a LF-4 every so many collected, but this will never be made the case and it will always be a matter of LUCK.
  14. I include gate multipliers as I stated in my original post. Please attribute where you get your information on "it's the entire community that is doing the activity". Again I state, when real cash is involved, not posting this information on the probabilities chart is misleading at best, most probably willful deception and could rise the level of fraud.
  15. I agree that is probably server-wide as you state, I'm more concerned that they are not publishing this information where the customer can see it. Did you get this verbally from DO, forums, or backpage info somewhere? Thanks for clarifying.
  16. My focus is on the transparancy of the probabilities chart. If they do have the information about chance rewards posted in the game, they should have a link to it from the probabilities chart to better inform players. If players feel like they are being deceived, they won't stay and play. It's not that people would stop building gates with the accurate information, it would just keep them from getting disgruntled with the developer. The game is a nice distraction/hobby. I'd prefer it doesn't disappear because new players won't stick around long enough to build a ship and get to enjoy the game. I'm not suggesting that the probability algorythm doesn't work, I'm suggesting that they should be open about the probabilities and not mislead players by withholding this information or burying it subpages not visible from the areas you take the chance.
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  17. The "PROBABILITIES CHARTS" and "PERCENTAGES" are just a guide of what the expected GOAL is to be accomplished. If it is doing an UPGRADE using the CHART, the percentage SUGGESTED, has proven to be the best to use, from a statistical stand point, it does not mean it is always going to achieve the upgrade at that level. The G G M is also saying on AVERAGE you will receive this percentage of items, over the duration of your usage, NOT every 100 spins your will get these. The percentage of NanoHull has never been added to the probabilities, but we all get it if the ACTIVE HANGAR has need for it (not already full). I had similar issues when I first started (with only 4 gates available) and was told (Old Forums) the percentages were not guaranteed just a guide of what should be expected. The best way to get a true perspective on the percentages is to SAVE your spins and do 1000 at a sitting and see your percentages at this point. Doing less than 500 will throw the numbers off as there are so many players spinning their spins when they think about going to the G G M instead of saving them, to get the best return on gift. I have also been told BUYING your spins, with URIDIUM, instead of using E E gives a better probability for parts, so if you happen to be spinning while a FARMER is spinning, you will get the short end of the stick.
  18. You are just offering an opinion, the facts are what I'm interested in. Just because some one said to you what you're referencing doesn't make it true. If you will kindly provide a link or instructions how to find the information you are rebutting my comment with, I'll consider your comments valid. DO placed the probabilites chart there for a reason. To give players the expectation that they will receive the stated rewards with these frequencies. As I've pointed out several times, when cash is in play, having different results from the advertised formula is equivalent to fraud. So reference your information please.
  19. What part of this line did you not understand?

    I had similar issues when I first started (with only 4 gates available) and was told (Old Forums) the percentages were not guaranteed just a guide of what should be expected.

    In the Galaxy Gates FAQ
    it states that ALL multipliers will be credited even if you do not need all Parts to complete Gate (last part needed and you use 2x multiplier you get the one part and then ammo) myself and 4 Real Life Friends have been issued the same part TWICE (which is not possible as the gate being activated gives me a blank canvas for the next gate) yet support argues even with the proof of the screen shot saying the ONE part was assigned TWICE that I did get my credit as I was supposed to.

    As the chart in question has never been updated and E E is given out FREE in Game (bonus boxes, sign in bonus, Pallidium Exchange) this frequency GUIDE has NO LEGAL ramifications against money spent in the game. IF there was to be any LEGAL AVENUE it would be against the PURCHASE of Special Booty Keys as the advertised INCREASED CHANCES (even triple and quadruple) are minuscule to what is speculated by reports in CHAT. 0.0001 (1 in 10000) chance of getting a LF-4 or Zeus BluePrint is super high yet there are those reporting getting several in much fewer keys than the reported frequency.
  20. Give it up .... it is what it is, no matter how long and how many times you post about this, the answer will be the same. Suck it up butter cup. You have nothing better to do than rant about damn energy spins?

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