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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. SauronL

    SauronL User

    i think that game is one of the laggest game i ve ever seen but for some reason i still play it , but i know exist better games with less lags and less crapy events.
  2. Well,...the RB-214 is basicly X4 ammo,...so they did pull a 1st in letting people buy X4.
    But the Event is the worst ever concieved thus far, it pulled people out of retirement.
    Hope it's time to retire again. (no offence):D
  3. The event was funny,i like the cbs rep with credits and the beacons in pvp's make them active as they should be. The thing i don't like is giving us false hope to get good stuff from the event
  4. I got some titles that i'm never going to use :D
  5. tigbra

    tigbra User

    you guys share the blame too. because you still spend money in this game, because you have still hopes developers will listen to you... and so on. if you wanna make them change, just dont buy anything from this game. Sadly I came to the conclusion, they dont care about any other server than Germany or Russian ones. There're games better than this. just take a nap and enjoy what is outside :)
  6. Sure there are Games Better than this one.. Just like there are Women that have Prettier faces than my Girl.. better looking Legs and.. well .. .. but my Girl and I get along just fine and she DOes things that the other Girl might not.. wait a min,, ohh yeah..

    We are here because We Like this game, should we spend money on it. be it every week or once ever so often for a Box Doubler and premium.. if the Can recycling goes well and there is money left over from the Beer purchases..

    Better games.. I like the community, I like the Calmness of Space, the occasional Rush when I get attacked..

    .. .. where is my Girl..
  7. Don't know lagd too much to get off shot with out getting popped lagged in the map while this thing floats by.:cool:
  8. if you guys dont notice by now BP only cares about Money.
    some of us pays cash in this game just to have fun .but i think its time to look for another online space MMO Im Tired Of The Glicthy events,Glicthy Ships,Glicthly maps
    Everytime Darkorbit brings out Something its Never works right it seems .something always get pushed back etc.im saving my cash .but alot of players put to much in the game to quit.come to east1 you wont see any new players we are all fe mostly,Maps are dead because who ever is On Is Sitting At Port .

    Save Your Money!!~
    Spent 100k Uri on New Ammo to get nothing Thanks BP.
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  9. This game is run by accountants :oops: You got your paycheck - enjoy!
  10. SauronL

    SauronL User

    They just like us to pay for all and dont give us anything , if they will give us something it will be bill.

    They removed one jackpot arena - thats 10k eur (was USD) , per month and thats not all . Why they still want us to pay ? Arent they rich now or what ?
  11. OI Oi Oi we still have not gotten bonus box bonus so what the hell broke event and we still get like half the reward omg omg we got TROLLED BY DEVs again.
  12. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    Is Dark Orbit or Big Point going to give us an explanation or an excuse as to why this event bombed or was it a intentional poorly ended event to provide some kind of behind the scene analytic information about the use and goings on of the event?

    in keeping with the topic the domination went well for me and all the other UFEs with the exception of the end, as for the newbies and most of the FEs it did not go so well as they were out gunned and out played by the more experienced/stronger players. this wasn't a good event for them to participate in as if not getting popped all the time in lower maps isn't already hard enough why bother going to the pvp maps to only get popped there too.


    rewards could of been greater considering the amount of time it took to neutralize and capture a beacon. in hind side the 20 rb-214 ammo was not enough of a reward to do any real damage to the freighter considering how many beacons you needed to capture in order to gain enough ammo to pop it. i was able to gain around 2k of the special ammo by just capturing the beacons, i bought 10k in addition to that. i was out of ammo before i was able to pop the second freighter. i feel that it was very cost ineffective considering the very low rewards received after it popped. i did like that it gave out rewards when it jumped off the map.

