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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. What a waste of time... I can not believe someone in Big Point not only proposed this event but actually convinced Big Point to program this retarded event into the game. What the hell are ya'll thinking.

    This was once one of the best games on the internet and has become a waste. If BP is going to save the game then lower the cost of uri drastically, raise the stupid chance in the game or get rid of it completely, fix the rewards to actually reflect what it cost to build a ship in the game, and revamp the existing event to make the companies actually want to win.

    This game is a waste of space and if anyone still spends 100 bucks for uri on a mega for less then 1 million uri that can not scratch the total cost of around 30 to 40 million uri it takes to get a ship the UFE status is a freaking idoit.

    Even premium is not worth buying for this game anymore.

    Goodbye Dark Orbit I am guessing a lot of accounts will be on ebay next week.

    The game sucks and has now foreseeable future...
  2. SauronL

    SauronL User

    thanks for spaceball on the end , it will be the best in this event i think :)))
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  3. today i learn two things...1. u can swear on the forums and 2. u can swear on the forums, at least i think they are swears where its says REMOVED lol
  4. They give you warnings when you do so you cant, after a few time they will ban you
  5. I say anybody constantly buying URI to get ufe has already lost their mind lol...I only bought premium and bought uri maybe 10 times since I made this ship in 09...im pretty much UFE atm...And have nothing to regret for getting lol.
  6. never have i seen so many people so very very angry, big mistake on this event :(
  7. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    Most of my freinds are angry because of the anticipation from a lot of players building up to this final day, was popped in seconds.

    72 Bootys per server.
    Player with least lag wins.
    Player with least lag wins some crap uri rockets.
    Across all servers, i have heard a massive 0 drone designs given, and 1 lf4.

    Like most things in this game. Great concept, Great buildup, Poor execution.
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  8. mrkosa

    mrkosa User

    one of the worst events ever wasted loads of uri on ammo and got nothing for it!!! i was living in hope and excitement for last two weeks for what? what a disappointment and shame from developers
  9. AHAHAHAHA , AHAHAHAHA, AHAHAHA Why did you guys not call the Demaner frigate the Hitek. I cant even complain about the cargo because the npc "Jumps" port before we can even pop, not to mention is just like a hitek. And the regular demaner escorts so much ammo (500 uri) I might as well solo cubes. Two weeks of PvP no reward, that 10% extra bonus box items and like how ever much % ep and honor boost is not a reward..
  10. Haha everyone is absolutely fuming. Looking forward to see if anyone of the Dark Orbit Team are going to chime in or if our complaints are going to go ignored as usual.
  11. RobeXKing

    RobeXKing User

    clear ... clear ....
  12. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    In Summary, the increased PVP in the battlemaps has been good fun.
    The rewards from the daily events were....ok...
    After all Bigpoints hype about Freighter 'valuable' cargo...utter rubbish, players feel that they've been conned into buying RB214 with false promises. 1 cargo per freighter, havent heard anyone get a drone design as promised and 1 person got an LF-4...

    Well done Bigpoint, you appear to be trying to finish this game off:(
  13. whoeva

    whoeva User

    An entire hercules drone design has been collected on GB2. :eek:
  14. Holy jeepers batman
  15. I was one of those that baught 10k RB214 what a conn i didnt even get 10% back
  16. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    And the event has now passed. So far i have heard 1 Herc and 1 LF4 collected. On GB1 0 LF4 AND 0 Herc collected.

    Another event to add to the failures, i had high expectations for this.
  17. XXunknown

    XXunknown User

    Clearly this event is just an opportunity for BP to steal from players wallets

    The reward for 2 weeks of capturing beacons and pvping aren't worth it, its like spending an hour killing an alien and having the same rewards as a streuner.
    I feel sorry for people who spent lots of uridium on the ammo :(
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  18. yeah except everyone forgets that the battlemaps become active because of this.. seriously all you people want stuff for free
  19. whoeva

    whoeva User

    For free? Did you even see how much the return was in rewards for the cost they charged for the ammo? You would be lucky to get 10% back I think. I agree bmaps were more active and it was good to see some fights going on in them but you just weren't getting anything back from the uri invested into something you didn't even need in the end.

    I think that's one of the main issues, not that people want stuff for free lol
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