Disassembly of excess Spartan Drones for Schism Crystals.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by ĐΛИĞΞЯCLØSΞ, Sep 28, 2021.

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  1. Over the past players that have done a lot of gates have assembled Spartan Drones in excess of what they need in game. Example, I have over 30, 20 I can justify across 2 strong ships but as now there are NEW items, the upgraded Hellstorm Launchers, it would be helpful if excess Spartans be Disassembled to recover some Schism Crystals as required by the new recipes. Thoughts...????
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    I like this idea and it would be great to see it implemented into the game!
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  3. Be nice if schism crystals were added to the R-series of Retrievers as well given that some of us do not bot all week and steal gates all weekend therefore we do not have an endless supply of stolen resources to build such a huge amount of galaxy gates in the first place to get schism, especially the preposterous amounts required for the new rocket launchers! o_O:rolleyes:
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