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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello space pilots!

    January has ended and everyone is back from holidays. I’m glad to tell you, that we’re back at full speed for several weeks now.

    I hope you enjoyed our Cold Wave event and the return of Battle for Influence.Again, I am really grateful for all your feedback. We already have the idea on how to make Influence calculation fairer, so that every faction has a chance, and we’ll definitely change it before the next Battle for Influence comes.

    As you might know, we have already rolled out the LoW (group gate) fix, which, hopefully, will fix this exploit. Please keep in mind that this is a temporary solution.We are aiming to redesign it completely to make sure it’s interesting and rewarding. The long awaited Battleray fix is also on its way, and will be released very soon. I think that in the last several months we managed to be more attentive and responsive to the community requests, and I hope very much that it will stay that way. Therefore, I would be glad to hear of some other old and new problems which you might want to bring to our attention, as well as the feedback for our recent fixes.

    For the upcoming months we are preparing quite a bunch of new and classic events, to make sure that there is always something interesting happening. I hope you have your masks and fireworks ready, because the Carnival event will start very soon! I’m also really happy that simultaneously we are not slowing down on preparing major changes to the game – like moving inventory to client and major graphic updates. I’ll talk more about that and other new features in the March update.Stay tuned! I would only hint for now, that Training Arena Seasons and new very exciting events are on the top of our list.

    As you have noticed, we keep experimenting with some ways to make the game more affordable, offering new gifts, sales and discounts, and making our payment deals more clear and sensible. We will definitely continue going down this path, so don’t forget to check in game regularly.

    While the team is working hard on the massive updates I’ve described above, I’m really interested in keeping the game activity going and, thus, here is my question for you, pilots:
    Which of the classic events from the last years do you miss the most? Maybe, we could bring those back. ;)

    Yours truly,

    Lead Game Designer, DarkOrbit

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