Do they think we are idiots?

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  1. I have only been able to log in once since Thursday evening getting the usual "503" error or a timeout, or "unavailable". OMG IT'S A MIRACLE though just in time for their Uridium sale the server lets you log in just enough to spend money but not log into the game. To add insult to injury you STILL get the privacy Policy every time you click on a tab. Ridiculous nonsense.
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    Trying to get on. Getting nothing but blank screen on the game page after loading forever.......15 mins .... just got in.... with all the issues right now, gotta be crazy to invest in this game.

    Spoke too soon. Got in and the game is just nonfunctional. Slow and doesn't allow you to do much. Heck with it.
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  3. PacificNW

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    definetly a SLOW log in day. and yes, i still agree to the terms. over and over again


    gave up log in after20 minutes toady
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    Hello Mr. Darkorbit, GA 4 is a black screen only. PLEASE check ...
  5. guys, its obvious that DO servers are under DDOS attack (again). thers not much they can do about it but wait it out


    Fair enough if hat is the case but it doesnt excuse the lack of communication from Support regarding the issues that have been happening all week. The game has this forum which is accessible by all players, and they should be using it to keep people updated. Yes they may make some comments on Discord, but not everyone is on Discord.
    Its shows a total lack of respect for the players or customers as we are.

    Not just for problems, but there stillhasnt been an announcement about Gate builder moving to the game screen and the issues of it burning up boosters and also logging out of the system while gates being built unless you keep moving.
    If they can send the board mods info to post on Monthly syncs they can pass on information to be posted on other problems.

    I just cant think of any other industry where this level of lack of communication would be thought of as acceptable by management. Its not any particular person who I am criticising its a systematic issue that should be resolved .

    Lets hope things improve !
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  7. Apart from not getting and being able to play we all are losing rank because certain players are on the game somehow ranking up massive points??? ive personally gone down 12 places in 3 days, im losing out on gate rewards, lf4s etc season pass everything is getting effected. DO should really after this attack extend the gates etc for the people being effected, yep thats right people not programmes!!!
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    they need a firewall or vpn to stop it they wont spend that kinda money protecting us all .even with all these posts no one responds its very unprofessional bad management and coders
  9. Folks need to understand the Forum mods and in game chat mods are just other players the company lets moderate the game.
    They have little to no say in the game or any influence. At one time they could come in and help some with players but because of some actions the company removed their ability to do anything other than edit posts and possibly ban for chat violations.

    At this point the people who run the game honestly dont look at any of the problems.

    I have a lot of time invested in the game and I have not walked away but there are other games and unless they finally after the promises convert to Unity or there is a major playability/cost change its just going to fade out.
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  10. their website has been down for 4 days and 8 hours lol , their main website, if any of you try connecting to it you won't be able to. plus the game is full of trains again ,it's obvious they lost any control they had over this game
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    they dont care................

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