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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. They are giving 10% bonus, however the 10% is applied to the original 150 uri (from a bmap box), so you get 15 extra, I have bio set for boxing and where as I normally get 202 uri, now I am getting 217 uri. It would have been nice for the % to be compounded, but hey is it any suprize?
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  2. so why i'm not geting 217uri like you? i have full bio set too!
    i'm getting 209uri now, before this bonus it was 202 uri...
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  3. Now that is weird...no explanation for that....an extra 7 uri ??? I can't see where that # came from, it is 5% of 150, but we were meant to get 10% ( as I am ), not 5%.
  4. The Domination event SUCKED.. now you want to make it part of the everyday game? Seriously? Get a clue Bigpoint.
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  5. Abner3

    Abner3 User

    The Domination event was awesome for FE and UFE players! I recommend you lower the hp and shield stats on the demaner escorts and buff their rewards. Maybe make each worth 1,500 uridium and much more credits. Try to help out the little guys for making a seperate demaner that only players lvl 15 and under. That demaner could have much lower hp/shield/, damage, and cargo box rewards. Just a thought to really help out those new players starting out.
  6. I think demaner event is ok, but why this demaner freighter is not dropping more than 1 cargo box after destroying? In last demaner event it dropped multiple boxes, which ment that more than one player is able to get that sweety box. So what is this?

    Another thing is about demaner escort aliens: they have triple hp and shield than cubicon, but it gives even less uridium than cubicon. When this isn't enought: player have a change to get that alien reward. its not fair if noob player start to shoot this little demaner ship and almost kills it, and after that comes an enemy/ friendly ship, what makes 1 shot to this alien -> he gets all the rewards and player, who spent all the time to shoot little demaner, he gets absolutely nothing.
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  7. i noticed the 1 cargo booty it drops gives out rewards to more then 1 player. However, the mini escorts or what ever, need to have more rewards, i sat there killing one with battle config and x3 for over a min, to get barely any reward. Watched a newb kill one for over 5 mins, poor dude probably thought it would be worth it, wasted more then he gained.
  8. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    you have given us a quest yesterday that was impossible to do, i was 1st to shoot demeaner, it was red all through the map, it popped and i dint get the reward off the quest, the lag makes this quest impossible, killed at least 6 still nothing off the quest,
    very very poor quest. destroy 2 demeaner, , yeah right
  9. i think one of my members was complaining about the same thing today.
  10. DeJaVu

    DeJaVu User

    13. Is there any reward to the company at the end of the domination event who has the most influence points?

    The winning faction will get a 10% bonus on bonus boxes. All factions will get a 1% bonus on honor and XP for every 1,300 domination points they gathered throughout the event but 15% at max.

    I am not seeing the 10% bonus in the bonus boxes.. US East 3
  11. It took about a week last year for that all to take place.
  12. DeJaVu

    DeJaVu User

    LoL.. and I just bought 1 week of boxing doubler for this reason.. Well not for THIS reason.. wasn't planning on having DO repeat last years but you live and learn :)
  13. Domination was fun but the last quest "Is" terrible.
  14. I don't know where to begin, so I'll just say how bout epic fail.
  15. Neloyalen

    Neloyalen User

    Global Europe 2 Eic won domination one week ago.
    We got honor- and EXP- bonuses
    BUT where is it bonus in boxes? +10% for company-winner.
    we didnt get it still.
  16. Same on East 3, it would be nice if the bonus on boxes coincided with the Easter eggs, but that is asking too much??
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