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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Aug 25, 2015.

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    ban them all y not they cheat perm by nn good bye gb1 servero_O
  2. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    Thank You for making some much needed changes. I think the bans were justified BP and DO have been saying for months and yrs now anyone caught cheating or abusing bugs will be perm banned do the crime you are taking that chance and they knew it. Another point I'd like to put out there is while adding value to the paying player is well deserved it also must be said that some things need to be looked at for the free players as well if the free players quit then what only uber players with huge disposable incomes fight each other for who's the biggest spender. The free player mostly relies on skill to get ahead so they add a better playing pool by adding a varied skill lvl to the game.
  3. jackknife

    jackknife User

    What an absolutely stupid statement! All my posts about cheaters are the same. I hate them and what they have done to this game! :mad: Did you even read want I said. Go back to primary school and take some lit. classes.
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  4. 6u6kaata

    6u6kaata User

    SO, in the end of August there still have no bots and when you report player for botting you got answer "there are no bots, do not accuse if you dont have prove", and I just found this: REMOVED

    Seems like anti-bot system need upgrade. :))
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  5. What about JPA? when is back, someone know if this september is back?o_O
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    trust me been to support complained about botters and lock and the same old same we are running scans :eek: but the same old ppl getting away with it ? so my thinking is it is the dev team testing or pissing us all off idk wot you lot the community think
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  7. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    hopefully :D
  8. Uffs, Uffs :D :p xD
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  9. Wilken2002

    Wilken2002 User

    I sent proof of a player botting via 16 min video showing that the ship was flying in the same pattern the whole time and then we unclocked him for 3 laps and finally shot on him showing no reaction. Support told me I had to send then the progam and website being used... How am I suppose to know what is on the idiots computer. So I found a video on youtube showing how to set up a mouse macro and sent the link. Support still has not return a responce.

    I am finally under the belief that support is either behind some of the cheats or uses them on thier own accounts and try to spin to everyone else that DO has no cheats in thier game anymore...
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  10. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    yeah wilken thats the sad truth. support ask us to proof players botting or then they just simply close the ticket immediatly declaring "theres no bots existing" or "we cant do anything as only thing that takes care of bots is script"
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  11. jackknife

    jackknife User

    Script and missiles ha than bye-bye that is call friends from other co.s a few so you do not punished for pushing ( get together if they don't clean up the mess we will ) I play ga3 & ga2. invite me. ga3 Fe ga2 new pilot in a leo

    together honest people can make a big difference, so lets come together. Lets form a union against botters
    Better knowledge pilots will have to help run this since it could get abused.

    And we will make botting expensive especially if they lose a lv 16 drone along w/ 2 lf4s ha......
  12. Sorry to say loosing the drone does not make the equipment disappear also, they only lose the drone.

    D O says they have changed the REWARDS[​IMG] from the Blue and Red Booty Boxes. IF this is TRUE, I recommend issuing FREE keys to prove this. The friends that got me involved have been ripped off so badly they will never buy another BK-100 (Red, Blue, Green, or Gold) as they only get Apis Drone (they already have the Apis drone built) blueprints or LF-3/BO-2 and TRASH ammunition. This on ZEUS and LF-4 days, there are 3 accounts and over 200 keys/day each account without a single PREMIUM REWARD. I have received several from quests and have not seen anything except B S ammunition, xenomit, or modules and as a NEWB really prefer the equipment or drone blueprints. I figured since these were PIRATE Boxes collecting them in the 5-X maps would give the best REWARDS and found it to be FALSE.

    I found it very irritating during the last event (UBA Expo) that trying to complete missions I was receiving BOOTY BOXES instead of needed cargo boxes. It took me 3 days to collect Promerium as I could only get 1-5 per kill as the Bosses dropped Booty Chests instead of cargo boxes. During these events a person should be able to collect cargo whether they have a key or not. Might even add BK-100's to the Special Bonus[​IMG] Boxes to improve future key sales, or since some NPC's give Boosters before they die, have them drop a key before they die so we can collect the dropped Booty Chest.

    I have been told the original plan for the Booty Chest was to give the Cargo along with the Booty inside, so it was the collectors choice to collect the PREMIUM or the NORMAL Cargo, but would always receive the Cargo from the NPC. This, however, never happened and there was major confusion as the original FAQ did say this was the way it was supposed to work (even though SUPPORT said it was NEVER supposed to be this way).

    As the odds of getting anything GOOD out of the Booty Chests are so slim I will look for my LF-4's via Galaxy Gates which will also give me my drone designs and just have to SPEND for the Apis and Zeus drones. As the "FREE" spins of the Materializer seem to be less effective than the URIDIUM spins don't see any reason to buy the Extra Energy or Log Disks, and with extra Hangars, Jump Credits seem to be a waste also (except when going into enemy maps) so I won't buy these either.

    Sorry the Revenue Generator has been broken too long and requires a major revamp to get NEWBS to buy anything other than URIDIUM and Advantage Packs/Premium. And with the loss of the VETERAN players protecting the LOWER maps keeping NEWBS interested is getting harder as they have NO DEFENSE against the UFE Hunter. Being popped every time they enter into a map to complete a quest gets OLD very fast.
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  13. =ZDog=

    =ZDog= User

    "To make the game fairer and more accessible"

    My feedback to the DO team is to do the opposite of what they have been doing since 2009.

    Roughly every year i pop in for a few weeks at a time when I'm in between other (much more fun and cheap) games and every time it gets worse and worse. Anyone who stays active in this game for an extended period of time is probably mentally ill.

    DO is a lesson in what not to do for a f2p game. Maybe people will study it in the future. It really is amazing.
  14. You need to revamp this invasion gate, it does not pay for noobs to do it....

    They just get popped cause they cant solo it...
  15. We need a server Merge....

    Whats the point of not banning them if they just gonna have to start all over again... they might as well just quit
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  16. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    he has a point though, be funny if people got slapped all the way back to the begging. be a good first strike policy lol, then account ban, then ip ban.. just an idea

    and ive never tried nor thought of using cheats on any game. been playing 6 years and not about to have to start ALL over lol. that and i dont want a virus on my pc on top of that
  17. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    hey, guys. What about [removed]? I'm from GE 2. and i can't continue to play against such players, they captured that server. I havent played 1 month already. A lot of my friends stopped to play too. Your VIP-script doesnt catch them idk why but it's truth. when will u ban these program-users? i will not play till u ban them.
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  18. It is a group/anyone can join gate. It can be solo'd, but once you reach the kurb wave...need more players in the map. And stop circling in there. It is an easy click and back away gate...not that hard - make it easy on yourself.
  19. When JPA? its so bored without JPA....:rolleyes:
  20. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Pro booster packs £0:65p ones available every Wednesday and Sunday same as we have Happy Hour/MHH permanent feature:rolleyes: There is too much of a gap in between sales of said packs:(
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