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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jun 22, 2021.

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  1. If DO want to make this update work, how about an incentive. So far the rewards lack Scism crystals & dont recieve any bonuses from boosters. All the while BOTTERS do get all these rewards. For the added cost onto an account it will only encourage more players to use illegal BOTS. This update needs more from the developers if more players are to stay legitimate.

    A second observation, tonight i sent 2 Alpha, 1 Beta & 2 Lambda Gate retrievers out, on Kronos Day so double Kronos gates expected. I received 4 Alpha & 1 Beta rewards, all basic & no Scism crystals as reward. Something is obviously wrong with the programming...

  2. is this the ENIGMA code from 1944 that crash Germans in WWII ?

    best RBOT is actualy R1 i use my credits for this "new future" to colect hydra trsk ant neptune ,
    although it will cost me a hell of a long time a few months but I'm not in a hurry in view of the development of the game

    ************************ ********************
    + 47.5% Rocket Launcher Damage Increased (at level 20)
    -25% Cooldown time (does not scale)
    2 seconds cooldown
    3 rockets capability
    ************************** ***********************
    + 9.5% Rocket Launcher Damage Increased (at level 20)
    + 30% HP, +25% shield (does not scale)
    2 seconds cooldown
    5 rockets capability
    ************************* ***********************
    + 95% Rocket Launcher Damage Increased (at level 20)
    + 5% Damage (does not scale)
    8 seconds cooldown
    5 rockets capability
    all calculation is about 10 sec duration (standart HS2 loading one volley is 10sec for 5 rockets 5x4000=20 000 DMG +9.5% upgrade bonus (1900) = 21 900 MDG

    Hellstorm rockets - 4000 DMG
    TriskHS (3rockets) -15 rockets firing (15x4000)= 60 000 DMG for 10sec ( 60 000*47.5%)=28 500 total 88 500 DMG
    HydraHS (5rockets) -25 rockets firing (25x4000)= 100 000 DMG for 10sec (100 000* 9.5%)= 9 500 total 109 500 DMG
    NeptuneHS (5rockets)1.6/1sec - 6 rockets firing ( 6x4000)= 24 000 DMG for 10sec ( 24 000*95% )=22 800 total 46 800 DMG

    UBER Hellstorm - 7500 DMG/per rocket
    ECO-10 Hellstorm - 2000 DMG/pr
    SAR-1(shield transfer) - 1000 DMG/pr
    SAR-2(shield transfer) - 4000 DMG/pr
    (to hull and shield transfer) - 3000/3000 DMG/pr
    Birthday BDR 1212 - 4000 DMG/pr
    Birthday PIR
    (to hull and shield transfer) - 3500/2500 DMG

    ***NEPTUNE*** most broken and useles HS2
    ***HYDRA*** best buy for PVP (PvE -for black light gate [orcus]) depending on playstyle ;
    ***TRISK*** best buy for PVP (PvE - for every ship with good ability [orcus]) ; posibility to use with HERMES drone desigh its -85% ability Cooldown time including boosters

    !!! First of all the new dispatch is [REMOVED] but if you want a new HS2 you must be trow a little bit Uridium , bcz is the only one way to crafted. So all of this BOT's from A1-5 B1-5 R1-4 are useles and nonsens to use it. R5 is curently is only one whos give you a chance .

    APPROXIMATE price for new resourses tris ,hydra, neptune is about 20-25 expediton (my be less if you are lucky enogh with R5) ~~ 250 000 U. !!! if you lucky got 2 of the resouses needed to crafting new HS2 ,but at the expense of the third type of HS2, which may be more expensive, so the price is approximate and it can only be assumed that for each one separately HS2 requires at least 20 -25 searches.
    minimum is 8-10
    !!! this price not include other resourses.
    Average search for Solidus approximate price 60 000 uridium for one GGEU +6 000 for recipe
    minimum is 3 searches
    !!! WARNING for the new players with a low gear and expеrience
    don't be fooled by the new credit retrievers. Even if you have enough credits to send them, you will receive absolutely nothing. for example I can give after approximately 10 searches. You pay 200,000 C. and you receive resources or ammunition with a price in the store from 5000 to no more than 40,000. Accumulate enough C. and when the time comes you have nothing to spend them on then you can and send from these retrievers, but they are definitely pointless because then you will have to send a R5 bot for the new HS2

    the UI in store when will you fix it?
    After the update, all the confirmation windows simply disappeared.
    The buttons for the retrievers and most of the text are absolutely [REMOVED] (including buttons for GGEU), there is no or no translation visible ... more and more bugs appear without fixing the already known and existing ones

