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    ASTRAEA User

    We got a new dev blog today for you and look forward to hearing your thoughts on it

    Have a Nice day and enjoy your game.

    PS, please, if we can please keep the flaming to a minimum and stick to the rules as we do want to leave your posts intact as much as we can. thank you
  2. Well I like your update but I would say you took extreme measures to bug users and unfair aswell. You could separate bans according to account history cause some people that never broke rules are perma banned like those that always broke. I think u have to give a second chance to those players that dont have a ban history or broke the rules before for bug using or bot using so it can be more fair for players
  3. Okapi32

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    It's good to see that the real-money deals are getting improved, the red and blue boxes were generally just considered a bit of a joke before. However I saw a few people in chat had bought them today and they seemed pleased with what they found now.

    They have to make an example out of somebody, or in this case out of a group of people. A lot of players were calling for harsher punishment and I'm sure everyone has also heard the nutcases in chat who think BP is involved with some massive cheating conspiracy for DO and that they are paid to protect cheaters etc x). I guess they used the people who abused the glitch as an example to show that they will put their foot down and ramp up the punishments.
    I think it might have something to do with the current JPA situation where it's always the wrong people winning it so they have made a big statement with the honour glitch to show that if they want to permanently ban an account for messing around they can do it with no worry at all.

    Not the first time they've done this, when the first really effective bot bans came around and caught thousands a couple of years ago some people has a similar opinion that it was too harsh. The deleted upgrades and bio was kept as a surprise for people to find out once their account was un-suspended and lots of people thought that was too much.
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  4. Nice to hear, that bp have admited, that booty boxes does include "trash items" :)

    And i really apperciate, that bigpoint is honest with this topic: at the moment most of the payment offers are not even closely worth to buy. Just like green b-key, log dick, extra energy and jump ticket offers etc... i dont know anybody, who have bought those item packs.

    Keep up good work, but don't forget free2play users!
  5. Well you can be right for what you said but perma ban is really too much. Perma ban let you without any chance to play game whereas removal of bio and upgrades is not same thing at all. They could have just removed honor of players instead. It will be a fair punishment. As for showing to players they can ban ppl i would be happy to see botters getting caught instead of bug users. Cause after all to use an honor bug is not that profitable for players cause it dont make any difference in PVP. And as it was caught they could use any other punishment. On the other side, just going in bmaps in every server you can find botters around getting uri and not spending money in their accs that tomorrow will be ufe and are going to fight and also be better compared to honest players. If they want to make an example they are able to catch cheaters maps are full of cheaters whereas they are bragging they banned players for an honor bug, that after all was their problem and its really unlogical to have perma bans when problem was totally theirs.

    But when there is a problem, I think its easier blaming others for that instead of facing what happened. So darkorbit instead of keeping their fault they passed the ball to players and accused them as bug users. But after all if there will be a regular coding no one was going to use honor bug. So there is no logic in this ban cause u cause a problem and player get banned permanently for your problem. There can be a ban for unfair advantage, yeah but perma ban is too much as it was mainly darkorbit fault. 1 month ban or 2 months will be better as all of those players are money spenders that spent hundred of dollars in this game and also they were mainly active players and noe maps are really empty.
  6. apetown.

    apetown. User

    No, youre wrong. Thres a lot logic in permaban. As it was stated permabans are give to found main account IF THAT BUG ABUSING BEHAVIOUR HAS BEEN CONSTANT.

    1 or 2 months is really nothing, thats just a joke - "just take asmall break and then feel free to come find more bugs and abuse them even harder"
  7. Lmao dude u dont know how it was. If u used it on your main ship it will be perma banned. There also risk ppl that used in noob ships to get banned. So I used in main ship and i got a perma ban for that. Its not 1 month for main ships and perma for noob ships
  8. If you knowingly do something to cheat, in this or any other game, or knowingly take advantage of a glitch, then you must suffer the consequences. Really, cheating in a game, how pathetic...............
  9. Oh really?? Tell me 3 players in usa1 that never cheated and abused glitches then... I bet u cannot find.
  10. Are you serious? Have you actually read what you wrote.

    Imagine this scenario. You are taking part in a race where the winner takes all & you end up coming runner-up. Later on, it is found that the "winner" actually used something that was & is not permitted. Instead of the "winner" being disqualified & you getting all the winning proceeds, the "winner" is getting a slap on the wrist & given a ban for a couple of months. How would you feel?

    You would feel totally gutted & appalled to say the least that this person was never disqualified & permanently banned in the first place.

    Imagine if they then came back (perhaps using something else undetectable) & beat you into second place again. How would you feel this time?

