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  1. The point is that is does not reference the number of spins required to achieve the listed probabilites. Yes, the forum GG faq you linked above is quite outdated, but does not mention the number of spins the probabilites are based on. No where have I read that probabilites are based on 1,000 spins or any other number. I agree that the special booty keys and other chance facits of the game have issues also, but I am merely recommending that the developers change the probabilites chart to accurately reflect what a player sees, or atleast add the number of spins the probabilities are based on.

    If you don't want to participate in the developers discussion then godd day. I don't think anyone will miss your repartee.
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  2. Hmmm actually,

    This thread is what I understood to be comments and us-full ideas in regards to the "Developers Blog". Perhaps you should go back to page 1 and regain your thoughts towards the subject matter.​

    In your post #47 is where you kind of went off track. I didn't mind so much, but now you have once again gone off track.

    Try to stick to the "subject" matter of the thread. Make a "new" thread if you want discussions regarding "YOUR" issues :rolleyes:

    As for my participation, keep your comments directed at "ME" to yourself.


    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds
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  3. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Can we please leave the flaming out of it and stick to the dev blog feedback please?

    Many thanks
  4. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    why u dont repeat such banwave???
    u've banned about 80% of these accounts only! others are alive still and they countine to use what they want!!!
    why u didnt ban them yet??? what are u waiting for???
  5. Good question since you say there were 6000+ accounts suspected and only 13% terminated (maximum, 800). Please explain to us why so many are found and so few are actually banned? I understand some can be falsely suspected but if the search parameters are so stringent and you no longer take video evidence against the accounts the players suspect then why do you have so many that are not banned? I have completely changed my playing style so as to not be accused of BOTTING because I do not collect Bonus Boxes (except when Special B B's are available and this is only while flying looking for NPC's needed for missions I am attempting to complete) my PET 10 is collecting them for me. What other actions are being taken against these accounts that are suspect and not banned?

    My friends (real life) and I used to collect B B's in x-8 all day while killing StrueneR's and built their ships to F E from the Uridium collected (buying LF-3's, BO-2's, first 3 Iris Drones, and PET 10) as the bidding process cost too much to win these items in TRADE (credits were not returned to us at that time) and Uridium was much more readily available in those boxes than they are today. I, on the other hand, have been told that killing NPC's does not prevent us from being selected by the anti-botting software and thus do not spend hours on end collecting B B's so as to prevent from being accused of being a botter. I also see people, in the palladium field, who just sit there and allow their PET 10 to collect for them and seem to never move, yet I have trouble staying connected long enough to complete Skylab Transfers, what is the secret to this ability? It has nothing to do with my computer as it happens on any device I login on.
  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    If you read all of this >thread< our producer goes into detail about why some accounts are caught, but not all, as well as why it takes time.

    Not everyone uses the same program, the same method, or does the exact same thing. The team working on catching the cheats have to do their best to detect everything, and keep up with the programs that are also being continually updated. Catching people takes time, this does not mean they are not working on it or have decided to just let it happen!

    Just because some seem to be getting away with it today does not mean they still will be at it in the future.

  7. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    in my server they're same players which were banned in 11th december. Some of them had 3 accounts, now they have only 1 account; one of them lost all accounts and he bought 2 new acconts. Same soft, same modes. I dont understand why BP cant repeat banwave - they can do that easy - i'm sure. Why should i to clean maps like idiot 24h/day for making game cleaner?
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  8. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I am not sure what you are trying to suggest. Destroying the users again & again does not necessarily clean up the game. If the detection system has the chance to do it's job, and can catch them, the account is terminated & it is not returned. The issue of accounts being bought/sold/traded/gifted/shared is entirely another matter and one that is, for lack of a better phrase, addressed one step(or account) at a time when the evidence is sufficient.

  9. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    ok look at that.
    Same players, they use same soft still that's why i dont understand why BP cant ban them still.
    I'm fair player and i want play too much still, why should i fight against their soft?
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  10. padiddle

    padiddle User

    I just want the developers to know I am not pleased at all about the changes to the drones. As long as I've played I could always tell the strength of my opponent first by ships then by the drones and the number they had then by the color of the drones whether herc or havoc even when adding the epics. This new system obscures the drones abilities making it hard to gauge how strong your opponent is. The only way to see what a person has is to look at the little tiny letters about their ship. Can you please add colored tails or something?

  11. Perhaps they could just color the level number to the right of the drones. Red would be Havoc and blue would be Herc's

    Just a thought..

    I do agree with you though, mind you I play with drone visuals off. But for those who enjoy the on setting a change is required.

  12. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

  13. its like flogging a dead horse, come down to gb1 and tell me where the millions of players are?... ill tell ya...GONE !! Just like this game will be when this update comes in. Again bp have failed to fix the more important issues and no okapi i wont be listing them as we all know the list is endless, it makes my blood boil thinking how much money and more importantly time ive pumped into this titanic
  14. Firstly, we are aware, that most of you are used to log out of the game to deal with your equipment, without having to rush to the HQ every time. The idea of the new Equipment is to bring the inventory and hangar management a lot close to the players. The current system allows players to equip inactive ships at any time, even when you are not near your HQ. However, following your feedback, we are intending to allow equipment of any ships(including active ones), if the player is not in combat, not in the UBA queue or in an UBA match. What do you think about this? Let me know in the comments below!

