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Dear forum reader,

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    Hello space pilots!

    Last weeks were a bit crazy for us, as we were rolling out the Training Arena and finally lifted the ammo capacity, while still pressing forward with other major updates.However, that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped. A lot of new and exciting features are in development – those RickDekard mentioned in his post, along with some other long awaited fixes.

    At that point I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions on my recent blog post. I must apologize, that I haven’t answered everyone, or perhaps didn’t have the opportunity to participate in discussions as often as some players would want me to, but rest assured that I’m taking your feedback seriously and I’m not going to discard anything you have to say.

    After looking into the matter, we have decided that we need to put more thought into the LoW gate. Our ultimate goal is to create completely new, engaging, challenging, and rewarding LoW, but that requires a lot of time.For now we have found another solution for the LoW gate: we will increase the difficulty of the gate, so it will be a group gate once again, with proper increase to the reward as well.

    Unfortunately, the Battleray feedback wasn’t as clear, so here is a more refined idea to discuss: We want the Battleray to be accessible for all players, trying to do their quests, but we’d also like the Battleray to be a group objective for a clan. So we are now thinking of making a special version of Battleray, that would be worthy for clans to hunt, but they will need to catch it on one of the maps. The "ordinary" Battleray will be less challenging and easier to find. Maybe there will even be several of them available for the solo players.

    In addition, I’m really glad how everyone is now engaged in the Training Arena, and we are going to bring some more excitement to the Arena ratings soon, stay tuned.

    If you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave it in the special thread on the forums. I’m especially interested in your impressions on the Training Arena and in further discussion for the general game problems.

    I hope you had a great Halloween party in the Orbit, and I think you can expect more surprises as we dive into a festive season… Is that just me, or is the Sun getting colder?

    Yours truly and… freezing…,


    Lead Designer, DarkOrbit

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