    Cheating is cheating & is against the rules as well as not being fair play. Any person caught cheating should be banned permanently without exception!!
  11. Well its just like having a shortcut in track and winner use that with purpose or not but he use that. U can just disqualify him for that race so is not same. (They can remove honor and also ban us temporary but permanently is too much) so race is over and 10 are found using shortcut. But after they remove our rewards for that "race" they can let us participate in many more after a while cause no one is any race was banned permanently. And after all host let that shortcut open. If there wont be a shortcut race will be as it should have been. No one is caught using any external program just using a shortcut that developers forgot to close.

    Let's say in cycling which is made of different stages. They can remove all seconds i won and also put a penalty for me but they wont ban anyone from tour. They will give u a penalty but as long as it was their problem they wont permanently ban you from tour. So even in races there are different measures... And how do you know me or someone else is coming with something else later on ?? That means you don't trust that game can be without bugs and anything else i see... Anyway I think that for someone like me that never had any major ban or others that never pushed this game like those stagged accounts that are in top of servers now and u all know who they are and they keep playing without any problem now, like it never happened (and they used external programs for that) Whereas me or others that found a problem in coding of this game are getting a permanent ban even me and some others never cheated before.

    Idk what u think but using external software to make ship stronger and now they are UFE just from using them should have been banned permanently and not me or others that after all we just changed a number. They got exact number how much we got and they could easily reset what we got extra from bug. Whereas when players that were using bots made 10m+ uridium they just gave to them a penalty that is lower than what they got. Some players also got 30m+ and i saw some of those "stagged" accounts that had in their acc as much uridium as to get full 50 pp and also all upgrades. It is not fair at all that real cheaters that used cheats to get ship to UFE got a penalty and me and other players that used a bug to change a number that could be fixed easily, get a permanent ban.
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  12. apetown.

    apetown. User

    So you try to blame developers from players not following t&c? Bug using is every players (who does so) COMPLETELY own fault, everyone can decide themselves if to play by rules or break em and take the risk of possible permanent ban,

    If you have issues with your bans go and argue with support, not here. If you find a problem in coding you are not allowed to exploit it, you are required to report the issue.

    No its competely fair to get penalty (And bigpoint has full right to think the penalty severness by themselves) for actions that break the term & conditions. So apparently you got banned permanently from bug using and you say its not fair - Well i hope you got your lesson from bugusing then. You have accepted t&c when you have registered to DarkOrbit.

    And in part 8.3 of t&c you can find that using bugs is a reason for account termination

    What my last words are, Great bigpoint! You finally start to take some serious action against those who wants to test how much is allowed to break t&c, conitnue on this good way - just capture the rest of bugusers (seprom bug etc.) to show that you are now really serious.
  13. Thats really lame what u said up there. First of all if a player can see clearly who is using external software in game just by playing 30 mins or even less, I think admins can detect them aswell but they are not working in that. As for perma bans dont u think there are really few ppl in servers already??? Cause most of ppl think maps are dead.
  14. While it is true that the problem may have originated with darkorbit, the use of the glitch required some actual work on the player's part to take advantage of the glitch. Therefore, they should be held accountable for their own actions of exploiting the glitch, up to and including making restitution for anything they may have gotten as a benefit of the glitch exploit.
  15. First, foremost & last of all, you forget one very important & critical matter. No matter how much you spend & how high you end up in DO, the account that you are playing does not belong to you, never belonged to you & will never belong to you. You are merely renting, leasing (or whatever you want to call it) the account(s) that you play. The fact that you created the account, made the username & registered it is irrelevant. When you did you, you also agreed to abide by Bigpoint's Terms & Conditions at that time & also to any changes that Bigpoint make at any stage afterwards.

    If you rent, lease etc anything in real life, you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions that are stated. If you breach those Terms & Conditions, then the other party has the right to impose any sanctions or penalties that have been previously agreed.

    Let's say you buy a house on a mortgage & pay for it for 15 years without missing a payment. You then lose your job & find it hard to make ends meet & you start missing mortgage payments. Fair enough, the mortgage lender will most likely you the opportunity to clear the arrears. But what happens if they do not do this & decide to evict you & take possession of the house - can you do anything. Answer is a plain & simple NO.

    And finally, look up the definitions of the word "EXPLOITATION". Don't try to avert the blame away from yourself if you exploit a glitch/bug or use external programs. You had a choice & you chose the wrong option by breaking the rules. live with the consequences (as you would have to do in real life) & stop whinging & moaning & trying to blame others!!
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  16. The UBA boxes were great, i'm enjoying the improvements made so far and have been playing more. :)
  17. apetown.

    apetown. User

    I agree, easy sar02 and ubr rockets :D dont need to buy uri so much at mhh :D

  18. jackknife

    jackknife User

    I personally don't like perm bans. What I do like is if a player's do criminal acts then send them back to the first stage in a peanut; if they open their wallets good if they leave OK.

    If they cheat again them ban them.
  19. Wow this guy deserve a medal. U are genius dude.
  20. Most likely that you were both caught cheating & got permanent bans.

    You know what they say about thieves sticking together & watching each others' backs!!
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