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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I don't think that will happen. Upgrades have cost a lot of people a lot of uri especially for the mathematically challenged that just do 100% every time. I think it's fine as it is but I do think they should make the hull so that it can't be damaged until the mods are all popped. Or, perhaps make it where the hull is shielded 100% when all 8 mods are there but for each one that gets popped that shielding is reduced by 12.5%

    That would make cbs much tougher and harder to destroy.
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  2. I dont know if anyone has noticed...but the aliens pay 5 % more uri...and so do the final gate rewards....for the company who is dominating...or pehaps in the grand lead
  3. whoeva

    whoeva User

    I thought that was just spaceball rewards.
  4. silanyu

    silanyu User

    Honestly, I'm really loving this event. People who generally don't play much are on a lot more. People are working together more as well. I'm in EIC on USA West and EIC is the company with the least players and coordination But the event brought us together and EIC is thriving again. Right now on my server is really, truly, dominating this event. I hope the bugs though can be fixed. But so far no lag on my server (at least every time I log on) and I haven't seen or heard of anyone using bots so far. Hope we see more events like this :)
  5. Hmmm I'm out of touch then.....either way I'm getting 5% more uri from aliens bonus boxes and final gate rewards...yum
  6. Pie you know near the end they gonna be like oh that was a mistake and take it all away from you lol ;)
  7. HAHAHA at this point it wouldn't surprise me...I'm relieved they don't want the 10k hellstorms back I made during the first two days of that last boxing event.
  8. The demaner escor has 3.000.000 hp and 2.000.000 shields and onl gives 1,063 uri...lame cubes are better than that...and the freighter isnt giving anything good in payout either, you waste uri buying the ammo to shoot the thing...
  9. Yup the event was ANOTHER flop...ugh when will DO understand that if they increased rewards for aliens and made the events give real rewards players will flock back and play. The thing is, DO is just trying to make these cheap events that are really decorated to try and attract plyers back to the game. This does not work, and the ammo sale trick didnt work for me hehe nice try DO.
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  10. This is what I have picked up: (1000- PLT 2021 & 5 log disks) (5k uri) (5 log disks)
    enclosed in each parenthisese<--[Didnt know how to spell that], are what I got from each purple box. Is this a sick joke? holy cow, I can cube and be happier cubing instead of killing a freighter! Also there will only be about or at most 72 chances at getting a chance to recieving a LF4, herc or havoc, and the chances of recieving one of those out of a purple box seems they dont exist as of all the reports from other players so far. Come ON DO give a little to the players! Look at it this way,EVEN IF you gave a herc for every purple box, you still wont hurt your business, it's only 72 hercs you give away ugh. Alright sorry for complaining, but it just really gets on my nerves that DO keeps hyping everyone up and then tearing our hopes down over and over again. This is why I have trust issues with this game. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::(:(:(:(:cool::cool::cool:
  11. how long does it take for the damn thing to spawn?
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  12. Since this is probably the only place which BP might actually look in forums I'll post this also here from another thread...

    "This is stupid. I mean seriously. There are no words left. What was the person thinking who decided to put 5 Removed log disks in that cargo? I collected 2 cargo and that's enough. The alien is not worth shooting and if rewards are like this...

    72 of these things... Why couldn't you just put 100% chance to get something good... it is only 72 and there are many players... This was supposed to be an event... BP, just... just... gah... no point to even try to communicate...

    [​IMG] "
  13. =BENJA=

    =BENJA= User

    i only have one question: why those guys at bp continue to send me emails, asking why i stop playing? after this pathetic event they should already know the answer...
  14. whoeva

    whoeva User

    The proof that the people who make decisions don't know what they are doing is evident in the amazing prize of 100 pally. Why 100? You couldn't stretch to 150 to avoid having to go and collect a few more bits of pally to be able to empty your cargo?

    Of course the evidence also shows in the incredible gap between the uri reward from new npc vs the cost of the ammo. Why on earth did we need to buy this ammo again? Oh, that's right, we didn't, but you didn't really give us much information that we needed to make an informed decision. Very shady. Way to reload! :slowgolfclap:
  15. Hades.ch

    Hades.ch User

    this is a crap event...
    they said the cargo contains lf4 or havoc or hercs.. r u [removed] kidding me...
    5 demnar cargos and got rubbish pally, uri, rockets grrr....
    another fail event by bp.. just wants our money and give [removed] in return noobs
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  16. terible event the rewards are not that good plus all those ufes just use this to rack up their ship kills
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  17. this hour they didnt spawn ...
  18. takes too long to spawn whell im gona play something else cause this was a waste of my time
  19. Miliardar

    Miliardar User

    The cargo appears in the midle of the destroied alien. There are also 80 ships trying to click it, and 50 aliens gathered around. How can i get the cargo? its imposible. Why not spreading the boxes like on spaceball?
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  20. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    Because is only one .. If there were more ( better for players , not for Bp ) they were spreading like on spaceball .
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