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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. Me and several other players I fly with...got the box and we got stinkin log disk from it..

    Ha we should go on strike everybody not play for 1 day...So maybe Monday since its a work day lets just get our login and not play at all....Maybe then DO will see how annoyed the gaming Community is.
  2. Damn your blind buddy, this entire event was robbery! Sure there was good fighting in the battlemaps and the game was kind of active, it doesn't need to be free but the entire event was a rip off, the ammo was bought and stocked up and turned out to be worthless.
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  3. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Best thing about this event is that it is now over ...
  4. i bought the ammo, and i didn't even participate in the event. But I don't come to the forums and cry about it being a rip-off
  5. whoeva

    whoeva User

    It's the event feedback thread. People are giving their feedback. People should say nothing and expect anything to change?
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  6. peluchekun

    peluchekun User

  7. 2 1/2 weeks of buildup
    horrible rewards

    when are you guys ever going to change... you think we (your customers) will keep playing your games / events again ???? NO !!
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  8. I'm actually glad I DIDNT spend my money to get uri so I can buy those RB ammo, and I'm glad I didn't partake in the event itself...seems yet again, another one of BP's event ideas was a flop.
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  9. Not only was this a complete rip-off but this this is the feedback thread where everyone is giving feedback on this atrocious excuse for an event. You trying to to justify this rip-off shows your incompetence and stupidity or blindness.
  10. Just another fail from DO, same as Influence event... What is point to buy 20k RB ammo for 120k URI when you get like 30k back. I wouldn't complain if at least honor or EP were good but they aint... Most I got was 2,8k URI and 900k EP for shooting damn thing for like 5 mins and spending 4k new ammo. As I've heard on GB1 only 1 or 2 people got LF-4. Rewards are bad and event is even worse. Only good thing is that Battle maps are more alive now then they used to be, and also I like the new 5% discount when you get sectors, but everything else from Event quests to Demaner is bad. You should give people a chance to get more stuff without buying lots of URI. As we are talking about this I still can't forget Influence event, what was the point of making user ranking on that event if you didn't intend to give rewards to people with most points. Same as then it is now. After event rewards are a joke. 10% more in bonus boxes and few % EP and hon boosts? I mean really?
  11. test-ship

    test-ship User

    Where the 10% of promised bonus boxes ??????????????????
  12. mrkosa

    mrkosa User

    BP don't care about players look at the darkorbit facebook they are having fun with terror, animal etc at gamescom and don't care about players....sad really sad
  13. omg-olycat

    omg-olycat User

    Real money spent on ammo that wasn't required.
    Question raised on forum regarding possible event glitch ignored.
    Seemingly false advertising regarding the event.
    Players comments unanswered or ignored.
    Lack of comprehension of the gaming dynamic by BP.

    Big Point appears to be run by a bunch of single minded accountants who only look at the bottom line. Revenue down? Increase costs to customer. Game play? Doesn't matter.
    Thin down the game population to the high spenders only, no need to payout to support the free players or small spenders, they just increase running costs. Ignore the fact that these players make it fun and thus keep the game active and a revenue stream for BP.

    For an online game like this to not only survive but grow, it needs to be run by people who understand the gaming dynamic and mentality of the general game playing population.
    I seriously suggest the Big Point and its community managers look at setting up consultation groups made up of players to design and progress the game. Yes, still keep financial constraints and allow profits for BP, but at the expense of the game and its community. A happy median can be achieved.

    In my opinion, the event concept was great, it had a lot of promise and got the gaming community excited, its advertising was good, the email out with free ammo etc was brilliant. But the final execution just wasn't quite right.

    The domination aspect should have been shortened, something along the lines of 4 consecutive events lasting 3 days each. The winning company at the end of the 3 day segment gets to keep the 5% discount for the following 3 days plus a winning prize of 10% more EP from NPCs and a 10% increase in cargo and Bonus Boxes.
    The end NPC should have issued cargo's on destruction in a scatter pattern much like the Space Ball, these should have been made up of 3 special items (LF4, Ship Design, Drone Design) with the remaining 20 or so cargo's made up out of x4, CB0 , SAB or the new ammo, wiz, fireworks etc...

    Given the amount of designs and lasers required by players to become UFE and equip additional hangers, these rewards would not have impacted on revenue generating events such as LF4 day or gate building.

    The event quests were great, but, as with some previous events the quests should have been in 2 tiers, easy ones for the noobs (or those feeling lazy) and harder challenges for the FE/UFE. This would make the entire event more accessible to everyone.
  14. 320th

    320th User

    Biggest disapointment since the start of darkorbit events. Junk ammo for alot of uri spent is what you get from the cargo, what a let down.
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  15. I see a lot of players moaning about the event awww lol.

    Nobody forced anyone to participate in the event all knowing what BP is like so a lot of players are like cows easy to milk or like fish easy to reel in ;).
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  16. You do realize cows are not easy to milk do it wrong and they could trample you, and if fish were so easy to reel in. the sport of professional fly fishing and other types of fishing....
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  17. If we didn't play how could we give feedback -_- we are giving what they the devs asked for and the problems we found while playing, its not our fault the execution was so off the tracks that we didn't even need to buy crappy 214 ammo as x1 could have done the job.. Atleast the hitack was a challange and no special ammo needed.
    Next time i will just wait to see what happens and join in at the end like a glory liverpool hunter.
  18. Looks like the Event was one Giant Bust and the biggest prank since April Fools day!
    All those lost Boosters, All that Double Priced Special Ammo for 1 day to shoot a convoy that laid down 1 box, that can get stolen by someone else.:eek:
  19. I would expect that the devs show up and tell us that this was all a prank, and that the REAL event will be scheduled later on, and that all the uri expenses on the so called RB-WHATEVER are gonna be refunded.
    But thats just me.

    A BIG FAT FLAW guys, 5 years (almost 6) playing DO, and this has been the worst event ever!

    There´s your feedback, now deal with it!
  20. So my company won, it is now the 18th, posted that there would be a 10% bonus on bonus boxes on the 17th and theres nothing. not only that but also no honor boost.
    This is possibly the worst event ever, please do not ever, ever run this event again. We were expecting bigger rewards then this. Staying up during primetime for nothing is just horrible. why did we even try if we get nothing. This game is really going down the hole.
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