    Although logging off the client is a way to change configuration setups, pushing it onto the client is not a great way to go. There will be a lot more processing time required for this on a per player basis. This ties in with your 'Lastly' concern about being able to manage inventory/configuration setups from the backpage only and not requiring the client to be running.

    Secondly, as we have mentioned earlier, we are planning to increase the run time of all the boosters by 20%, without any price change. We feel that this is the cleanest solution, giving everyone additional time to work with the inventory. We also have other ideas on how we potentially could stop booster time in the HQ area, but for now we feel that these may lead to a lot of unexpected problems which would make the overall experience a lot messier. Again, I would really like to know your opinion on this one.

    As far as the price and duration of the boosters go, they may as well just stay as it is. The continual run time that the boosters go thru should be a switchable feature, similar to how the speed boost on a Tartarus is set up. When I want the boosters active I should be able to turn them on, or off if needed.

    Thirdly, we’ve seen a number of concerns on the new Upgrade system. We think that new upgrading rules are a lot more transparent, make system clean, simple and predictable. And while it is true that some players can be lucky, and make one particular upgrade a lot cheaper, the others could be very unlucky. Our statistics show that over 90% of upgrades are done using the 100% chance, so in most cases no one even tries the luck. Based on this data we feel that upgrades should be simple and straightforward.

    This would most likely be one of the major likeable changes in 2017. A straightforward upgrade price without the need for a 'chance timer'.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention another concern some players expressed about player being able to manage their inventory without logging in the game. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this. We consider inventory and hangars one of the core game systems, which we would really like to be close to the actual game and to the players in game and this is especially important for our new players. Having the inventory in a separate tab really breaks the game flow; we believe that players should be able to equip some cool items right after they have acquired them. Ideally we want to make sure all the core features are within easy reach in the game.

    As part of the inventory management, please include the older set up of quests. Maybe having all the quests a player can do is a bit much, but, having at least a book of quests for any particular player level would make it better. Once a player attains the next level, then a one stop visit to get the next level worth of quests gives a player some tasks to do in between killing other players.
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  15. Inventory takes time and concentration. It does not take long to log out and log in. However, moving equipment around takes up a lot of time and some would just come on to do the auction, reconfig a ship because of the item(s) won and then go back to real life. To have to log takes time and for some a lot of frustration. I read all the time about players not being able to get onto the game. This can be very frustrating. New players need time to understand what they are doing and to have the stress of being in game while trying to config a ship will only keep them stressed and confused about what they have or need to get.
  16. Wrong year ^^? Nothing of these things are realized.

    I'm still thinking that the new inventory system is unnecessary.
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  17. With the fiasco of the Hangar System and the "LOST" items, along with having to reset the Hangar to be able to see recently removed inventory, I can see this as a major downfall for all players. Furthermore NEW players would be further pushed away from the game and thus the populations of the servers would only be Pay 2 Play players looking for servers that fit their playing styles or populations as they desire (full to empty).

    The best thing for this game is to STOP the advancements and upgrades until you get the bugs/glitches out of the game and have a stable platform, on which to BUILD the rest of the game. You continue to blame OLD SCRIPT conflicts as being the cause of so many problems but with the 2 major changes I am aware of (A.I. change of 2010 and the Reload of 2012) you should have been able to replace most of the OLD and made NEW scripts to stick with and not have to change to newer scripts to cause conflict.

    Your MAJOR 10th Anniversary party was even wrought with issues and FAILURES which should have already been worked out since it was mainly a repeat of the last few years of celebrations.

    Fix what is BROKEN before adding more breakage to the game.
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  18. Kante_

    Kante_ User

    Dear KrisKelvin
    The issues you mention are marginal. Please stop wasting time on this. The game is broken, every day I'm dealing with things that don't work. Yesterday my Tartarus ship refuse to accept any CPU, so at SpaceBall I played target. At least this time SpaceBall worked. Today the auction is out of order. The Anniversary action Was disaster. There are still missions that can't be finished from the hangar update year ago.
    My only problém with the inventory is its size. If it open in bigger window it would be much easier to drag things. But much bigger problém for me is the absence of running balance in the uridium balance sheet. The game record every credit I got, but without knowing how much I have had, its not much use. Next to the amount column where I see how much I got or spend, should be another with the total I had at the time. As I'm writing this I got 'service unavailable'. This game is beyond hope. Time to cut loses and start looking for game that work. Any suggestions?
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  19. Mmayuri

    Mmayuri User

    We can switch the gear between Goli ships like spectrum, veteran, champion. It's good but because of the just one slot , we cant switch to surgeon. And that should be more easy i think. Because mostly people switching around 3 ships: Pvp(Skill design) - Gates ( Champion-Exalted) - Cubbing, questing ( Surgeon)
  20. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Why the post in a dead thread, there as been no Dev blog since Dec 2015 and you are unlikely to get an answer to your question, your question would be more suited to either general issues or speakers corner were you will find the answer to your question.
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