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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. Seprom.. HELL-a-bomb.. since the Institution of the Skylab.. Seprom has been the Refinement of Our Century.. so Glad those Alien Engineers Discovered it..

    If I have access to a PC.. cant Play, I will log on to Ship Seprom..

    What a Bug.. Exploit for Seprom.. what will they think of next..

    I have been shippin seprom for months.. not playing.. just Shipping..

    My goal was 8 mil on lasers.. got tired of watching my Rank fall so far down the Rabbit Hole..
    I as afraid Alice was gonna Quit "Wonderland" before I reached my Goal.. so with my 7.8 mil of Seprom on Lasers and 160k on Rockets.. I know the Feeling.. but It still don't make that much of a Difference..

    Without Double Boosters and Premium.. and another 30 Lf4s.. Im just another Peanut, to these Uber FE..

    but its a Pay to Play game out there..

    If you get lost when I make a Reference to anything you dont know about, dont worry.. My Xwife had the Same problem..:confused:

  2. 200,00 to go! :eek:
  3. almost there..

    If I can Chew off the tip of my Index finger for the Next 2 days.. and Miss the CTL key..

    What DO I DO instead. of playing ..

    I Read Forums, write Replies to what I feel is a Contribution to the Community..

    Whisper all the HEAVY Hitters I know in my Company and Try to Recruit those in Enemy Companys.. and ohh yeah.. I Die alot.. and go thru a grip of Whites and RSBs.. damn Im low on Seprom.. again.. 7.924.444 and counting..

    ohh yeah.. Ive Built over 822 Precision Targeters.. even if you have placed all 50 pilots Points.. this Targeter will make a Difference.. it never Misses..
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  4. Dean__98

    Dean__98 User

    How am I supposed to have Xenomit in my skylab now? Seriously...
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You don't need send Xenomit to your skylab. The Xenomit module is pretty useless, you just need to level it up.
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  6. Imagine your Skylab.. after all.. You can see it on your Back-page.. and Only you can see YOUR Skylab.. so its like an Invisible Indestructible Mining Platform that Collects Resources in Space and CAN Convert these into Valuable Commodities that can be Sold " Promi"or Used on your Ship. ( Promi and Seprom ) .. this is.. IF you Decide to Upgrade it to ALL Level 20s

    The FE Swear by these, as the Best Fuel and Shield additives and they have been known to make your Rockets and Lazers Power Increase 40% more than those Weaker "Pink and Green" Rocks.. use your UpGrade Function to Reduce Ships Cargo size.. into these compounds, will reduce your Trip to base to sell times. if you don't have another Hanger that is..

    Follow the Refining Guide..

    'Xeno".. Is needed to convert Collected Ores into "Promi".. but it is being Simulated .. ( as the Story Goes )

    The Ship from Ship to Skylab Function was Disabled.. more Likely than not to Prevent your SkyLab from Receiving a System crippling Virus, found in Contaminated Ore from your Ships CargoBay

    .. Security Experts call it.. " Noobishizm" and DarkOrbit Support Teams have had too many.. " My skylab is Busted" reports..
    " Noobishizm" is believed to Develop when Mouse-Pad Scrapings won't Hover and begin to Stagnate within the CargoBay's Warm confines.. Leading to excessive Mail to Support..
  7. morbitron1

    morbitron1 User

    the only problem i had with the sky lab being un able to send from the ship to sky lab is i send zenomit to my sky lab because my sky lab level was to low on the zeno to make more serp
    the serp you can send 3000 every 2 to 2and a half hours to your ship and load up your weapons i have allready 50k on mine it is easy to load up just send serp every day when you log on and when you log off then you will always have serp on your weapons
  8. Exeno should never be sent to the lab. The Exeno module will always read zero. However you should always be sure the Exeno module "Level" is higher than both the Promirium and Seprom refineries.

  9. whoeva

    whoeva User

    And for those that forget to turn off targetting guidance and like to have a stock on xeno in skylab in case they drain all of it again by mistake? They are the ones that are affected by this update. Really don't think it would have been too hard to catch and punish the glitch abusers as outlined in T&Cs. Perhaps if they did that then it wouldn't have needed to be changed and maps would be free of some of the less honest players.
  10. Remove your AIM-Oh opps, but the top players run on xeno even on, this point is moot.
  11. they culd of put an option to send xeno to skylab or simply make it only for seprom to not be able to send back if catching bug users is to big of a problem for them.
  12. WoO0o0

    WoO0o0 User

    As you can see my Seprom refinery is off and on 0% power so I can't turn it on. I also can't develop my Skylab since I can't produce any prometium, endurium and terbium.

    Will this help?: Just stop your Prometid & Duranium Refinery for 2 hours or so and turn it on later.
    Or is it just an old method for fixing the problem, if there is another method please let me know.

    Please help me with this problem. Thanks!
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2015
  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Yeah your Prometid and Duranium are higher levels then your 3 base collectors so they are using the resources instantly as soon as they are collected. You will need to then both those refineries off for more than just 2 hours, probably a couple of days and upgrade your base collectors to level 13 at least.

    Your collectors need to always be a higher or the same level as the rest of your skylab.
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  14. WoO0o0

    WoO0o0 User

    Wow, thanks. ;)
  15. whoeva

    whoeva User

    You also need to need to get your xeno module to the same level as promerium refinery and make the prometid and duranium refineries the same level or higher than those.
  16. Seeing as we're talking about the Exeno in lab. I think we should be able to now produce Exeno in the lab for use on our ships.

    We use to be able to purchase Exeno via the trade but not since the Auction update while back.



    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
  17. whoeva

    whoeva User

    Xeno is still available in auction, it's under "special" filter ;)
  18. Yes I know this. But before you could go to trade, select Exeno and if you wanted to purchase say 10k you could. Not so anymore.

  19. Skylab Update: Send Ore to Skylab Function Removed

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! How do i get rid of Xenomit from my ship now?????
  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Why would you want to? It's useless in the skylab.
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