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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello space pilots!

    I’ve just got back from Gamescom and I’m really humbled by all the attention and positive comments we have received from experienced players and people, who have never seen the game. It was awesome and I hope I will have the opportunity to visit other conventions in the future.

    It was really exciting to see the people’s positive reactions to the game and to the changes we’ve made and I’m very pleased that many experienced players have found the time to visit us at the booth and share their insights and feedback.

    I want to thank everyone who paid us a visit, especially the players who agreed to make a live appearance on the stage, Tєяяοя•Tђє•Łєgєηđ and ΛЛłMΛŁ™[S-L], Takeo93 and iMysterY. I also want to pay my sincere respects to the inhabitants and moderator team of Global Europe 7 server, whose patience and understanding really helped us to show the game at its best.

    During Gamescom we were also able to demonstrate the final phases of the Domination event, and I’m glad that most of the people were really excited about it. We are aware of the concerns for the final boss rewards and pricing of the special event ammunition, we really needed to create more appealing rewards, but rest assured that we will take this into account when balancing the future special encounters. Since we are planning to develop Domination mechanic in the future, I would love to hear your ideas on other possible advantages for the dominating faction and maybe some additional tactics or advantages for the factions which are not dominating.

    I’m really sorry that my German wasn’t always good enough to understand all the details when talking to the players on Gamescom and hence this post, where I hope to collect all the additional feedback on the state of the game and future plans from the Gamescom attendees as from all those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit us there and talk to us directly. As I’ve promised, I will very closely follow this discussion thread.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours truly,


    Lead Designer, DarkOrbit
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