Drone Designs - Cosmetic

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    Drone Designs - Cosmetic

    The introduction of the drone designs with specific variations, so that you can pick the ones you like best.

    Three of the drones (“Robo-Bat”, “Reaper” and “Skull”) will give you a variation of cool new visuals. On top of that the “Demon” design does also give you a little bonus.

    Skull- Available; Halloween Gate, Shop->Customization

    Blue/Green/Red Skull /w trail- Available; Payment
    skull-blue.gif skull-green.gif skull-red.gif

    Reaper- Available; Halloween Gate, Shop->Customization

    Blue/Green/Red Reaper /w trail- Available; Payment
    reaper-blue.gif reaper-green.gif reaper-red.gif

    Silver Rob0 Bat- Available; Halloween Gate, Shop->Customization

    Blue/Green/Red Rob0 Bat- Available; Payment
    bat-blue.gif bat-green.gif bat-red.gif



    Silver Demon-

    Demon Epic-

    These originally came out during the Halloween Gate Event "Tunnel of Terror" Oct 2015
    For More information on the demon Drone please look at the Drone (Bonus) Designs FAQ

    drone-frost.gif InfernoDroneDesign.gif

    Borealis/Blaze/Sandstorm/Ocean/Poison/Argon/Lava/Legend Phantom-
    phantom-green.gif phantom-red.gif phantom-orange.gif phantom-ocean.gif
    phantom-poison.gif phantom-argon.gif lava phantom.gif phantom-legend.gif

    Borealis/Blaze/Sandstorm/Argon/Poison/Ocean/Lava/Legend Enigma-
    enigma-green.gif enigma-red.gif enigma-orange.gif enigma-argon.gif enigma-poison.gif enigma-ocean.gif LavaEnigma.png LegendEnigma.png

    Blaze/Sandstorm/Ocean/Poison/Lava Pussat-
    drone-pusat-blaze.gif drone-pusat-sandstorm.gif drone-pusat-ocean.gif drone-pusat-poison.gif drone-pusat-lava.gif

    Blaze/Sandstorm/Ocean/Poison/Lava Spectrum-
    drone-spectrum-blaze.gif drone-spectrum-sandstorm.gif drone-spectrum-ocean.gif drone-spectrum-poison.gif drone-spectrum-lava.gif

    Blaze/Sandstorm/Ocean/Poison/Lava/Legend A-Elite-
    drone-a-elite-blaze.gif drone-a-elite-sandstorm.gif drone-a-elite-ocean.gif drone-a-elite-poison.gif drone-a-elite-lava.gif drone-a-elite-legend.gif

    Goliath X, Borealis/Sandstorm/Ocean-
    normal.gif borealis.gif sandstorm.gif ocean.gif

    HammerClawDroneDesign.gif LavaHammerclawDrone.png drone-hammerclaw-argon.gif Hn2NvIM.gif

    CyborgDroneDesign.gif LavaCyborgDrone.png drone-cyborg-argon.gif jYc0yLC.gif

    G-Champion Drone design Legend/Argon/Lava/Silver-
    LegendGChampionDronedesign.png ArgonGChampionDesign.png LavaGChampionDronedesign.png silverGchampionDroneDesign.png

    Sentinel Lava/Argon/Legend-
    Lava Sentinel.gif Argon Sentinel.gif Legend Sentinel.gif

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    Deter Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Diminisher Lava/Argon/Legend-
    drone-diminisher-lava.gif drone-diminisher-argon.gif drone-diminisher-legend.gif

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