    purple booty:
    more purple booty need to be dropped not just 1. 4-5 booty would of been more ideal. the booty given needed to be more in line with the amount of effort it took by the players popping it. i picked up purple booty containing 5k uri and 100 pally. this would of normally been a good box but not when it took me 50k uri in rb-214 to get it and it was the only booty given. i would of like to seen more ship and drone designs along with more weapons given. i did like that every demenar i popped gave a green booty however it was just regular old booty and they took more than a considerable amount of ammo to pop. i only poped a few then dindt bother with anymore.

    its an event!!! better worth while rewards for everything related to the event is what was expected. it was more profitable and took less time to cube than to stick around and pop anything related to the freighter. everyone had been working toward this for about a month putting everything else on hold to work the pvp maps. this turned out to be pointless!!!

    rb-214 ammo:

    the rb-214 should of been the only ammo used to pop the freighter due to the fact it cost so much (10 uri per unit), it took a great deal of effort to obtain on the battle maps and during the event you could only get it if your company was dominating. i was sad to see it changed on the last day where you could buy it all day.(DO correct me if im wrong) this was probably changed at the end due to the fact that not a lot of players bought very much of it due to the high cost and that it did x8 only to the freighter. more would of been bought if x8 worked on all the npcs. i was also sad to see that i could buy it on the last day despite that my company wasn't dominating the battle maps making all the effort obtaining it during the event pointless . i would of like to seen special boxes that contained rb-214 like during the world cup and 200-300 rb-214 (maybe more) as part of the reward for capturing a beacon.


    i liked the event quests as there were different then the same old usual event type quests. i felt they should of gotten harder every day and there should of been easy and hard quests. i thought the quests that took a fair amount of time to do needed better rewards and the all should of given more of rb-214.
  13. fusion82

    Nice feedback. I think you've managed to get across all the points of the angry players in this thread in the most articulate and detailed post.
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  14. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    Clan Battle Station / CBS during the domination event

    i really like the fact that i can now repair all my modules with credit now. i do however dislike that when you pop one you receive no uri and very little credit. will the credit repairs stay or was this just for the event. i believe i understand why these changes were made and how its intended purpose during the domination event all fit together, but there is still no incentive for players not to destroy the battle station. taking away the uri doesn't solve the entire issue perhaps putting a time for uri goal meaning: the longer a battle station is up the better the rewards, with a cap on the rewards. maybe for every day the station/module is up the offensive/attacking players receive 100 uri per module for destroying it. this would give incentive to let the base build up time and the cbs owner will benefit from the boosters as they will be allowed to build up the need time to provide the maximum honor, experience,damage boost and help build the deflector time on the cbs toallow weaker clans a better chance to have a cbs for more than an hour and get some good pvping in while the deflector is up.

    this would of helped during the domination event to motivate more clans to build a cbs on the battle maps or any other map for the matter and keep the ufes at bay knowing there is going to be a better reward if the don't pop the it right away. thus allowing more points to be gained by the dominating company and motivating more players to join together to wipe the cbs of the clan they were at war with off the battle map.

  15. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    thanks [-КАТЮША-] for your input.

    i am disappointed with ending of the event as much as the next player but DO should be getting better feed back than just complaints with no suggestions. i would like to see this ENTIRE event structured better if they ever do it or anything like it again(although this one was a walk off the deep end and i don't care to repeat it).
  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Credit where it's due to the developers, they listened and they acted.

    The compensation might be the most valuable in terms of the uridium we've ever had, I remember we got really good special quests once after a week of server issues, but I think the Havoc is overall worth more uridium.

    Looking forward to the changes you intend to make for the next domination.
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  17. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    I have to agree with Owning, credit to the whole DO team for listening to and taking on-board the feedback provided by the community in this thread.

    A personal thank you from me for the compensation.

    I would still urge DO to set up a community action group to work with the community managers / dev team in order to promote full player engagement, promote all the positives DO have added to the game and discuss ideas and plans for the future.

    Anyway, thank you again for the compensation.

    - Oly GB2
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  18. I cant thank them for the compensation although I shot on the demaner frigate and did not get any rewards
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