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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Hey I've been playing 3.5 years and I'm almost UFE, should I give myself a hand????....Tying a noose? .... lolz nah jk...

    Buying uri is like using all the old cheat codes on those console games..."god mode" is never fun for long.
  2. Your ufe for now, you know there will be a uri update and you will lose your ufe status lol
  3. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    Support finally came through with help as to where my compensation is. i went through my log as previously stated and found nothing i did over look a few thing that were brought to my attention

    1. the compensation just says "bonus received"

    2. the time it was compensated was at Germany time there was a 6 hr difference from my time and it was grouped in with other booty box bonuses as well which added to the confusion on my part.

    thank you support for promptly looking into this and helping to clarify the issue.
  4. I don't know about the rest of you but please never repeat this monstrosity of an event again! Thread Closed.
  5. i see some players who havent even bought ammo in the event got rewards & players who spent money on ammo & killed the frieghter & didnt even get an reward & im one of those players .i wont spend nothing but $6.50 per month for prem thats all.
    another BP SCAM
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    they already apologized u and they promised they will fix it next time , + they gave us compensation (For me is better that apologize :D)
  7. Ya an apology is always better then actual compensation, especially from BP who just repeat the same crap, what's scary is there's a next time.
  8. OK we are back to this again. The hole event was bugged as admitted by you mod staff. We wasted time, and money on something you knew wasn't working right in the first place. You pulled the release back a week to fix the bugs and then without the fix you released it. Now As I live in the USA by law in order to receive funds you have to provide a quality product free of bugs and glitches. Ask EA Sports about there release full of bugs and glitches and what it cost them.


    As Ddraig states

    "As for the other mission which required you to collect the ammunition, unfortunately this mission was bugged and was unable to be fixed on the day. All the issues that were present during the event were unfortunate and i apologise for any inconvenience they might have caused, however it is planned that Domination becomes a future mechanic within the game, so hopefully the issues should have been resolved by then. The event is now over therefore there is not much further we can do here for you in the forums, however we can only learn from mistakes and issues and i am sure that shall be the case. If you would like to provide any feedback on the event, then please feel welcome to post your opinions in your thread below;>>Domination Event Feedback Thread<<


    So now we have established Fault by acknowledging Bugged quests.
    We have established your developers knew of these bugs prior to release.
    The Mod staff knew of the rewards not working correctly, And it took 2 weeks to fix that issue.
    And last but not least Still an issue with the event reward. The 10% bonus for bonus box is not As stated in the event announcement.

    As stated by Solid_Eye
    "Is there any reward to the company at the end of the domination event who has the most influence points?
    The winning faction will get a 10% bonus on bonus boxes. All factions will get a 1% bonus on honor and XP for every 1,300 domination points they gathered throughout the event but 15% at max. Bonus will come into effect at 17 August 2014, 00:01 h and end at 23 August 2014 at 23:59 h."

    Well it don't say some items will not get the 10% bonus it says all items in bonus boxes will get the 10% bonus. Gate spins are not giving the 10% bonus. As a mod said there is no 1.1 on spins it rounds down to 1.0. When in fact there should be if you stuck to your word on gave the 10% on bonus boxes.
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  9. There is a next time...:oops:
  10. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    in reference to the "Militant title" and the "Builders Guild title". I feel a bit disappointed and surprised that these titles were given out and no information was given how to obtain them or even that they existed. if the was some info that I missed please correct me. is dark orbit a fair game? DO, this is another example as to the feeling of being poorly informed/ timing. I just viewed the results for the players who got this title on the official Dark Orbit facebook . https://www.facebook.com/darkorbit/...62397389408/10153079286064409/?type=1&theater
    Players that got the militant title: 47658
    players that got the builders guild title "the rarest one": 3251

    it would of been nice to know how to obtain them so we could of had something to work toward.

    feeling like DarkOrbit is living up to its name and keeping us in the dark,
  11. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Militant = Warrior
    Builders Guild = Builder

    Both of them are listed in achievements so you can see how to get them in there, but it would be nice if DarkOrbit knew what their own titles were x)
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  12. Failure is success next time :p
  13. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    I just check and I don't see them in the achievements, titles nor in the events section.
  14. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    they were titles that were won not achievements won.
    thank you for your response
  15. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User


    They are there, 2nd and 3rd in the list of Domination Event achievements, as I said as well, Militant = Warrior and Builders Guild = Builder.
  16. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    yes Okapi32, I did look there before I posted. just to be clear I did look in all the categories 3 times. but that's not saying I might of missed something. in the event domination section I have all 4 achievements that were given out. the two "titles" Im referring to are not there (Militant/Builder guild).
  17. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User


  18. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    I mean 5 achievements I recieved
  19. Where 10% bonus?I have fullPP for bonus boxes - it means:
    middlebox is 75 uri on pvp-map
    BUT i can get 209 uri, what is it?It's 3.72% bonus.
    Please, change it in right side for 2 weeks again
    Be honest with us pls!
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  20. fusion82

    fusion82 User

    so you did thank you for clearing that up as it does make sense. however the names are not the same nor could this be considered a spelling error and this is what makes it miss leading as this leaves room for miss interpretation that there is more than what we were lead to believe. I will post my findings when support gets back to me.
    thank you for your help Okapi32,
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