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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. true guys, that event is another failure, we must protect and capture this beacons all day for what? spend ammo boosters uri all , to get nothing? oh what im talking about =) we get 300 honor points for every beacon we capture alone =)) congrats, another event made to waste ammo and time, and more than that, with a goal to seperate the 3 companys, clans with only ones company players, naps and alliances with only samy companys, smart move but this wont gonna bring back this "war" between the 3 companys cause players have fun when they play with their friends, not with unknown guys just cause they are same company
  2. Buyable x-4 you mean buyable for anyone who payed 300 On mega that dam [removed] ammo is twice the cost of rsb the hell man
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  3. If you guys don't know already, that ammo is for the end event. Stack it n don't use it till then. If u want x4 go do some gates.

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  4. The event itself isn't a bad idea if we went back in time 4 years ago when this game wasn't dead.
  5. 4 years back in time we did not have rsb and the game was not 75% dead limping like a lame over worked horse.

    No if they actually tried to make it interesting. NOO the main things is just sector control In bmaps horrible idea in and of its self for companies. Overpriced Ammo even if it is for new "end npcs "still cost to much making it a bit interesting seeing it is double the price of rsb
  6. So if you guys haven't heared this yet, the new alien appears only at final domination event day. At that day, there is spawning 72 demaner freighters/ server.

    Also, anybody can loot this purple cargo box, and you dont need any keys to open it.

    So the fastest player wins only :p
  7. Thats stupid + there should be enough boxes to at least server the masses ther wise the event is wasted, the whole idea, so we are supposed to spordiac fight over bmaps ( no one really gives a crap anymore on us East1) and the only have a "chance" of gaining something during the event. Dam seafight has it luck
  8. I must admit the price of the new RSB is totally ridiculous imo, regular RSB is expensive enough and it would have been nice to see a few rounds included in the bonus boxes for the duration of the event.

    As for the credit repairs on modules, not a bad idea to encourage pple to build a CBS but can we please do something about the extortionate upgrade prices for them! I also find removing the uri rewards from destroying the CBS counter productive as it reduces the incentive to destroy one.

    Imo, Overall a potentially good event that has been defeated by the costs to participate effectively.
  9. Hhmm - something nice to say...um...getting rid of the jumping via CPU :cool:. But, still the respawn on the spot function is still there - that has to go. Never ending show up 5 times till not worth it anymore.
  10. Miliardar

    Miliardar User

    Why did i bothered to buy the new ammo if anybody can colect the cargo boxes. I will just kill the owner of the box.
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  11. That is what makes this so silly, it will be like hitac, but worse, as the hitac had 6 minions on it. Hopefully there will be more than one demaner out at a time( maybe 1 per map like icys and ref bots), or it will get very bad. Doubly so if it pays good uri, I can see a lot of poachers salivating right now.

    I would hate to waste 10k uri worth of ammo with the hope of making 12-14 k back when I kill it, to only be shot off as Im about pop her....cube poaching X 100= :(

    I suppose we will all just sit on our thumbs till the 16th tho...ho hum...
  12. honestly upgrades are fine, can you imagine the rage of those who spent uri on them to see them switched to credits? those upgrades make one hell of a different. I have a lvl 16 hull, 2 rockets, 2 lasers. i put those plus lvl 1 def, and other stuff on a base last night for fun while i killed bks and bbks. my wars showed up with 6 people at least 4 of them UFE and i sat there smashing them for 20 minutes until they finally took down my base lmao. those upgrades make a difference.
  13. They should be at least the same as other items 7k uri for level 3 upgrade come the hell on out of one players pocket?
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  14. =BENJA=

    =BENJA= User

    seriously, a two week event and we'll see the alien only in the last day??

    i think that demaner should be like hitac; 2-3 every hours or so (we're talking about a convoy, right?) and they should be around the maps EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    At the moment, this event is only a waste of ammo; you can get 9 points, buy those ammo, then mind your own business until 16/08.

    oh and remember: probably lf4 and uav design will have the same % to be found as in the booty, so don't be so excited

    This event looked so good, but of course bp decided to ruin everything...
  15. Suck on the -5% bonus in shop? ;) It is an event, enjoy.

    Yeah...the freighter should be out everyday till the 16th. I guess it takes a while to leave DO port and then travel to our maps :rolleyes: It is like buying a cargo hold of stuff from China and then waiting for it to arrive on me Western port.
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  16. Yeah the 5% off in shop is a wee bit useless, I already have prem and rebate still cant afford new ammo by the way, Secondly china? western port? It is a space convoy not a sea ship convoy on earth >.>
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  17. Miliardar

    Miliardar User

    I just hope to be home that day or I bought the ammo for nothing and mised the event entirely. They should put this Saturday the alien . At least to see how it goes, how the servers hold for what players play. If it's worth it I will invest more in the event but like this I will just wait.
  18. All I'll say is if you're playing this event just to kill the NPC you will be disappointed in the end. The rewards will be crap as usual.
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  19. N point in doing the event without NPCs, UFE just slaughter in bmaps anyhow companies can make points when another comp members are not on. "Domination" would imply its non stop pvp which its not.
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