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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Thanks for the compensation, it's better than nothing but still, I expected more than that reward from that event.

    Great to see that at least they noticed us :) Step to the right direction
  2. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I hope they wont make me happy with 1 havoc and crap ammo ...

    Why havoc ? why not lf4 or herc ?
  3. LeNerfz

    LeNerfz User

    Totally agree with you, its a step in the right direction!!!
  4. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    At least it's an acknowledgement of peoples moans and groans...and a reasonable compensation...
    Just remember in the past when we would have got virtually nothing..
  5. lol I did not even get the reward I guess it only was given to people who shot on it and it actually died instead of making it to port
  6. Same here. I shot one on 4 different maps. The thing popped and I sit here waiting for compensation that appears is not coming.
  7. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    compensation as in rewards for popping the freighter or as in compensation for the event? i didn't see any reward/compensation that was any good. as the game is played it is a given that rewards are to be given for destroying objects in the game.Cause and effect are basic rules of a game do not thank for that. the possibility of good rewards are what were motivating players to participate in the event. i my self would like to of offered a thank you, but i can not as of yet due to a few reasons

    1. i pay DO CASH thus i am not obligate to thank them they can thank me for contributing to their bank account in exchange for that i expect to see new additions/events to the game. expect a thank you when do and big point put out and event that is well planed, organized and executed in a manner that represents a business/organization that has the 88+ million members it claims to have. your in the big leagues DO we expect better quality of you! we all know what you can do. give us a reason to say good things.

    2 .i believe myself and all the other players were miss led/poorly informed as to what the event and everything in it was going to give out. example 10 uri(expensive) for 1 unit of ammo that can only be purchased while your company is dominating the battle maps suggests hard to get ammo= good reward, as the goal/soccer bot during world cup was giving out even though we broke even on the uri but got a lot of XP i think that was a fair trade off. also you could only use the soccer ammo to shoot it and being that it was special only to that npc. do saying the rb-214 was special the the freighter i felt it was miss leading considering i was able to use x1 to pop it and get credit. DO can you see where we came to this conclusion this should have been stated clearer.

    3. we were not very well informed about the event. a lot of the information came out ABOUT THE EVENT TOWARD THE END of the event. a lot of the blind leading the blind. my clan is a multi company clan and or CBSs should of gotten points added to the dominating company instead it was a wast of time as it added no points for the dominating company. this too should of been stated as well as our clan thought it was a glitch so we did a lot of them hoping it would correct itself then we thought it might be timed before the bonus would go into affect. there was nothing in the event info that lead us to these conclusion as there was nothing that stated otherwise.

    4. there was little information as to how to engage in the event for players just beginning the event a lot of trial and error.

    example: exactly how to capture the beacon, who gets rewards for doing what? are they shared like ammo honor? all games have rules and guidelines, this could of been elaborated on.

    5. the achievements were not given out once you completed the task required to unlock them. example: the builder title. the clan i am in and my self put up a good number of CBSs on the pvp maps and we didn't get the title. however i did receive the title AFTER the event ended i feel it should of been given out during the event. how many players didn't even try due to the fact they thought they wouldn't get the achievement?

  8. Only half the people that participated in this awful event and shot the freighters got compensation :/.
  9. So keeping the pvp maps clean of invaders wasn´t enough uh? and shooting the freighters wasn´t enough either. You had to kill one of those to get the "compensation". Thanks but I have 3 spare havocs, I don´t need your "compensation". Maybe some LF4´s next time?:rolleyes:
  10. What is the compensation?
  11. SauronL

    SauronL User

  12. After a decent investigation we can confirm that the reward distribution paid out way less rewards than it should have done and, therefore, we decided to compensate all players who took part in the event. All pilots who have helped to destroy at least one Demaner Freighter will get a compensation package booked to their account today.

    Haha just give every1 on the game a code you messed up, i think every1 should get a code. How u supposed to know how many times i shot that daft npc. I did by the way and i aint got no code. Honestly.

    No 1 took part in your daft event cause it was rubbish, pissing your new ammo up against the wind is fun lol
  13. I will say it was nice of them...I however have 11 havoks already, now 12....OK I guess. I would have liked my 5th herc instead, but for all those who could use the havok, that is a nice compensation...

    The part I don't get.....The devs said "there weren't enough good prizes, sorry bout that"...but how were the %'s for the good prizes so low to begin with???

    I mean it's a simple % in a line of code..HOW could they NOT know that the % the freighter would give good stuff would be bad...THEY WROTE THE % IN THE CODE TO BEGIN WITH !....Then they act shocked when ...it drops low % rewards ....hmmmm.

    EDIT : I think the Freighter dropped EXACTLY what they wanted it to...per the % THEY WROTE in the code....NOW they act like it was a mistake because so many of us have called them out on it.

    I mean seriously ...."Gee Wiz guys, the prizes were not NEARLY as good as they should have been, we'll get right on it and investigate how that possibly could have happened...here's a havok" ...pffft ....It happened that way cus that's how you all WROTE it to happen......Just admit that, rather than saying that its being "investigated"

    Heres a convo from the DO Office :

    Mike: "Hey Frank, what was the % you wrote for that freighter to drop good stuff, the forums are all freaking out"

    Frank: " I put in 5% (or less) just like the boss said, why you asking Mike, you were at the meeting about it"

    Mike: "Well the forums are all upset, we have to say or do something...?"

    Frank: "Just give them a Havok, since most people who participated have those already, and say that we 'looked into' why the % was so low".

    Mike: "Yeah that should work"
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2014
  14. +1
  15. I needed a free Havoc and participated in this event and got nothing lol :(. Yet someone who already has extra Havoc's gets another, one screw up and troll move after another :p.
  16. i didnt get nothing, i must have shot atleast 10 of these and used my 40k uris worth in UB ammo -_- or RB ammo whatever its called..
  17. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    i just went back through my log for yesterday 8-22-14 and i did not see any compensation as it was described in the announcement. i also checked my hanger as well. i popped 4-5 freighters to get one of the purple booty boxes. i have the title as well to show for it.

    the announcement stated:

    "All pilots who have helped to destroy at least one Demaner Freighter will get a compensation package booked to their account today."(8-22-14)

    "This package will contain some EMP-01 bursts and DCR-250 rockets as well as a Havoc drone design. "

  18. I also could not find the rewards logged in my book, but I did receive all 3 of the rewards yesterday at some point, or very early this morning.
  19. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    The log says "Bonus received" for the bonuses
  20. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    5 years and almost elite? no thanks
    5 years and only "pretty much ufe", I think that on its own says a whole lot.
    "nothing to regret" - I would regret the fact, after 5 years you are not ufe.
    Thanks for the insight, I and probably many others reading that will no longer consider buying URI to try and become UFE..
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