Dev Notes July 2021

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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear pilots,

    With the recent technical issues and updates to the game, we would like to share some information with you to get you updated on the situation, and what the team is focusing on at the moment.

    Technical Issues

    Server Stability

    While the situation has improved from May’s server instability, there are still occasional attacks that get through our prevention measures. We are working actively to investigate these issues.

    GG Spin slowdown

    We are aware of the slowed performance of the Galaxy Gate materializer and are currently investigating the issue with the highest priority.

    We will keep you updated on the progress of the above technical issues and appreciate your continued patience as we work on resolving these issues.

    Content Updates

    Dispatch feature

    With the release of the Dispatch feature, our aim was to help players that couldn’t spend long hours playing DarkOrbit to still be able to progress over time and stay relevant.

    With the addition of the Galaxy Gate automation feature, we would also like to address the mechanic of Kuiper gate giving out 200,000 Uridium in special compensation for any duplicate ship designs. We realized that it was incentivizing the repetitive grinding of Kuiper over enjoyable gameplay. Keeping the game fun is still our priority, and as such, we standardized the Uridium compensation to be the same as other ship designs. We aim that with our Dispatch update and our upcoming updates, the Kuiper adjustment in rewards will not be missed for long.

    Regardless, we would like to thank everyone that has sent in their input regarding the change. While the change has made Kuiper gate less attractive, we will consider adding some new content in the near future to improve its attractiveness.

    The Dispatch feature provides a base for us to be able to push out updates to help new players progress more steadily as well, as we plan to make additional updates on top of the feature.
    We would like to thank our community for the loyal support and constant feedback. Please look forward to our future months’ updates!

    Your DarkOrbit Dev Team