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    Hello space pilots!

    For some time we had a nice tradition to give producer’s updates to the community, regarding the state of the game and our future plans. Since we are always getting valuable feedback, we decided to expand our format and from now on you’ll hear not only from producer, but also from other members of the development team! Today we’re bringing you a message from our game designers.

    As the team is getting ready to bring forward something new and exciting, some of us are focused on addressing the most pressing concerns of our community. One of our top priorities currently is a so-called “Seprom exploit” which has been annoying everyone for quite some time.

    After careful consideration we have come up with a really simple solution, which would make this exploit completely impossible, and, on the other hand would be really easy to implement. We are thinking of removing the “Send to Skylab”-function altogether. It seems that it is heavily used only by exploiters and, therefore, would rather not affect other players in any way. There is only one moment, when player has to send some ore to Skylab – and that’s when he wants to start building it up. We are planning to compensate for this with a slight increase of starting resources for the Skylab.

    It is, of course, not possible to solve every problem by removing something from the game, but in this case we feel, that this function is currently only a benefit for the misbehaving players. Once we close this exploit, we can think on how we can bring more meaning to the Skylab in general, apart from just sending valuable ore to the ship.

    Let us know what you think!

    KrisKelvin, DarkOrbit Senior Game Designer

    P.S. I hope you don’t have anything planned for mid-summer. ;)

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