    ! ! !THE TRUTH! ! !

    the new future for bot's

    This damn GG update is only in the service of BOTS and cheaters to pass through 2 to 3 portals in the time of one and is only useful for them to acquire x4 ammunition, which they have in abundance and save a lot of time.
    Part of the ranking and U. of the NPC are lost when the portals pass through GGEU, but the mostly is compensated in the black portal or on the BL-maps with invokers, beghemots and barrage stroke. Most botusers and other cheaters have enough resources to create 100 of this new HS2, but they don't have new resources like HYDRA, TRISK AND NEPTUNE, but when they get together, do you think they're already using this [REMOVED] update where the rewards are silly to infinity this is a robbery for anyone who is not a cheater or a botuser

    Аnd to make it all ok after a month when most of the bots acquire these new HS2 and start killing the rest of the small population of normal players not to mention the new ones.
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  3. Okay on GA2 the rank points have fell like rain since the dispatch was put into the game.
    There is a glitch in the auto gate collection system that can be exploited.
    I think this can be a factor in the rank dropping as multiple players exploit the glitch.
    I don't want to post it here but if a dev or mod can reach me in chat or email I will.
    The auto players with tons of URI can now open multi slots for hiring resource bots.
    The daily coupons I have also not seen.
  4. no one will look for you
    you need to write to the support with evidence
  5. Also note that the gate will not count towards Kronos.

    I did 2 kappa via the new system and neither of them counted towards Kronos


    **Success is never Final & Failure is never Fatal**
  6. give parts to Kronos, but they follow the list: alpha, beta, gamma, etc. no matter which port was completed
  7. Give more stuff in these retrievers, good idea but lacking in bounty.
  8. Why cant my ship do a Beta and Gamma that I have built? I have done many but it says on my ship I have to do the gate manually?
    Seriously? I have the gate credits and I built the gates in the gate builder. I have done many Betas and Gammas. But I cant use the cool new gate completer.
  9. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    Do we know what the maximum number of slots we can have and does premium and rebate reduce the cost of the slots?
    Should also ask if the cost of the slots increase with number of slots purchased?
    Ie 50k for the First then, say, 75k for the second etc.

  10. 5
    no discounts apply
  11. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Wot, no Schism Crystals?! Yet we need them to craft the new Rocket Launchers. I for one will not be using the GGEU again unless this is rectified.
  12. Please update the FAQ for the A-01 Dispatch Drone. LCB-10 drops from it.

    FAQ Reports:
  13. zayn27

    zayn27 User

    hello.can you help me? for new HYDRA wich HST2 must we use? new HST2 at level 1 or HST2 at level 20?
  14. why use 20 lvl? if after assembly there will be 1 lvl
    better to win a new one at the auction
  15. zayn27

    zayn27 User

    thank you
  16. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    Triskelion300x Indoctrine Oil
    2,400x Schism
    3,200 Kyhalon
    500x Triskelion Alloy
    1x HST-02
    + 47.5% Rocket Launcher Damage Increased (at level 20)
    -25% Cooldown time (does not scale)
    2 seconds cooldown
    3 rockets capability

    What's meant by (does not scale)?
    Does the -25% mean it reduces cool down by 25% or extends it by 25%?
    If this does mean it reduces cooldown by 25%, does it apply to ships abilities?
    If it does reduce cool down by 25% and it applies to ships abilities does it 'stack' with hermes Drone design and cooldown boosters?

    If so, could this launcher be overpowered and probably be nerfed?
    It would bring back the hammerclaw which would be awesome !

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  17. (does not scale) = does not change its value at different levels
    extends to skills and acts like CD-B01 / 02
    CD is currently limited to 75%
  18. DukeMongo

    DukeMongo User

    So, back of the napkin maths.....
    Hammerclaw abilities before CD bonus
    Hp rep 140 seconds
    Shield rep 60 seconds
    Rep pod 160 seconds

    Hammerclaw abilities after CD bonus @75% (CD1 and CD2 + 25% CD from rocket launcher)
    Hp rep 35 seconds
    Shield rep 15 seconds
    Rep pod 40 seconds

    Does that sound right?
  19. Yes
    it should be like this
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