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Discussion in 'Technical Event Issues' started by -CAPTAIN-MORGAN-, Dec 13, 2020.

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  1. I have downloaded the new client onto my work computer and the game is not running smoothly with the graphics very jerky. It works fine in Chrome and on my other computers. I have a newish computer with a fast processor, 64bit, 16gb ram and Windows 10 PRO.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Bibulus

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    Good luck with that
  3. Its because the DarkOrbit Client is generally just crap, it is Chromium based (Chrome) with a ton of code/features stripped out of it, thus making it completely useless in comparison to modern browsers.
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  4. `Djurkz`

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  5. Sagturius

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    I have had the same issue and have had to adjust the background to just black so the jerkiness isn't as bothersome (its still there, its just not a prominent). However, recently I have seen improvement on this issue.

    My issue with the client now is that it locks up semi frequently and I have to restart it which I think is a known issue...
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  6. steel_bolt

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    I have the same problem. It's been a problem since they started the new client.
  7. I have, essentially, the the same system, but no problems here. Can't remember who/what post, but someone solved the problem by updating their vid card driver. Can't guarantee it will work, but worth a try. I keep mine up to date (a message appears on screen when a new driver is available.) and everything, newest/oldest stuff all works fine.
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  8. Barracuda

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    They dont have a workable client for everyone, nor ,based on their past proformance or rather the lack of it, will they solve the problem any time soon, but above all else just keep the money flowing in, because that is the only thing they care about.
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  9. UKD37

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    the issue for client is cpu and gpu go crazy when you open it becuase of the interface client . Darkorbit developers cannot write a quality interface and code. This need experience time and many things which DO dev not have . They only bring event every week which is take your time and money.
  10. I keep getting a render error. I am starting to see it as the back page is doing something and it causes the error. I think I opened my skylab and it went kaflooy in the xmas gate. It cant decide what window has focus.

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