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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Yeah i tried having some fun in the event all i did was get all those multi company scrub clans to send me war because i took a cbs lmao. can't fight alone they need 50 clans.
  2. chixonator

    chixonator User

    why isnt the event on usa west yet
  3. My question is, where and when is this npc coming? i bought 2k ammo i wanna waste it and move to mmo.
  4. How did you even buy the ammo? lol
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Your company needs 9 domination points, i.e the domination portal needs to be unlocked and then you will get the 5% discount and the new ammo will appear in the shop for your company.
  6. when is the new alien coming?
  7. OK no rsb for EIC on usa eact coast 1 but MMO has it? mmo is apparently winning domination buts thats unfair and on a mega also is this a glitch?
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  8. no, no glitch.
  9. Ah kk seems they have it pron on same settings the event ammo
  10. SauronL

    SauronL User

    that event is crap , just new version of sector control , but i like5% discount :)

    still dont understand when and where new npcs will be out
  11. True it is crappt atm on my server MMO has all 3 bmaps xD
  12. Put the 'messages' in the log so I can read it...too busy doing something else.
  13. All this event has done is bring out known bug users who haven't played much and now the bms are flooded with noobs who can't play fair.
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  14. Expert_GH

    Expert_GH User

    I don't see BP's logic with this. Some companies on some servers are so unbalanced that it makes the event one sided and no fun. Currently on East 1 it is MMO 348, EIC 0, VRU 0, with no sign of changing. Then they give us a discount on items and buyable x4 ammo? How are EIC and VRU even supposed to compete?
  15. Im guessing the npc freighter will show up at the end of the event on the 16th of august for the company who has the most accumulated points?? picked a few things out from the homepage but still very vague and elusive ") cant wait to reap the spoils !!! oh yh mmo 600 points day 1 ;) keep it up GB2 MMO

    One Love Rat
  16. it's trash. on GA1 VRU owns it, and the make matters worse half of vru is allied with eic or mmo and using them to save their butts against better players.
  17. Is there a single person working at BP who actually plays the game and knows how it runs?

    Seriously. This is just so wrong that they are spending their resources into something like this. Ruining balance when everybody will hop in one company to get -5%. Seriously. My faith in humanity has been punched into ground if they didn't see this happening. Worst idea ever.

    I beg you, please, just double the uridium rewards from aliens and servers will fill up. You don't need to make things like these when they don't work!

    (the alien might rescue this event if we will get tons of uri when it arrives)
  18. in my opinion it can be improved a little more activities ( tp şp ... )
    activities are often less reward so players are generally not pleased :(
  19. Trublm8kr

    Trublm8kr User

    Ga5 is so lagged it is useless, i'll log back on after this crap event is over. I have multiple gates open and cant do any of them due to the Domination Death Lag.....
    What a bunch of garbage.... totally useless event... Worked forever to get Kronos open now i have to wait til this trash is over to finish.... Cant box cuz of paranoid beacon hunters.... cant do anything from lag.... junk junk junk....
  20. this event not fair at all .
    1) of all the game lagging so bad .
    2) even uber elite ppl can't play it , only 1 company having fun -_- (mmo-usa 1).
    what about new or weak players, they don't have right to play this event !!!?.
    3) add bonus boxes or special npc at least .
    my point of vue so far is : this event an epic failure .
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